You are currently viewing V7 PS140W9A22E Privacy Filter Notebook User Manual

V7 PS140W9A22E Privacy Filter Notebook User Manual


V7 PS140W9A22E Privacy Filter Notebook User Manual







Option B


Enhance Your Workspace Security and Privacy with V7 Privacy Filters

Protect sensitive information on the go, in public spaces, or in shared work environments with V7 Privacy Filters. These innovative filters offer a multitude of benefits for professionals:

  • Enhanced Security: Keep confidential data and documents shielded from prying eyes. The filter narrows the viewing angle, making the screen unreadable from side angles, while maintaining clear visibility for the user directly in front.
  • Improved Productivity: Work focused and secure, knowing your information is protected. Eliminate distractions from onlookers and maintain privacy during business travel or in open office settings.
  • Versatility: Available in a wide range of sizes to fit most laptops and monitors. The easy-to-attach and remove design allows for seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Durable Protection: The high-gloss finish not only enhances visual clarity but also safeguards your screen from scratches and everyday wear and tear.
  • Peace of Mind: Leave your filter attached even when closing your laptop for added security and convenience.

Experience the difference V7 Privacy Filters make in your professional life.

Additional features:

  • The anti-glare option was available for reduced screen glare and eye strain.
  • Reversible design for choosing between clarity and privacy based on your needs.
  • Two-year warranty for long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Invest in V7 Privacy Filters and work with confidence in any environment.


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