Pheanoo 2.1CH Dolby Soundbar System User Manual


Pheanoo 2.1CH Dolby Soundbar System User Manual


Important Safety Instruction

Thank you for purchasing the home theater D2 Soundbar. Please read this user manual carefully and keep for future reference.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not dismantle the product and do not expose the apparatus to rain or moisture. No user-serviceable parts inside.

  1. To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long time periods or a sudden high volume level.
  2.  Never use the device unsupervised!
  3.  The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.
  4.  If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  5. Before operating this system, check the voltage of this system to see if it is identical to the voltage of your local power supply.

Preparation for Use

Unpacking and Set Up

  • Remove the Sound bar from the carton and remove all packing material from the Sound bar. The original carton and packing material is the only safe way to pack your Sound bar to protect it from damage in transit.
  • Remove any descriptive labels or stickers on the front or top of the cabinet. Do not remove any labels or stickers from the back or bottom of the cabinet.
  • Unwind the Line cord connecting the AC adapter and extend it to its full length.
Protect Your Furniture

However certain types of oil based furniture polishes, wood preservatives, or cleaning sprays may cause the rubber ‘feet’ to soften, and leave marks or a rubber residue on the furniture. To prevent any damage to your furniture we strongly recommend that you purchase small self-adhesive felt pads, available at hardware stores and home improvement center everywhere, and apply these pads to the bottom of the rubber ‘feet’ before you place the unit.

Product Diagram

  1. Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-1LED DISPLAY
  2. AUX
  4. HDMI(ARC)
  5. SW OUT
  6. AC IN
  7. Power/Standby
  8. VOL+
  9. USB
  10. VOL

Sound bar & Accessories


Sound bar 1

Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-3Subwoofer 1

Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-4Remote Control 1


Optical Cable 1

Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-7Audio Cable 1


HDMI (ARC) cable 1

Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-9Screw bag 1

Please read this guide carefully before connecting and using the power supply. Keep this guide for future use.

Remote Control

  1. Pheanoo-2.1CH-Dolby-Soundbar-System-User-Manual-Image-10Standby mode for power on/off
  2. PAIR: Connect or disconnect to the pairing device. (Press the button more than 2 seconds).
  3. Volume+: Master volume up
  4.  : Pre button: Previous program (Only work under USB & BT mode of smartphone).
  5. Volume – : Master volume down
  6. MUSIC: Select the Music EQ effect
  7.  TR+: Treble volume UP.
  8. TR-: Treble volume down.
  9. MUTE: Mute mode.
  10. INPUT: Input mode(AUX/USB/HDMI TV(ARC)/OPT/BT).
  11. : Next button: Next program. (Only work under USB & BT mode of smartphone).
  12.  : Play/Pause (Only work under USB & BT mode of smartphone). Reset: Press and hold the button more than 2 sec. to Set all functions to manufacturer defaults.
  13. MOVIE: Select the Movie EQ effect
  14. NEWS: Select the News EQ effect
  15. Bass +:To increase the bass. (Refer to Bass chapter for reference.)
  16.  Bass – : To decrease the bass. (Refer to Bass chapter for reference.)
  17. 3D Select the 3D EQ effect

Positioning the Sound Bar

Place on a flat Surface

Place the sound bar horizontally on a flat surface such as a TV unit or shelves and align it centrally with the TV screen. Allow some space between the speaker and the wall. Don’t place inside a cabinet or an a walled shelf. Follow this guidance for best sound output and good airflow around the sound bar



Mount on the wall


If you don’t feel confident to correctly and securely wall-mount the sound bar, Seek the  assistance of an experienced person of professional. Install the speaker on a vertical, fast, reinforced area of wall. For plaster walls, it is recommended to screw into wall studs for greater security. For optimum performance, allow at least 25mm/1’’ distance between the sound bar and the TV.



Follow below steps to mount the sound bar on the wall

  1. Make 2 holes on the wall with distance same as the wall bracket on the soundbar
  2.  Put the plastic anchors onto the wall and secure the screws to the plastic clip, do not tighten the screws all the way make sure leave some space
  3.  Attached the 2 EVA pads onto the wall mount backet. This will make sure that there is enough room between the wall and the soundbar outlet, minimum 15mm




Setting the Sound bar

  1. Plug in the power cord and the display will light up (Standby mode)
  2.  Switch on the soundbar by using power button on soundbar or by using STANDBY button on remote. After
    switching on, the default input mode will appear on display
  3.  lnput mode can be changed by pressing the power button again or by using the INPUT button on remote


Drivers2.75″*4 SB + 6.5″ SW
Audio Output Power50W*2+100W=200W R.M.S.
Frequency Response45Hz-20KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio72dB
Power lnput110V-240V~50Hz/60Hz
bluetooth VersionVersion: 5.0 Range:up to 10m
DimensionsSoundbar:960W*79H*83D mm Subwoofer: 170W*380H*306D mm
Bluetooth Frequency2402MHz – 2480MHz






No sound from Sound Bar speakers

Connect the audio cable from your soundbar to your TV or other devices. However, you do not need a separate audio connection when the Soundbar and TV are connected through HDMI ARC connection
On the remote control, select the correct audio input.
Distorted sound or echolf you play audio from the TV through the soundbar, make sure that the TV is muted.










A device cannot connect with the SoundBar

Restart the soundbar and try pairing again
You have not enabled the bluetooth function of the device. See the user manual of the device on how to enable the function.
The device is not correctly connected.
The soundbar is already connected with another bluetooth device. Disconnect the connected device, then try again.
Quality of audio play from a connected Bluetooth device is poor. 

The bluetooth reception is poor. Move the device closer to the soundbar, or remove any obstacle between the device and the soundbar.

The connected Bluetooth device connects and disconnects constantlyThe bluetooth reception is poor. Move the device closer to the soundbar, or remove any obstacle between the device and the soundbar.


Pheanoo 2.1CH Dolby Soundbar System User Manual


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