Xfinity XFi-XB6 Advanced WiFi Extender Gateway User Manual

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Xfinity XFi-XB6 Advanced WiFi Extender Gateway User Manual


Important information

The billing for your new Xfinity service(s) will begin within 5 days from the date your order for service(s) is placed. Before activation of your new Xfinity service(s), please read the Comcast Residential Customer Agreement and the Comcast Customer Privacy Notice provided in the enclosed Xfinity documentation folder.

If you do not accept the terms of the above agreement and notice or want to cancel your Xfinity service(s), please contact Comcast within 30 days of your receipt of this self-installation kit at 1-800-XFINITY to arrange for the return of this self-installation kit.

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Activate easier with the app

Take the fast lane
The Xfinity xFi app will walk you through activation and be your go-to destination for managing your home network moving forward. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play. Can’t get the app right now? Skip down to “Activate using this guide”.


Activate using this guide

Place your Gateway
First, choose a central location near a cable outlet for your Gateway, and take note of your network name (SSID) and password located on the bottom of your Gateway.


Place your xFi Advanced Gateway at least 3 feet from the ground, avoiding cramped spaces or anything that may block your WiFi signal.

Connect your coax cable and power cord to your xFi Advanced Gateway. Then, connect your coax cable to the cable outlet and plug your power cord into an electrical outlet without a dimmer or wall switch. For Xfinity Voice customers, connect your telephone to the Tell connection on your Gateway using a telephone cord (not included).


Your Gateway may take up to 20 minutes to boot up—don’t unplug it. The LED light on the top of your Gateway will blink green and yellow. Wait until this light remains solid white for 60 seconds, then you’re ready to move on.


Access the WiFi settings on your device. Then, select the Network Name (SSID) from your Gateway noted in Step and join using the password from Step 1. If you’re asked to enter a PIN, select “Connect Using a Security Key” and enter the same password from Step 1.

Connect with Ethernet
If you do not have a WiFi-capable device or if you prefer an Ethernet connection, plug one end of the provided Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on your Gateway and the other end into the port on your computer. If this works, the LEDs next to the Ethernet ports on your Gateway will light up.

Once connected, if you’re not automatically directed to a setup screen, open a web browser and go to Follow the steps to verify your account and set up your WiFi network. After setup is complete, go to WiFi settings on your device, wait to see your personalized WiFi name listed, and join using your password (you can skip this step if you are connected with Ethernet). If you’re using a Battery Backup, refer to the steps in that guide once your Gateway is activated.

XFINITY Home Customers
After your Gateway is up and running, confirm that your XFINITY Home service is working by completing a Connectivity Test. Just go to your XFINITY Home Touchscreen and select Settings > Advanced Settings > Connectivity. If the Broadband Connectivity test fails, please re-boot and run the test again. To re-boot go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Touchscreen Learn more about optimizing your Internet speed at

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