Dymo QX50 Electronic Label maker Instructions for Use


Dymo QX50 Electronic Label maker Instructions for Use


How to use your DYMO Letra Tag



Install Batteries

  • On the back of the unit, push the tab and lift the battery compartment cover off (fig. A).
  • Match the + and – marks on the batteries to the + and – marks in the battery compartment case and insert 5 “AA” alkaline batteries. Start with the single battery in the upper slot, then slide the second and third under the bridge. Slot in the fourth and fifth batteries.
  • Press the battery cover back into place. Remove the batteries if the unit is to remain unused for an extended period of time.

Inserting the Tape Cassette

  • Press the tab on the front side of the cassette cover (figure B) and open cover. Insert the cassette, the cassette inserts with the tape exiting to the top of the machine. Gently press on the center of the tape until it clicks into position.
  • Close the cassette cover.


The display will show 9 characters including the cursor and feature indicators that are highlighted when a feature is activated.


Feature indicators include:

CAPS Characters are typed as capital letters


Fixed length is activated

Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig5The label will be print in BIG FONT The label will be printed in a certain type of box

The label will print with the style selected

Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig7 Number lock The text will be underlined If an incorrect key sequence is pressed, the display will flash.

Function Keys

ON/OFF Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig8

Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig8Turns the unit on or off. When turning the unit on, a DYMO welcome screen will be displayed for a few seconds. The unit will automatically turn off after 2 minutes if no keys are pressed. The last label will be saved and displayed when the unit is turned on again.

Note: If the batteries are removed for more than a few seconds the text and settings will not be saved.

CANCEL Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9

The keyDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9 enables you to exit from a menu or to cancel an action.

Note: The printing function can not be cancelled.

DELETE Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9

Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9the key to delete the character on the left of the cursor.


Press the  Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11Key and the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9key to clear off the text from the display. This also will restore the style and size to the default settings.

NUMBER LOCK Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig12

While this feature is active, only numbers will be typed.

SIZE Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig13

  • Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig13the Key to display the size menu:


narrow (condensed)
wide (extended)
B big font (full print height)

  • Use the R and Q of the Navigation Key to scroll the cursor to the size desired.
  • Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15to select or press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9Key to exit menu and return to prior setting.
  • If Big Font is selected, B will be shown on the display.
  • Label prints in selected size.

Note: For 2-line labels, each size will be half their normal height. Big Font size is not available for 2-line labels.

STYLE Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15

  • PressDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15Key to display the Style menu; which shows 6 style options :


  • Use the R and Q of the Navigation Key to scroll the cursor to the style desired.
  • PressDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15 to select a style or pressDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9 Key to exit menu and return to prior setting.
  • The label prints in the selected style. Each style is independent and cannot be combined with other styles or with Big Font setting.


  • Press the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig17Key to display the box/ underline menu which shows 8 box options:


  • Use the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32  and of the Navigation Key to scroll the cursor to the desired box or underline selection.
  • PressDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15 to select or press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9Key to exit menu and return to prior setting.
  • The ABC will be highlighted on the display to show feature is activated.
  • Text will print on the label in the selected format.

Note: The underline and box settings cannot be combined or used with the Big Font size selection.

EXTENDED MEMORY Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig20

Adding to the buffer/ label breaks The extended memory can store up to 70 characters for a maximum of 20 labels.

  • Press and hold the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11Key and the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig12Key to insert a label break.
  • The Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig20will show on the display in between the labels to indicate the beginning/ end of each label that is stored in the memory.
  • Press theDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 key to move to the beginning of the buffer or Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11+ Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32 to move to the end of the buffer. The labels will remain in the memory buffer, even if the unit is turned off. If you try to type when the memory buffer is full, the message ERROR 4 will be displayed. Delete part or all of the text in the buffer in order to store a new label in the memory.
  • To clear the entire memory buffer, press theDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 +Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9 .


This feature allows you to review all the text/labels stored in the extended memory.

  • Press KeyDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 andDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9 Key.
  • The text will scroll across the display.
  • Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9Key to exit.


Length is automatically set based on the text entered, but length can be adjusted if desired.

