Tile Slim 2020 Reviewer’s Guide


Tile Slim 2020 Reviewer’s Guide



Sleek, discreet, and savvy- Slim’s new matte black design compliments its ability to keep a low profile while guarding your items. Coming in at only the thickness of two credit cards, our featherweight tracker has a Bluetooth range of 200 ft (60m), and its waterproof status can help Slim withstand jabs from the elements. Pound for pounder really, gram for gram, Slim can hold its own as a skillful finder.

What is Slim 2020’s Bluetooth range?

Slim 2020’s Bluetooth range reaches 200ft (60m), twice as far as its original version!

Does Slim 2020 have a replaceable battery?

No, Slim does not have a replaceable battery. We wanted to make sure Slim’s sleek design would not be compromised by the dimensions of a changeable battery. But fear not! Tile Slim 2020 is equipped with a battery that lasts for 3 years. That means 3 years of worry-free, reliable tracking. For even more peace of mind, check out the perks of Tile Premium which includes a 3-year extended warranty!

When I reTile, can I upgrade to Slim 2020?

Absolutely! Just contact our Customer Care team here and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

Is there an adhesive for this model?

Adhesives made especially for this model is now available for purchase on our website.

Will Slim 2020 work inside an RFID blocking wallet?

No, unfortunately these wallets interfere with Tile’s technology and will not provide reliable tracking if used together.

What is the warranty for Slim 2020?

Slim comes with our standard worry free 1-year warranty. If you have Tile Premium, you qualify for a 3- year warranty! Find out more about our warranty here.




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