Smonet Y001 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock Guide

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Smonet Y001 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock Guide


Please kindly note that no lock can provide complete security by itself. This lock may be defeated by forcible or technical means. Please don’t keep the lock exposed to the sun or rain for a long time.


Product Specifications


Item No. Y001
Material Zinc Alloy
Weight 2.46 lb
Communication Mode Bluetooth 4.0ble
Unlocking Method Bluetooth, Code, Mechanical key, IC card, Fingerprint
Required Mobile Phone System Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 above
Unlock Time ≈ 1.5 sec
Power Supply 4pcs of AA battery
Static Current ≤30uA
Working Current ≤200mA



Part Description Quantity
A Mechanical Key 5
B Keyhole Cover 1
C Keypad 1
D Double-screw Bolt 2
E Latch 1
F Wood Screws 4
G Box Striking Plate 1
H Inside Mounting Plate 1
I Flat Screw 4
J Back Panel 1
K Short Flat Screw 3
L Longest Flat Screw 2
M Battery Cover 1
N IC Card 2

Please scan the QR code to watch installation video for the SMONET Smart Lock before you install it.


  1. How to reset SMONET Fingerprint Smart Lock
  2. How to judge installation direction
  3. How to find the toggle switch (For backwards issue)


For more FAQ Videos, please follow us on YouTube



Measure Your Door

  • Step 1 Measure to confirm that the door is between 1-1/2” to 1-7/8” (38 mm -48 mm) thick.
  • Step 2 Measure to confirm that the diameter of the lower hole is Φ2-1/8” (54 mm).
  • Step 3 Measure to confirm that the backset distance is either 2.36”(60 mm) or 2.75”(70mm).
  • Step 4 Measure to confirm that the diameter of the hole in the door edge is 1.07”(27.2 mm).
  • Step 5 Measure to confirm the depth of the hole in the door frame is at least 1.02”(26 mm)
  • Step 6 (Optional) Drill a screw hole with φ3/8”(10mm).


Install the Latch(E)

Step 1
Install the latch(E) into the door. Pay attention to the UP icon and the arrow should face upward.


Bolt is set for 2-3/8” backset initially. It can be adjusted to 2-3/4” if needed. To adjust it please make sure the bolt is retracted, then, press the bolt, twist the pull/push the latch as the picture shows to your desired length.)

Step 2
Install the wood screws (F) into the latch.


Install Keypad (C) 


Install D:
Install Screw D into the keypad panel (If you didn’t drill the hole for it on the door, please ignore this step)


Install Inside Mounting Plate(H)

Make the IC wire and the spindle through the Inside Mounting Plate(H)


As the picture shows, please make the IC wire comes out from the gap of the plate(H).

Install the Back Panel(J)
Judge the Left/Right Handle for your door (Look at the door from the OUTSIDE)


Adjust the Toggle Switch (in the bottom right corner of the back panel) and Turn Piece


(You can also adjust the Left/Right Setting on TTLock App if the smart lock has been paired)


Connect IC wire to the white port carefully


At the same time, please ensure that the toggle switch and thumb turn piece are set in the correct position.

Install screws and batteries


Put in 4pcs of AA 1.5V Alkaline battery and put in the battery cover. Thumb turn piece direction: Horizontal for Left-handle Vertical for Right-handle


Please keep the door open while testing and programming the smart lock in case of being locked out accidentally


  • Lock on the Keypad: Hold # for 2s
  • Unlock on the Keypad:Enter your passcode and hit #

Secure Lock
Lock the door from inside by holding the secure lock button for 2s. When secure lock is ON, all guest permissions will be invalid, including all fingerprints, passcodes and IC cards but you can still use the Admin Passcode or APP to unlock, then secure lock will be turned off. To turn off the secure lock from the inside, please rotate the turn piece or press the secure lock button.

Setting Admin Passcode via Keypad:
Enter on the keypad. Please Note: It is only used when the lock has not been added. If you have matched through TTLock, please edit in *12#123456#Custom admin passcode#Confirm admin passcode# Settings-Basics -Admin Passcode.

Settting Fingerprint via Keypad:
Enter *85#Admin passcode#fingerprint


  1. To increase the accuracy, please record one fingerprint more than once, covering every edge of the fingerprint.
  2. The loops and whorls on some fingerprints may not be deep enough to be identified. Please try different fingerprints to make it work.
  3. Please press and cover the whole fingerprint when put your fingerprint on the sensor.

Reset (1st method)
Please reset the lock if it cannot be added to TTLock App. If you have a screwdriver, please directly reset by the 2nd method(check next page).

  1. Take out 2 batteries and wait 5 seconds, then put batteries back.
  2. After step 1) within 8s, please hold the secure lock/reset button for 15 seconds.
  3. You will hear a sound: please input the initialization password, please enter 000#
  4. You can try to pair the lock on TTLock App after it is reset.
  5. If reset doesn’t work, please try the 2nd method of resetting the lock(please check next page).


If you have already paired the lock and want to reset it, please delete the lock on TTLock App as per the following steps:

Reset (2nd method)

Please try this reset method if the first method doesn’t work.

  1. Please take the back lock apart.
  2. Please find out the little reset button in the lower right corner of the back panel(as below picture shows).
  3. Please put all the batteries back in the lock and make sure the IC wire is connected.
  4. Please hold the reset button for 5s until you hear a sound(please input initialization passcode). Click 000# on the keypad.
  5. You can try to pair the lock on TTLock App after it is reset.
  6. If this method doesn’t work too, please contact customer service.


Please feel free to contact us if you need help.
Customer Support

  • E-Mail:
  • Toll Free: 1-888-668-0598(US)
  • Toll Free: 1-866-537-3498(CA)

Backup Charging
A micro USB is able to directly charge the smart lock and activate the keypad for emergency use when batteries are dead.



Pairing Lock to Phone App

  1. Android System–Please search ”TTLock” or “Next Lock” in the Google Play. iOS System–Please search ”TTLock” or “Next Lock” in the APP Store.
  2. Register an account and log in
  3. Matching steps:


TTLock Operating

Account Information Change:
Multiple smart locks can be only paired with one account for management. Once the smart lock is paired, the account will become the administrator of it.


Lock&Unlock Unlock On TTLock App:
Touch the lock icon Lock On TTLock App: Hold the lock icon Note:For remote lock&unlock function, or connect the smart lock with Alexa and Google Home, please connect the smart lock with G2 Gateway(Sold Seperately)


Send eKey:
You can share the lock with other accounts by sending eKeys. The account that receives your eKey will be able to lock&unlock on TTLock App.


Generate Passcode:
Generate different types of passcode.

  1. Custom: Custom permanent passcode or custom passcode that has time limit;
  2. Permanent: Randomly generated permanent passcode;
  3. Timed: Randomly generated passcode with time limit;
  4. One-time: Randomly generated passcode that can be only used once;
  5. Erase: Randomly generated passcode that will delete all passcodes in the lock once it is entered;
  6. Recurring: Randomly generated passcode that only works in a certain period of time.


Check all the operation records (physical keys not included).


Settings for Admin passcode, Remote Unlock, Auto Lock, Privacy Lock, etc.


Remote Control:
Unlock Remotely: Touch the little lock icon Lock Remotely: Hold the big lock icon For remote control, Alexa, Google Home functions, please connect the smart lock with G2 Gateway (Sold Separately) on TTLock App


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concern about the SMONET Smart Lock or G2 Gateway:

Customer Support

  • E-Mail:
  • Toll Free: 1-888-668-0598(US)
  • Toll Free: 1-866-537-3498(CA)


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