Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer
Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

Baby Brezza Sterilizer/Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

Baby Brezza lOgO

Baby Brezza Sterilizer/Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

Baby Brezza Sterilizer is a bottle warmer that lets you make a baby bottle instantly without waiting for a traditional bottle warmer. Just add formula powder and water, mix, and feed the baby in seconds. You can customize your baby with three different temperatures. New instant Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer has a built-in LED night-light with 6 month to 12 months extended warranty. It can dispense warm water for baby bottles on demand 24/7, without any fuss and wasting time. You just need to press the lever for easy dispensing. It maintains the temperature according to breast milk. It also has technology to warm breast milk, formula and food jars in seconds. It uses a warm water bath to defrost the breast milk which may preserve its nutrients.

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer
Baby Brezza Sterilizer
keeps breast milk intent so that the baby gets a complete diet. Its Quick warm technology uses a safe steam heat method to warm formula or baby food instantly. It has a smart control device which sends you an alert on your IOS or Android mobile device using bluetooth, when your bottle is ready. So don’t waste your time on hand scooping and traditionally warming bottles. Just purchase the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer and Baby Brezza Sterilizer to save your time and money.

Specifications of Baby Brezza Sterilizer

Automatic Working: It automatically sterilizes all brands of pumps, bottles and accessories faster.

HEPA Filter: It includes free HEPA Filter technology.

Natural Steam: Our Baby Brezza Sterilizer uses natural steam to kill 99.9% germs and microbes.

Best Sterilizer: The content in the bottle remains sterilized for 24 hours ,if the bottle is unopened. 

BPA Free: Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer is BPA free.

Highest Capacity: It has the highest capacity to hold 6 bottles and 3 pump parts.

Temperature Modular: It has a temperature modular to meet your needs in 3 different ways.

Replaceable HEPA Filter: It dries up to 99% germs free air due to having a Replaceable HEPA filter.

LED Control Panel: It has an easy LED control panel to select the required mode i.e. sterilizer, bottle warmer,, or drier.

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Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer


It is obvious from the above discussion that the Baby Brezza Sterilizer is the best choice for you due to its HEPA Filter system. This high-efficiency filter system keeps your bottles as clean as possible, and your baby gets milk as safe as needed. This filter technology keeps the bacteria, germs, and dust particles away from the bottle after the drying process. Microbes found in surroundings may increase the risk factors for the health of your little one but this sterilizer provides extra protection to the bottles. This bottle sterilizer has a good feature for the safe storage of your freshly cleaned bottles out of harm’s way. When the sterilization cycle is complete, you should leave the bottles and their parts at the place reserved for them in the sterilizer and take them one by one when needed. This provides a safe environment to the bottle to protect them from lingering bacteria that could contaminate the bottles.

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