COBRA 400D Digital Camera User Manual product img

COBRA 400D Digital Camera User Manual


COBRA 400D Digital Camera User Manual

COBRA 400D Digital Camera User Manual product img


COBRA 400D Digital Camera User Manual fig 1

  • SC 400D
  • SC 400 Dash Cam
  • Rear View Camera
  • 32GB MicroSD Card
  • Adhesive Mount
  • GPS Attachment
  • Vehicle Power Charger
  • Micro USB Data Cable
  • Rear Cam Extender Cable


  •  SC 400 Dash Cam
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  •  Adhesive Mount
  •  GPS Attachment
  • Vehicle Charger
  • Micro USB Data Cable


To install the Adhesive Windshield Mount, slide the dash cam onto the mount. Remove the protective film from the camera lens and display. Find the spot on your windshield where you would like to mount the camera and confirm the placement. Reminder, this is an adhesive mount, so it is important to mount it correctly the first time. Next, peel the plastic film off the 3M adhesive and press the mount FIRMLY onto the windshield.

For a View of the Road Behind You

Connecting FV-RV1 Rear Cam Connect Extension Cable to the Video Input Port on the Dash Cam and run the cable along the floor of your car. Connect the Extension Cable to the Rear Camera and attach it to the vehicle’s back window. Please orient the rear camera so it faces out the windshield as shown here.

Connecting FV-EV1 External Cam

Connect the Extension Cable to the Video Input Port on the Dash Cam. Use the included cable routing clips to route the extension cable to the desired mounting location. Mount the camera using the mounting screws or adhesive pad as needed. Screw mounting is recommended for the most secure hold.


Plug one end of the supplied 12V Vehicle Power Adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and the other end into the micro USB port. The unit will automatically turn on and start recording. To manually power on the device PRESS AND HOLD the Power button until the display activates.

A Hardwire Kit is available at for a more permanent installation that allows for discrete routing of the power cable and recording while your vehicle is off.


An Emergency Recording is triggered when the Emergency Record/Favorites Button is pressed or when the G-Sensor registers a significant impact (hard braking or collision). Emergency Recordings create locked files that are not overwritten by Continuous Loop Recording. To ensure that important footage is not lost surrounding an incident, the adjacent video clip is locked if the incident happens within 30 seconds of the beginning or end of a clip.


The device comes with a Micro SD memory card. To remove the SD card, press firmly on the SD card to push it further into the slot. There will be a click and the SD card will pop out on release. Extract the card and replace it as necessary by inserting a card into the slot and pressing it until it locks in place. This camera is compatible with Micro SD cards up to 256GB. Please be sure to format the card in-camera before use. Class 10 high-endurance cards from reputable brands are recommended for constant video recording of a dash camera. Check for the latest compatible SD cards.


Models with LCD displays allow the user to select “Volume” in the setting menu to adjust the volume of notifications and voice announcements. Both products with LCD displays and allow for volume adjustment using the Drive Smarter Mobile App.


When first powered on, the device will show you the video stream and automatically begin loop recording. When the Dash Cam is first turned on, we recommend pairing it with the Drive Smarter App to download the latest firmware and ensure your camera contains the latest bug fixes. Please follow the directions below to pair the app with the camera.


Your Dash Cam uses a Bluetooth® connection to the Drive Smarter app. Smartphone integration allows for:

  • Cloud Video Management: View your camera’s footage from the phone without having to connect the camera or SD card to a computer. From here you can download videos and save them to your phone
  • Live-View: Viewing a live stream into the camera when within proximity of the camera’s Wi-Fi network.
  • MayDay: Drive Smarter’s MayDay feature allows you to create an emergency contact and auto-upload your location and MayDay notice when the camera’s G-Sensor detects a severe impact/ collision.
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Updates: Have the latest features and bug fixes loaded to your camera via the mobile application.


Your SC400 works with your phone to bring the convenience of Alexa to your drive. This camera is equipped with specially tuned microphones designed to hear the Alexa Wake word inside the cabin and invoke Alexa services on your phone. This accessory is specially certified with both Apple and Amazon, allowing the camera to automatically reconnect to Alexa when you get in the car and respond even when in the background on your phone. This allows you to playback all audio and voice interactions from one central hub to your car’s speakers. Please use the Drive Smarter app to pair your camera with the Alexa App.


Invoking Alexa can be done by uttering the wake word “Alexa” or pressing the Alexa button on the camera’s touchscreen. Muting Alexa and entering “Privacy Mode” can be accomplished by pressing the Alexa Mute button on the bottom of the unit or from the camera’s Alexa settings menu. For a list of Alexa, commands check the Alexa app or ask the camera.


When first powered on, the display will show you what the camera sees. Note: The button functions are different depending on whether the unit is currently recording or not. When first turned on or connected to power, the dash camera is in Loop Recording mode. Loop recording must be stopped for the unit to enter the Settings Menu.


This device stores video and pictures on its removable Micro SD Card. Playback mode will allow you to review the saved video and photos and playback the video with sound. To select a video or photo for playback navigate with the arrows and select the OK key. The Back key will return you to the previous screen. Photos can be viewed and deleted. It is not necessary to lock photo files – they are not overwritten by continuous loop recording.


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