Baby Brezza Formula Pro
Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza/Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza presents an improved Baby Brezza Formula Pro mixer, which works automatically to mix a warm formula bottle instantly. Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a machine with an automatic power blending technique, used to make formula bottles easily. A bottle in seconds is the reason Baby Brezza Formula Pro is worth every penny. It makes you free from spoon measuring and standing with the kitchen counter perpetually covered with formula and hot water. It has the technology to measure formulas for every formula brand. It has an astonishing feature for your baby, it keeps the temperature of formula equal to the breast milk temperature, i.e., not too hot nor too cold for the infant. You don’t need any mixing effort, Baby Brezza Formula Pro has dispensing technology that mixes the two well as it fills the bottle. It has a special alarming technology that makes you alert about its cleaning and reminds you to clean the mixer before the next bottle.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

About This Product

Baby Brezza is a well-known brand in the USA, that provides you with a Baby Brezza Formula Pro mixer to give you comfort while making formula bottles for your kids.

  • It has the most advanced technology to make a warm formula bottle instantly.
  • Its formula-making is hygienic, fast, and more accurate than hand scooping.
  • It is well designed to mix formula and water to perfect consistency with the help of its patented mixing technology.
  • Equally useful for all formula brands and all sizes of bottles.
  • For the best dispensing, clean the Formula Pro funnel after every fifth bottle, or you may buy a spare funnel.
  • It is completely customizable.
  • You can select one-ounce increments between 2 and 8 ounces with 3 settings of temperature and formula, plus water, or just water for dispensing.
  • It is an airtight formula for storage.
  • It has a one-year warranty, but if it is shipped outside the USA, this warranty will not be valid.
  • Our Baby Brezza Formula Pro mixer is BPA-free and also UL-listed.
  • It can work at 120 volts, empowering the 2.5-ampere current.

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Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Specifications and Features to Rely

Faster Bottle Mixer: Baby Brezza is providing you with Baby Brezza Formula Pro, which makes your bottle-making procedure easier and faster without any fuss.

Time Saver: When you make a bottle manually, you spend more time than using a mixer, which saves you 5 to 6 minutes per bottle.

More Safe: It is more safe and hygienic than a common airtight formula container.

Capacity of Container: It has a wide top opening for easy filling, and its water tank has a great capacity of 50oz., which is easily removable.    

Built-in Wheels: Built-in wheels make it easily accessible.

Sleek Design: Its sleek design with built-in wheels helps with easy turning.

Hypoallergenic Formula: Shaking of the bottle is necessary for some formula types, like formula powders with hypoallergenic varieties, which may take some more time to mix well or may clump, so shake and stir the bottle properly for better mixing. 

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