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Bose PXC 550 Wireless headphones Owner Manual

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Bose PXC 550 Wireless headphones Owner Manual


Product overview

Overview of the headphones


  1.  Headband
  2. Ear pads
  3. Ear cups
  4. ANC microphones (4 qty)
  5.  NFC panel
  6.  Speech microphones (3 qty)
  7.  Bluetooth on/off switch 8 Touch pad (right ear cup) 9 Audio input
  8.  Micro-USB input
  9.  LED display
  10.  Effect Mode Control button
  11. NoiseGard/ANC control switch

Overview of pictograms

Pictograms for tapping the touch pad


Pictograms for the LEDs


Overview of gesture controls

Overview of CapTune

CapTune is a music and device customization app designed to optimize the performance of your PXC 550 Wireless headphones. Using the app allows you to control the features and the sound of the headphones from your smartphone.Using CapTune, you can perform the following operations among others:

  •  Control and display supported media content
  •  Play music streaming services, such as TIDAL, directly within CapTune
  •  Personalize and optimize the sound of your headphones with different sound effect modes
  •  Adjust NoiseGard according to your comfort level
  • Change Audio Prompts
  • Activate Call Enhancement for clearer and more comfortable calls
  • Play/pause music or accept/end calls instantly with Smart Pause
  • View the remaining battery life of the headphones The appearance of the app may vary depending on the device and operating system used.


Overview of Audio Prompts

By factory default, voice prompts are activated in English.With CapTune, you can use voice and/or tones as response prompts when performing an action. If voice prompts are activated, you can replace the default language with any of the following supported languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  •  Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Korean

Getting started

The following steps assume that the headphones are straight out of the packaging, or that the features of the headphones have not been enhanced using CapTune.The response of the headphones on the procedures specified in this instruction manual may change if some features have been activated or deactivated in CapTune.
Charging basics


A complete charging cycle takes about 3 hours. Before using the headphones for the first time, charge the headphones for a complete charging cycle without interruption.When being charged, the LED display lights up as indicated in the following table. When the battery charge drops to a low level, a voice prompt asks you to
recharge the headphones.It is recommended to charge the headphones using only the supplied USB cable. If you charge the headphones using an external USB power adapter, it is recommended to use an adapter with an output rating of 500 mA or higher.You can continue playing music or making calls on your smartphone using Bluetooth while the headphones are being charged.


Installing CapTune

To make full use of all the features of your PXC 550 Wireless headphones, install the free CapTune app from the App Store or Google Play download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Optionally, depending on your smartphone, you can scan the following QR code.


  • XX Connect your smartphone to the PXC 550 Wireless headphones using Bluetooth
  • Start CapTune.
  • CapTune recognizes the PXC 550 Wireless and activates the features that are compatible with your headphones.

Pairing the headphones with a Bluetooth device using NFC
The following sections describe, using a smartphone as an example, how to pair your PXC 550 Wireless headphones with a Bluetooth device using NFC. If the instructions provided do not work on your device, proceed as described in the instruction manual of the device.Switch the headphones on and ensure that Bluetooth is activated on the headphones when performing this procedure.

  1. Activate NFC on your smartphone.
  2.  Scan the smartphone to the NFC panel on the left ear cup of the headphones.
    The LEDs flash white in sequence and you hear the voice prompt “pairing”.The headphones are in pairing mode.At this point, if you decide to cancel pairing, press the Effect Mode Control button once. You hear the voice prompt “pairing cancelled” after a few seconds.
  3. Click “Yes” if the pairing confirmation dialog appears on the screen of your smartphone (this step may vary depending on your smartphone).If pairing was successful, you hear the voice prompt “connected”. The LED
    flashes white 3 times.


Using the headphones

Switching the headphones on
Danger due to high volume levels!
Listening at high volume levels for long periods of time can lead to permanent hearing defects.

  •  Before putting the headphones on, set the volume to a low level.
  •  Do not continuously expose yourself to high volume levels.


