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Alpha Digital BH-530 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Manual

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Alpha Digital BH-530 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Manual



Bluetooth versionBluetooth V3.0+EDR






Volume up/down Song last/next

MFB pair/pick up call/hang up call/redial

Effective range10 meters

Working time

Music: Up to 10 hours


Talk: Up to 11hours

Standby timeUp to 250 hours
InputDC: 5V/160mA
Charging timeApprox 3 hours
MicrophoneBuild‐in 360° Omen directional
RechargableMicro USB cable

Welcome use Bluetooth stereo headset, BH‐530
BH‐530 is a Bluetooth stereo headset which supports following Bluetooth profiles:

  • HSP —— Headset Profile
  • HFP —— Hands‐free Profile
  • A2DP—— Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • AVRCP——Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
  • You can enjoy wireless music and hand free talking by using BH‐530.


  1. Pairing with any mobile phone with built‐in Bluetooth devices (e.g. iPhone, HTC, Samsung) and Tablet PC (such as iPad).
    1.  Answer, end and reject call from the headset
    2.  Redial last number.
    3. Voice dial.
    4. Listen to music wirelessly
    5.  Fully remote control buttons on the headset for pause/play/last song/next song/redial/voice call.
  2.  Automatic switching in between conversation and music, you will not miss any incoming call during music listening.
  3. Automatic connecting with the last paired device when turn on the headset.
  4. Feature of the battery indicator is available on iOS5, 6 on iPhone, iPad. it will show the battery status for the headset without installing any Apps.
  5.  Multilink technology allows you to connect to two devices at the same time. All you need to do is simply repeat the pairing process for the second device and manually reconnect from the first device.
  6.  Voice prompt now comes with five status alerts in English. Power on, power off, pairing,pairing completed, incoming call. The voice notice comes directly through the headset and tells what the current status is about.

Note: Even though the paired device and headset support the same Bluetooth profiles, the functions may be different due to the specification difference of the paired devices.


  • 1.extension panel can fit different size user.
  •  2.> key :next song
  •  3.< key :last song
  •  4.LED Indicator for different states
  • 5.Multifunction button (MFB):Switch on/off the headset, answer, stop call, voice dial, redial last number, pause and play
  • 6/7.+ key: volume up / – key: volume down.

 Charging the headset

  •  First time charging : first time charger battery ,please be sure the battery has been charged fully before use.
  •  Next time: When you hear warning tones of “DU DU DU” out and at the same time the red light blinks two times. It means battery is almost run out ,you need to charge it. A. Charging the battery with Micro USB cable
  •  Step1: Insert USB charging cable into USB port which have support 5V power (such as AC/DC USB adapter or PC USB port)
  •  Step2: Connect charging cable to the charging port of headset.
  • When the red light is on, the headset is in charging.
  • When the blue light is on, the headset is fully charged.
  • It takes about almost 3 hours to charge the headset fully.

Note: when you plug the charger cable please turn off the BH‐530.

How to use

 Switching on / off headset

FunctionOperationLED indicatorVoice prompt

Switch on

Press the MFB button for 3 seconds, and release it till the blue LED is on 


Blue LED blink 3 times.


Power On

Switch offPress the MFB button for 5 seconds, and release it till the red LED is on 

Red LED blink 3 times


Power Off

 Pairing the headset with Bluetooth devices

  • A. How to enter pairing mode
FunctionOperationLED indicatorVoice prompt


Enter pairing mode

Make sure the headset is off. Press and hold MFB button for 6 seconds, and release it till the red and blue LEDS blink alternately 


Red and blue LEDs blink alternately.




  • B. Pairing the headset with Bluetooth mobile phone

Please make sure your mobile phone has Bluetooth function that can be used.
Notes: Specific pairing procedures may vary with different mobile phone. Please refer to your mobile phone manual for further information. Steps as follows:

  •  Please keep the headset and mobile phone in the range of 1 meter when pairing.
  •  Make the headset enter into pairing mode (LED is red and blue blinking).
  •  Start the Bluetooth function of mobile phone and search for new Bluetooth devices. After searched, select “BH‐530”in the Bluetooth device list.
  • According to indication, enter password or PIN No:”0000”, and press the key of” Yes” or “confirmed”. ( it depends on the Bluetooth device setting )
  • After successful pairing, select “BH‐530″ in the Bluetooth device list, and press “connect”.
  •  After connect successfully, the blue LED of the headset will keep blinking.

Re‐connecting to a Bluetooth device

Automatic connecting
Every time the headset is switched on, it will connect to last connected device automatically, of course the source device Bluetooth must be on “on” states

 Manual connecting to last connected HFP device
When the headset is in standby mode and doesn’t connect to any HFP devices, short press MFB button once, it will connect to last connected source device automatically.

  •  Before connecting to a Bluetooth device, please turn on the Bluetooth device’s Bluetooth function.
  • On some Bluetooth devices, take some Nokia mobile phones for example, you have to allow automatic connecting in the mobile phone’s settings. Please refer to your mobile phone’s manual for  further information.

Making calls with the headset

FunctionStatus of headsetOperation

Voice dial


Standby mode

Press and hold MFB button for 1 second, release it till hearing indication sound ,then speak the call you want to.
Redial last numberStandby modeShort press MFB twice quickly
Volume upConversation modeShort press + key
Volume downConversation modeShort press ‐ key
Answer callingRingingShort press MFB
Reject callingRingingPress and hold MFB button for 1 second, and release until you hear indication sound
  • Not all the mobile phones support all the functions listed above. Please refer to the instruction of your mobile phone.
  • Some functions and indication tones may vary with different mobile phones.
  •  When the volume is adjusted to max or min, you will hear a indication tone.
  •  For some mobile phones, when you press the key of accepting on the phone, the conversation will be sent to the mobile phone. At this time, you can switch the call to headset by using the conversation switch button or through operating on the mobile phone. Please refer to the instruction of your mobile phone for further information.

Playing music
When the headset connects with the mobile phone or Bluetooth transmitter , you can enjoy music through headset wirelessly.

FunctionStatus of headsetOperation
PausePlaying musicShort press MFB
PlayPausingShort press MFB
Next songPlaying musicShort press > key
Last songPlaying musicShort press < key
Volume upPlaying musicShort press + key
Volume downPlaying musicShort press ‐ key


  •  For some of mobile phones, when they are playing music, the music will transmit to the speaker of mobile phone, you have to choose “transmit the sound through Bluetooth” in the “setting” of music play interface, and then choose “BH‐530” in the device list, the music will be transmitted to the headset. Please refer to the
    instruction of your mobile phone for further information.
  •  When the volume of headset is adjusted to max. or min, you will hear a indication DU DU tone.
  • Remote control the function of last song/next song/pause, it needs your mobile phone or Bluetooth transmitter supports AVRCP. Please refer to the instruction of your mobile phone or Bluetooth transmitter for further information.

 Care and maintenance

Please read the following suggestions carefully, that will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations and to enjoy this product for many years.

  •  Keep dry and don’t put it in the dump place, in case of effecting the interior circuit of product.
  • Don’t put the product under the sunlight or place hot areas. High temperature will short the life of electronic device, destroy the battery, or distort certain plastic.
  • Don’t expose the product in the cold areas. It may damage the internal circuit board.
  •  Don’t try to take apart the product. It may damage the product if you are not professional.
  •  Don’t fall off on the floor or knock the hard substance. It may damage interior circuit.
  •  Don’t use intensify chemical or detergent to clean the product.
  •  Don’t scrap the surface with sharp things. In case the product doesn’t function properly, send it to the store you bought it. The staff will help you to solve the problem.



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