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Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro User Manual

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Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro User Manual

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At Breville® we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products with the safety of you, our valued customer, foremost in mind. In addition, we ask that you exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following precautions.


  • When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including:
  • Remove and safely discard any packing materials and promotional labels before using the oven for the first time.
  • This appliance is for household use only. Do not use any type of moving vehicle. Do not use the appliance outdoors, or for anything other than its intended use. Misuse can cause injury.


  • To avoid choking hazards for young children, remove and safely dispose of the protective cover fitted on the power plug.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.


  • Do not use the appliance near the edge of a countertop or table. Ensure the surface is stable, level, heat-resistant, and clean.
  • Do not use it on a cloth-covered surface, near curtains, or other flammable materials.
  • A fire may occur if the oven is covered or touches flammable material, including curtains, draperies, walls, and the like, when in operation.
  • Do not use the appliance on (or close to) a hot gas or electric burner, or where it could touch a heated oven or surface.
  • Do not let the power cord hang over the edge of a table or counter or touch hot surfaces.
  • To avoid electric shock, do not immerse the cord or plug in water (or other liquids).
  • When operating the oven, keep a minimum distance of 4” (10cm) of space on both sides of the appliance and 6” (15cm) above.


Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro FIG 1

  • A. 13’’ non-stick pizza pan
  • B. Wire racks (x 2)
  • Reversible for 8 different rack positions
  • C. 9” x 13” broiling rack
  • D. 9’’ x 13’’ enamel roasting pan
  • E. Air fry/dehydrate basket
  • F. Oven light
  • G. Door handle
  • H. Ventilation slots
  • I. Crumb tray
  • Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer fig 3
  • L. TEMPERATURE dial/toast and bagel darkness control
  • M. TIME dial/toast and bagel slice selection
  • N. START/STOP button
  • O. OVEN LIGHT button
  • P. CONVECTION button
  • Q. PHASE COOK button
  • R. FROZEN FOOD button
  • S. TEMPERATURE CONVERSION button and volume adjustment button

Do not use abrasive cleaners, polishes, or scouring pads that could damage the decorative coating of this appliance.


This guide is designed for first-time use For safety and more information, refer to the rest of the Instruction Book.


Your Breville appliance is fitted with a short power supply cord to reduce personal injury or property damage resulting from pulling, tripping, or becoming entangled with a longer cord.

If you downloaded the oven app and followed the app setup, you can skip the steps below.

Element iQ®
The Joule™ Oven Air Fryer Pro features Element iQ®, a cooking technology that adjusts the power of the heating elements to cook food more evenly and quickly. Each of the oven’s functions is preset with our recommended setting, however, we suggest experimenting with these depending on the recipe, amount of food and your personal taste.


In order to remove any protective substances on the heating elements, it is necessary to run the oven empty for 16 minutes. Ensure the area is well-ventilated as the oven may emit vapors. These vapors are safe and are not detrimental to the performance of the oven.

  1. Remove and safely discard any packing material, promotional labels, and tape from the oven.
  2. Remove the crumb tray, wire racks, broiling rack, roasting pan, air fry/dehydrate basket, and pizza pan from the polyfoam packaging. Wash them with a soft sponge in warm, soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  3. Wipe the interior of the oven with a soft, damp sponge. Dry thoroughly.
  4. Place the oven on a flat, dry surface. Ensure there is a minimum distance of 4” (10cm) of space on both sides of the appliance and 6” (15cm) above.

*We are constantly working to improve the App, which may lead to changes in functionality and setup steps. Please rely on the instructions in the latest version of the App to guide you through the setup process.


Download the App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Open the App on your device.
  • Create an account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your oven

Cleaning the outer body and door

  1. Wipe the outer body with a soft, damp sponge. A non-abrasive liquid cleanser or mild spray solution may be used to avoid the build-up of stains. Apply the cleanser to the sponge, not the oven surface, before cleaning.
  2. To clean the glass door, use a glass cleaner or mild detergent and a soft, damp sponge or soft plastic scouring pad. Do not use an abrasive cleanser or metal scouring pad as these will scratch the oven surface.
  3. Wipe the LCD screen with a soft damp cloth. Apply cleanser to the cloth and not the LCD surface. Cleaning with a dry cloth or abrasive cleaners may scratch the surface.
  4. Let all surfaces dry thoroughly prior to inserting the power plug into a power outlet and turning the oven on.

The BOV950 oven rack can be inserted in an up or down orientation. This enables eight different rack heights utilizing just four separate rack slots. (see figures below). The position of the rack in the oven is almost as important as the cooking temperature. Breville has tested and determined optimum rack positions for certain functions. This information is highlighted on the screen.

Cleaning the crumb tray
  1. After each use, slide out the crumb tray and discard crumbs. Wipe the tray with a soft, damp sponge. A non-abrasive liquid cleanser may be used to avoid build-up of stains. Apply the cleanser to the sponge, not the tray, before cleaning. Dry thoroughly.
  2. To remove baked-on grease, soak the tray in warm soapy water then wash with a soft sponge or soft plastic scouring pad. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  3. Always reinsert the crumb tray into the oven after cleaning and prior to inserting the power plug into a power outlet and turning the oven on.


  1. Ensure the oven is turned off by removing the power plug from the power outlet.
  2. Allow the oven and all accessories to cool completely before disassembling and cleaning.
  3. Ensure the oven and all accessories are clean and dry.
  4. Ensure the crumb tray is inserted into the oven; the broiling rack is inserted into the roasting pan and resting on the wire rack in the middle rack height position.
  5. Ensure the door is closed.
  6. Store the appliance in an upright position standing level on its support legs. Do not store anything on top. The only exception is the optional Breville Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray


When using the App, a complete Joule Experience is available with guided recipes, tips & tricks as well as the automated multievent cooking experience – Joule Autopilot. Breville and ChefSteps create recipes tailored to the oven which provide guidance and techniques along the way. Start with the onboarding recipes in order to get familiar with the oven, then explore the range of recipes in the App and unlock special cooking programs for dozens of amazing dishes.



Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro User Manual

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