  • Press and hold the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11Key and Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig13the Key to set a fixed length.
  • The screen will display X.X inches (or XX mm depending on the language selected, see languages on page 8).
  • The length of the label can be increased or decreased in steps of 0.1 inches or 2 mm by using the  arrows on the Navigation Key. The maximum length is 12 inches or 300mm. Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15when the correct length is selected.
  • The fixed length indicator will highlight on the display. If the selected length is too short for the label, the display will flash ERROR 5.
  • To return to automatic length default setting, press and hold the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11Key andDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig13 the Key.

Note: For a fixed length label the text is always centered.



9 copies of a label can be printed at one time.

  • Enter the text for the label.
  • Press and hold theDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 Key and Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15the Key. The screen will display n=1.
  • Use the or Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32 arrows on the Navigation Key to set the desired number of copies (1-9).
  • Once you have entered the correct number of copies press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig22and the labels will print the text. The labels will print in one continuous label with a vertical chain mark to indicate where to manually cut the labels.


Additional blank label tape (1/2 inch or 12mm) will exit from the unit when the Key Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 and the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig17Key are pressed.


  • Press theDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig23Key.
  • The display will show: A and 7 symbols.
  • Use the Navigation Key to cursor to the desired symbols. The H or P arrows will scroll through the various symbol rows.
  • Once the cursor is under the desired symbol, press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15to enter it into text. The last symbol row selected will be displayed the next time the symbol menu is entered.


Changing the Language

The labelmaker default setting is English with additional international character sets that can be accessed by selecting a different language. The selection of a language defines which diacritical characters (see next section), measurement setting and currency symbols can be accessed. For example, if Spanish is selected then the diacritical characters for Spanish will be available first with the measurements in millimeters and the currency pesos.

To change the language setting:

  • Press the Key Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11and Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig25key
  • An abbreviation of the language will appear.
    US = English
    F = French
    E = Spanish
    UNI = All Diacritical Characters
  • Use the  arrows on the Navigation Key to scroll to the desired language.
  • Press Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15to select.
  • To return to English setting repeat steps 1-4.

Diacritical Characters/Accented Characters

Many diacritical marks (accented characters) and extra characters relevant to a specific language setting are stored and can be accessed by selecting a language. Once a specific language set is selected, the diacritical and extra characters are accessed for the specific language as follows: If the key is tapped repeatedly within a short time, you can scroll through a list of all the diacritical characters for that letter. As an example, pressing “E” repeatedly in the French-language selection will scroll through e – è – é – ê – ë. If you wait for more than one second, the character will be selected and the cursor will move to the next position on the display. In addition, the currency key will operate in the same way. This offers an easy access to the most commonly used currency symbols quickly.

Note: When the batteries are removed the language setting will default to English.


A second line of text can be added to your label by pressing Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15to select. If the display shows: Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig27 the label will print as:


Note: Big Font and vertical styles are not available in 2-line printing, ERROR 6 will flash if Big Font or vertical are active when 2-line printing is selected.

Printing Your Label


Preview label before printing by pressing and holding the Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11 Key andDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9 Key. The label text will scroll across the display once. You can also scroll manually through the label using the orDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32 arrows on the Navigation Key. If  you want to edit the label, use the navigation Key to move the cursor through the text to the place you want, then type or delete.


Type in the text for your label and press

  • Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig22Key.


  • Press and hold the Key Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig11and Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig9Key to view the labels stored in memory.
  • Use the  or Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32 arrows on the Navigation Key to position cursor inside the text of the label desired to print.
  • Press  Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig22 . During printing the message PRINT … will be displayed.


After the label is printed use the cutter button on the left-hand side of the unit and press inwards, towards the machine (see Figure E). DO NOT PUSH THE CUTTER BUTTON WHILE THE LABEL IS BEING PRINTED, THIS WILL CAUSE LABELS TO JAM AND DAMAGE THE UNIT. Labels have easy peel split back tape for easy removal of the tape backing.



  • Press KeyDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig23 and Dymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig22the Key simultaneously.
  • The display will show the 5 contrast symbols.
  • Use the andDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig32 arrows on the Navigation Key to select a lighter or darker setting.
  • PressDymo-Letra-Tag-QX50-Electronic-Labelmaker-Fig15 to select desired contrast setting.




To ensure optimum print quality, check and clean the print head regularly by using the cleaning tool supplied. See figure D.





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