Serenelife Golf Laser Range Finder Manual


Serenelife Golf Laser Range Finder Manual




Golf laser rangefinder is a portable optoelectronic device that can be used to measure the distance of a stationary object within a certain range.It possesses advantages such as high accuracy, short measuring time, low
power consumption and automatic power-off for power saving. It excels at identifying small objects (such as flagsticks) from background targets,like trees or bushes, and locking the measurement data accurately.



Item No.



LRM 400M


LRM 600M

Measure Range5~400M5~600M
Objective Lens24mm24mm
Field of View
Exit Pupil Diameter3.8mm3.8mm
Diopter Adjust Range± 4± 4
Working Temperature-20~50°C-20~50°C
Battery TypeCR2-3VCR2-3V
Low Battery Indicator 




Range to Flag5-200m5-250m





The range finder has two buttons: the power button “ ” and the mode button “MODE”. Press power button for one second, the range finder will power on and quickly measure the target. The LCD will display as shown in the below figure:Four lines will keep shinning in the progress of measuring distance. And they will disappear after getting the distance data.

Adjust the focus
The range finder is designed with an adjustable eyepiece (dioptre). By adjusting the focusing dioptre within a –5 to +5 range, people with far sighted or near sighted vision can use the laser range finder without glasses. Looking through the eyepiece, turn the dioptre left or right until the view is focused with clarity to suit you.


Mode Change
The range finder has two mode, golf range finder mode (with on LCD) and common range finder mode (no on LCD). Press the “MODE” button, the range finder will change between the two modes.


Common Object Measuring

Keep the range finder in common range finder mode. Hold the range finder toward the target, keep the target into the rectangle box, and press the power button, the measurement data will be displayed on the LCD

Pin Seeking
Keep the range finder in golf range finder mode. Aim at the golf flag or pin, and keep holding down the power button until the distance of the flag or sticks is locked and displayed on the LCD.

Keep the range finder in common range finder mode. Hold the Power button down and scan across the target area. The data on the LCD will change with the target change.

 Unit Change
Keep pressing the “MODE” button for almost 2 second, the unit switch between M (Meters) and Y (Yards).

Automatic Power-off
Golf Rangefinder will automatically power off in 30 seconds without operation.

Low Battery Indicator
“ ” refers to low battery and that the battery needs to be change.


  • The measuring range of the Rangefinder could be influenced by the angle between the laser and targets. Generally speaking, the measuring range is better when there is a smooth surface, bright color, big surface of targets, and a bigger angle between the laser and the targets.
  • Users need to change to a new battery when “ ” displays. A low battery can affect accuracy. If you do not use the rangefinder for a long time, please take the battery out.
  •  Do not touch the eyepiece directly, in order to avoid damage. This device has been accurately aligned and adjusted with precise equipment. Never disassemble it at random.
  •  If the external lens is stained, please clean it with the lens cloth.Don’t use other materials when cleaning so as to prevent the coating from being damaged.
  •  Collision or high pressure should be avoided when carrying about or operating.
  •  Keep the device in a dry, cool and airy place and avoid dust, direct sunshine and extreme change of temperature.
  •  If there is a problem with the device, send it to a professional department, and never disassemble it by yourselves.
  • Never transmit the laser towards sun or strong light,so as to prevent the photosensitive element from damages.


Golf Gear Laser Rangefinder1
Nylon carry Case1
Color Box1
Plastic Bag1
Operation Manual1
Lens Cloth1


Serenelife Golf Laser Range Finder Manual

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