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Serenelife PHUMDIF3 Cool Mist Humidifier Manual


Serenelife PHUMDIF3 Cool Mist Humidifier Manual

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Method of Use

  • Please put the machine 2 meters away from any electrical appliances (ie. computer, TV, Speakers, etc). Picture 1
  • Please put the machine on a stationary desk; if the appliance tilts, it may cause internal damage. Picture 2
  • Please do not place the machine near any curtains or drapes. Picture 3 ·Please do not put the machine in high-heat areas. This includes an area with a lot of sunlight, a furnace, or other heat sources. Picture 4

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Operation Steps

  • In order to use the humidifier, please place the appliance on a stationary flat surface or table.
  • Pull out the water tank and open the tank cover. Fill the water tank up to the designated fill line, place the cover back on, and then place the tank smoothly on the base. The humidifier should be powered off while filling up the tank.
  • The nozzle that is located on the top should be placed in the slot of the water tank.
  • Connect the power to an outlet in a safe location. Turn the power switch on (do not attempt to power on the unit while the water tank is being filled), the power indicator light is lit, humidifier started to spray.
  • Adjust the intensity of the mist with the knob located on the front of the humidifier. Turning this knob will adjust the amount of mist being emitted from the humidifier; adjust this to your personal preference.
  • After a few minutes of being on, it is normal for the mist to begin to build up around the top of the unit.

Abnormal Situations – Troubleshooting

If your humidifier doesn’t work, please check before asking for service requirements.

Fault Reason Analysis Troubleshooting


Power display lamp does not work


No power

Turn on the power, rotating the switch clockwise

Float is stuck

Clean and gently toggle the float, making it smooth


The spray mist has an abnormal odor


New humidifier

Open the water tank, and place it in the open shade for 12 hours
The water is dirty or has been stored for a long time  

Clean and change with fresh water



Decreased intensity of misting

The atomization piece fouling  

Clean the atomization piece

Water dirty or storage for a long time  

Clean and change with fresh water

The  fog  mouth  isn’t properly covered  

Cover the top correctly


Power Supply Schematic

Serenelife PHUMDIF3 Cool Mist Humidifier Manual fig 2

Please do not disassemble the machine. Any maintenance work should be sent to the service center for maintenance by professionals. If not, this could be a safety hazard.


  • A) This machine’s suitable working environment is 40-110° Fahrenheit. Please do not use the machine below 0° Fahrenheit.
  • B) The water used to fill the humidifier’s tank is suggested to be at room temperature. Please do not use water that is over 100° Fahrenheit.
  • C) Hold the tank steadily while adding water to avoid the tank slipping; accidents can occur while operating this machine.
  • D) Place the humidifier power cord into the socket safely, making sure that it is fully plugged in and the contact is good. Make sure your hands are not wet while operating the plug of this device; doing so can cause electric shock.
  • E) Do not place the humidifier within arm’s reach of children.
  • F) It is strictly prohibited to use this machine in an area where there is flammable equipment and/or gas.
  • G) If the water tank spills while the unit is on, please make sure to immediately cut off the power supply by unplugging the humidifier.
  • H) If the machine begins to emit an abnormal sound or smell, please immediately unplug the appliance. If the humidifier needs maintenance, it must be repaired by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s designated maintenance department.
  • I) To avoid the area surrounding the humidifier from getting wet, do not move the mist nozzle.
  • J) When the humidifier is turned on, do not touch the water in the tank or the components that are placed in the water.
  • K) If the humidifier is turned on while there is no water inside the water tank, this may degrade the appliance.
  • L) Before cleaning or performing maintenance on this appliance, make sure that it is powered off.
  • M) Please do not let the water flow into the interior of the machine; this will cause damage to its internal parts.
  • N) Please do not add any additives to the water that the manufacturing company has not approved.
  • O) If the power cord is damaged or aged, you should immediately stop using this product. If the humidifier needs maintenance, it must be repaired by the manufacturer or its maintenance department related person.
  • P) If the humidifier will not be used for an extended period of time, please turn the product off and unplug the power from the socket.
  • Q) Do not perform product maintenance by yourself; if the humidifier breaks down or needs maintenance, please contact the service center designated by the manufacturer.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance
In certain geographic locations, the water will contain higher levels of calcium and magnesium. Because of this, it is important to stay on top of the cleaning and maintenance of your humidifier. When using your humidifier, there may be a residue of calcium after the mist that is sprayed out of the machine dries. If this residue builds up on the nozzle, atomization piece, or tank surface, it can affect the humidification function of your appliance. Make sure that you clean this build-up regularly in order to get the most out of your humidifier.

Cleaning the Atomizer and the Base
Pour the cleaning agent into the inside frame, and then add water so that the cleaning agent is completely dissolved. Soak for about two minutes, and then use a brush to gently clean the surface of the atomization piece until the calcium/mineral residue is removed. You can also clean the base at the same time by using the same method. After cleaning these parts with cleaning agents, make sure to clean them one final time with water.

Please keep the cleaning agent that you are using to clean your humidifier away from children. Do not touch your mouth or eyes after handling cleaning agents. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after using a cleaning agent. If contact with a cleaning agent is made to your mouth or eyes, immediately rinse with water and contact a poison control center.

Keeping the Humidifier Clean

Always use clean and clear water while cleaning and/or operating the humidifier. If you wish to fully clean the humidifier, you may clean the spray nozzle, the tank, and the base of the humidifier. Always change the water as frequently as possible. Do not leave water in the tank if the machine is not being used for a long period of time. Wipe all of the parts dry before you put them back together after cleaning.

Dear Customer!
Congratulations on the purchase of our progressively designed humidifier. We hope that you will enjoy our products and choose them for years to come. In order to use this product efficiently and safely, please read this manual and save it for future reference.

Expanded View

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Products Parameters

Voltage 110V
Frequency 50HZ
Power 28W
Mist Output 200~1000ml/h
Capacity 4L
Noise ≤30db




Serenelife PHUMDIF3 Cool Mist Humidifier Manual

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