Switching the headphones off

  1. Hold the headphones so that the left hand holds the right ear cup and the right hand holds the left ear cup.
  2.  Twist the ear cups inward until you hear a click sound from both hinges and the touch pad faces toward you.
    You hear the voice prompt “power off” after a few seconds. The first LED flashes red 3 times.


Adjusting the volume

Danger due to high volume levels!
Listening at high volume levels for long periods of time can lead to permanent hearing defects. Switching between audio sources may cause enormous volume jumps that can permanently damage your

  • Before putting the headphones on and before switching between audio sources, adjust the volume to a low level.
  •  Do not continuously expose yourself to high volume levels.You can adjust the volume for music, voice prompts, tones, and phone calls.
  •  If you are playing music or are on a call, swipe vertically up or down on the touch pad to increase or decrease the volume for music or calls.
  •  If you are in idle mode, i.e. if you are not playing music/making calls, swipe vertically up or down on the touch pad to increase or decrease the volume for voice prompts and tones.


Playing music

You can play music using Bluetooth or using the USB or audio cable.
Playing music wirelessly
If your audio source supports the aptX® audio codec, the PXC 550 Wireless automatically plays your music wirelessly in stunning aptX® audio quality. If your audio source does not support aptX®, PXC 550 Wireless plays your music in normal audio quality.

  •  Pair your headphones with the smartphone.
  •  Play music on your smartphone.
  • The music plays through the PXC 550 Wireless headphones.

Making calls on the headphones

The following call functions are only available when the headphones and the smartphone are connected using Bluetooth or the USB cable. Some smartphones may not support all functions.
Making a call

  •  Dial the desired number on your smartphone.
  • If your smartphone does not automatically transfer the call to the headphones, select the PXC 550 Wireless as the audio source on your smartphone (see the instruction manual of your smartphone if necessary).

Accepting/rejecting/ending a call
When you receive a call, you hear the ring tone in the PXC 550 Wireless and the LED flashes white rapidly. If you are playing music when you receive a call, the music pauses until you end the call.


Care and maintenance

Replacing the ear pads
For reasons of hygiene, you should replace the ear pads from time to time. Spare ear pads are available from your local Sennheiser partner.

  1. Lightly pull the ear pad away until it is detached from the ear cup hooks.
  2. Secure the new ear pad by inserting the plastic base of the ear pad to the hooks on the ear cup.
  3. Lightly pull the ear pad evenly on all sides to ensure that the base of the ear pad is securely hooked to all corners of the ear cup.


Problem Possible cause Possible solution Page
Headphones cannot be switched on Battery is empty Charge the headphones 15
Battery is completely exhausted/worn out Visit an authorized Sennheiser service center for battery replacement 43
No audio signal Headphones are Check if the headphones 17
not paired with the are paired. If necessary,
smartphone pair the headphones with
the smartphone again
Volume too low Increase the volume 24
Headphones are in Ensure that the 17
pairing mode headphones and
smartphone are paired
Headphones cannot connect Bluetooth is deactivated on your smartphone Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone 38
Smartphone is switched off Switch your smartphone on
Pairing does not work Check if your smartphone supports the HFP or HSP Bluetooth profile
Headphones Headphones are not Restart the headphones 46
do not respond functioning properly by switching them off and
to any button on again. If necessary, do
press a reset
The LED flashes red while


The connection is not established Ensure that the distance between headphones and smartphone is less than 20 cm
Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both the headphones and the smartphone
Smartphone Bluetooth is Activate Bluetooth on the 38
cannot deactivated on the headphones
detect the headphones
Audio cable is plugged Unplug the audio cable
into the audio input
(the headphones are in
flight mode)
Voice prompts specified in this instruction manual cannot be heard Voice Prompt is deactivated in CapTune Activate Voice Prompt in CapTune
Headphones Smart Pause is Activate Smart Pause in
do not respond deactivated by factory CapTune
to Smart Pause default
gestures Smart Pause may not Try another music player or
be compatible with streaming app
your music player





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