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Snailax SL-232A Massager User Manual

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Snailax SL-232A Massager User Manual

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Heated Adjustable Back Massager – Snailax massage chair cushion has 8 adjustable shiatsu rollers, which can be better for all back and body curves, giving the body a smooth texture. The infrared heating option provides warmth that can help you relax more. Adjustable Neck Massager – Seat Massager has 4 shiatsu pivoting knots to provide deep kneading for the neck and shoulders.

The neck acupressure ball can be adjusted up and down to suit a particular user. The removable cover allows you to choose a softer or more intense neck and back shiatsu massage. CUSTOMIZED POINT MASSAGE – The Snailax Neck and Back Heated Massager has 3 massage points: upper lower and lower back optionally. Spot massage function provides complete relaxation in selected areas High Massage and Vibration – Seat Massager has adjustable high massage and vibration massage chair, high lumbar support, and lumbar vibration for relaxation.

It meets your needs in the best way with its 3-stage massage pressure and 3-stage vibration. PREMIUM GIFT – Snailax Massage Chair Cushion is portable and easy to use, put it on an office chair, dining table, or on a sofa, couch, or chair. Celebrate Mother’s Day Father’s Day gift for mom, dad, wife, or husband who can relax with a body massage every day at home or in the office. If you are not 100% satisfied with the massage pillow, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Safety Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully before pung your massage device into use to ensure trouble-free operation and optimum efficiency. Please retain these operating instructions for further use!

  • The massage device conforms to recognized technical principles and the latest safety regulations.
  • Do not wet, do not use pins, and never remove the cover.
  • This item is NOT A TOY. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on, or near children or disabled persons.
  • This appliance should never be unamended when plugged in.
  • Never use any power sources other than the home adapter provided as original equipment with this unit.
  • Any possible repairs may only be carried out by authorized expert staff. Improper use and unauthorized repairs are not permitted for safety reasons and lead to loss of warranty.
  • Never touch the power plug with wet hands.
  • • Please avoid contact with the device with water, high temperatures, and direct sunlight.
  • Do not use any damaged cables, plugs, or loose sockets.
  • Never operate under blankets where the air opening may be blocked.
  • • If plugs or cords are damaged, they must be replaced by the manufacturer, a service representative, or by qualified personnel.
  • In case of malfunction, disconnect immediately from the mains.
  • Do not use it if you have skin disorders, open wounds, or swollen or inflamed areas.
  • Misuse or incorrect use excludes any liability for damage.
  • Do not use this device while driving.
  • Do not use it while you sleep
  • Do not use it with infants, a helpless person, or a person insensitive to heat.
  • The overlong application can result in skin burns.
  • Do not use this product for medical treatment.
  • The packaging material supplied should not be used as a toy.
  • For indoor use only


Thank you for purchasing SNAILAX Neck and Back Massager. With normal care and proper treatment, it will provide years of reliable service. Please read all instructions carefully before using this product. Please retain this manual for future reference.

What are the benefits of cervical spine massage?
Neck Massager relieves neck pain in conditions such as strain, sprain, and osteoarthritis. They can also be used to reduce the discomfort caused by headaches.

What does a shiatsu massager do?
Doctors consider acupressure a modification of acupressure, a type of massage that involves specific points on the body to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and reduce stress and fatigue.

What is the best massage for the spine?
Two of the many types of massage for neck pain relief are: Swedish massage is most common in Western culture. It mainly focuses on long, steady beats, usually in the direction of blood flow to the heart. Kneading and scrubbing movements can be included.


  • Electrically height-adjustable Shiatsu neck massage
  • Rolling massage with adjustable width control
  • Customized Area Back Massage
  • With optional heat function on neck and back massage
  • Massage areas can be selected (upper, lower, Full)
  • Seat vibration massage (3 intensity levels for options)
  • Compression on the back and seat (3 intensity levels for options) – Optics PU leather and breathable mesh


  • SL-232A Neck and Back Massager
  • 12V home adapter

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  • Measurements:  30 x 18 inches (Back) 22 x15 inches (Seat)
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Voltage Input: AC 100-240V ~50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 60Wa
  • Default Automatic runtime: 15 minutes

Setup and Operation

  1. 1. Attach the massager to a chair with elastic straps or place it on another support.
  2. Connect the adapter cable to the corresponding cable on the cushion.
    Snailax SL-232A Massager fig3
  3. Plug the home adapter into an electric outlet.
  4. Turn on the device using the controller
  5. . When finished place the controller in the pouch at the side of the cushion.
  6. A detachable intensity control flap for the back lets you choose a slower or more intense massage.
  7. A detachable cover for the neck lets you choose a slower or more intense massage.

What is the difference between massage and shiatsu?
Massage therapy works mainly on the muscles; acupressure focuses on the joints and fascia (connective tissue). Fourth, massage therapy is usually done with the client on a massage table, while shiatsu therapy is done on the floor, with the client on a mat or other padded surface.

Controller Instructions

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  1. / NECK massage height adjustment Long Press these buttons to manually adjust Neck Massage height.
  2. / NECK massage Direction AUTO
    Manual programmer: Press once to turn on neck massage, press again to shit rotation direction, press once again to turn off.
    Auto programmer: press to turn on neck shiatsu and automatically shit rotation direction per 1min, press again to turn off.
  3. AUTO: press to activate all functions, press again to turn off. Upper/Lower: Select Upper or Lower back to designate the area covered by the shiatsu massage.
  4. Shiatsu Button To turn on/off a full back shiatsu massage.
    Note: Does not work with Adjust Button.
  5. Adjust Button To adjust the width of the massage nodes during the rolling massage.
  6. Rolling Button Press to activate Rolling function, the massage nodes travel up & down across the muscle gently.
  7. Heat Therapy: Press to activate heat function on neck and back Simultaneously.
    The heat can be turned on independently.
  8. Target Button Press to focus traveling massage nodes at desired position.
  9. Air Compression Button Press to turn on/off the seat and lumbar compression massage function on thighs, seat and waist. Three compression intensity are selectable.
  10. SEAT Button
    To turn on/off seat vibration Massage, Low, Medium, High three intensity for option.
  11. Power Button
    Press to activate standby mode, it must be on for any function to work, press again to turn off.
    Note: Switching off the power while in operation will cause the rollers to return to their storage position.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

  1.  Do not wash in washing machine or immerse the product or the adapter in water.
  2.  Always switch off before cleaning and remove the adapter from the socket with clean, dry hands.
  3.  The massager should be wiped with a slightly moist cloth and dried thoroughly. Do not wipe the product with alcohol or harsh chemicals such as thinner or bleach.
  4. The Cover for neck is detachable and washable.
  5. Do not overstretch the elastic back straps.
  6.  Keep away from heat, fire or exposure to direct sunlight.
  7. Do not apply excessive pressure or impact onto massager/massage heads. Application of a direct force in excess of 110 lbs. may damage your massager and invalidate your warranty. Refrain from over usage of the device.
  8. Store the massager in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.
  9. Avoid contact with sharp edges or pointed objects which might cut or puncture the cover of massager.


If you have any issue with the product, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to We will strive to provide the best service possible within 24 hours.

30 days unconditionally Return
Snailax products can be returned to receive a full refund for any reason within 30 days. Please contact our customer service (, our staff will contact you within 24 hours.

No warranty will be given to any force majeure and man-made causes of a defective product, such as improper care, personal tear down, willful damage, etc.

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