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Dog Care DF03 Pet Water Fountain With Ultrafiltration Technology User Guide


Dog Care DF03 Pet Water Fountain With Ultrafiltration Technology User Guide




  1.  To protect against electric shock, do not place electrical power cord or plug in water or other liquids.
  2.  If the plug of this device gets wet, turn off the electricity to that electrical outlet. Do not attempt to unplug.
  3.  Examine this appliance after installation. Do not plug into electrical outlet W there is water on the electrical power cord or plug.


  1.  Do not allow pets to chew on or swallow any parts. If you are concerned your pet may chew the power cord, purchase a cord conduit at any hardware store.
  2. The plastic fountain parts are BPA-free.


  1.  Do not pull on the electrical power cord to remove the plug from the electrical outlet. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the electrical power cord.
  2.  The electrical use of this appliance is 0.5 watts.
  3.  The use of attachments not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause an unsafe condition. Do not modify the appliance.

In the Box



  1. Bowl
  2.  Lid
  3. Spout
  4. Stainless steel filter
  5. Tube
  6. Foam filter
  7.  Ultrafiltration filter
  8. Pump and USB cable
  9. User manual

Setting up

 Clean the water fountain before first use

Dog-Care-DF03-PetWater-Fountain-With-Ultrafiltration-Technology-User-Guide-Image-5Wash the fountain parts, except the ultrafiltration filter.


Note: do not wash the USB part of the power cable.

Connect the tube

  1. Affix the short end of the tube to the pipe on the pump. Make sure the tube is pressed all the way down.
  2.  Then affix the long end of the tube to the pipe in the bowl. Make sure the tube is pressed all the way in.



 Fix the pump
With the pipe connected, put the pump in place and suction it to the bottom of the bowl.




 Arrange the USB cable

Feed the USB cable through the opening on the Inside of the bowl. Fix the cable through the slot.



Set the ultrafiltration filter start date

Rotate the date indicator wheel on top of the ultrafiltration filter and record the date when you start using the filter. It helps to keep track of when to replace the filter. The ultrafiltration filter needs to be replaced every three months, as described in Filters. Dog-Care-DF03-Pet-Water-Fountain-With-Ultrafiltration-Technology-User-Guide-Image-15

Install the ultrafiltration filter
Hold the ultrafiltration filter with the Cat Care logo facing upward. Attach the filter by running the knob down along the slot on the bowl until the knob reaches the end of the slot.



Connect the USB cable
Make sure the USB cable and your hands are completely dry. Connect the USB cable to any relevant USB port-computer ports, portable power banks, existing USB power adapters, etc. The water fountain will turn on once connected to power.


To maintain the quality of drinking water and keep your pet healthy, we recommend that you change the water as frequently as possible and clean the water fountain at the same time.



Dog-Care-DF03-Pet-Water-Fountain-With-Ultrafiltration-Technology-User-Guide-Image-21NOTE: the fountain parts are NOT dishwasher safe.

  1.  Unplug the water fountain.
  2. Pick up the water fountain by the bowl, and take it to the sink. Remove the lid and pour water out of the bowl.
  3.  Disassemble the water fountain and detach the ultrafiltration filter, stainless steel filter, and foam filter. Do not remove the ultrafiltration filter if there is still water in the bowl, as water may flow out.
  4.  Hand wash the fountain parts, except the ullrafiltratlon filter, with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. You can rinse


Your pet water fountain is equipped with three types of filters and the filters together will provide optimal filtration for your pet. The stainless steel filter and the foam filter catch hair and debris. The ultrafiltration filter removes bacteria, bad tastes and odors, and other harmful contaminants from clean water. The filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis:

 Stainless Steel Filter
  • Clean as needed-when fountain is cleaned and in between cleanings.
  • Uninstall and open the stainless steel filter, remove hair and debris collected, and rinse out with water.
 Foam Filter
  • Replace the foam filter every three months. You can purchase the replacement filter by visiting
  •  If you do not intend to replace the filter at the time of cleaning, detach the filter from the pump and rinse thoroughly with water.
 Ultraflltratlon Filter
  •  Replace the ultrafiltration filter every three months, depending on the environment where the water fountain is used and the number of pets using it. You can purchase the replacement filter by visiting
  •  You can rinse the ultrafiltration filter with clean water.
  •  Due to the unique nature of ultrafiltration technique, the ultrafiltration filter begins to consume its service life once it gets wet. If you have not used the water fountain for a prolonged period of time, please replace the ultrafiltration filter the next time you use











Will not turn on or stops working

  • Check that the household electrics are on-test by plugging in another appliance.
  • Check that the outlet is working.
  • Check the power cable for signs of damage. If damaged, stop using and contact Dog Care Customer Support.

Decreased water flow

  •  Check the water level in the bowl. Add water if the water level is lower than the MIN fill-line.
  •   The foam filter may be clogged. Wash or replace the filter.
  •   The ultrafiltration filter may be clogged. Replace the filter.


Unusual odor

  •   Change the water as frequently as possible and clean the water fountain as described in Cleaning.
  • Clean and wash the stainless steel filter as needed. Replace the ultrafiltration filter and the foam filter every three months.


Unusual noise

  • Check the water level in the bowl. The pump might make suction noise if the water level is below the MIN fill-line. Add water until the water level is above the MIN fill-line.


Pet will not drink from water fountain

  •  Your pet may be more cautious of his/her new water fountain. Some pets may take several days or longer to begin use, while others will start right away. Simply allow several days or longer for your pet to adapt to the water fountain.
  • Try changing the location of the water fountain. Your pet may prefer that the fountain be placed away from their normal feeding area. Try placing it in another location, such as a different area of the kitchen or in a bathroom or utility room.

Technical Specifications

Product NameCat Care Pet Water Fountain
Model NumberDF03
Weight24.7 oz
Dimensions6.9″ X 6.6″ X 5.7″
Capacity85 oz/ 0.7 gallon
InputDC 5V/1A
Power InterfaceUSB
Operating Ambient Temperature32 °F to 104 °F
Relative Humidity< 95%


Dog Care DF03 Pet Water Fountain With Ultrafiltration Technology User Guide


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