Fitpolo Tensky SKY-M200 Handheld Hair Dryer User Guide


Fitpolo Tensky SKY-M200 Handheld Hair Dryer User Guide


Important Safety Instruction

  1. Do not use the appliance near a bathtub, a shower, a wash basin or other vessels with water.
  2.  Do not use the hair dryer near petroleum gas or other inflammable materials (such as propellant, paint thinner, spray, etc.)
  3. Make sure the voltage used is consistent with the rated voltage indicated on the appliance.
  4.  Never use the hair dryer by wet hand. Do not put or store the hair dryer near a sink or a place with water or containing liquid or a very wet place.
  5. Never leave after the hair dryer has been started.
  6. Be sure to disconnect the plug from the socket after use or in case of power cut. When disconnecting the plug, be sure to hold the plug itself.
  7.  The hair dryer must be mounted and fixed out of reach at the time of bathing or shower. After the hair dryer is mounted and fixed, the hand-held portion after straightened is still out of reach at the
    time of bathing or shower.
  8. When used in a shower room, be sure to disconnect the plug after use. There are still dangers even after the hair dryer has been powered off because it is near water. For your safety, it is suggested that a Residual Current Device (RCD) with the rated leakage operating current not exceeding 30mA be mounted in the electrical
    circuit for the shower room. For the specific mounting, consult the RCD installer.

Product Structure


Content of Display


Product Parameters

  • Product Name: Hair Dryer
  • Product Model: H3302
  • Air Speed Mode: High speed and low speed
  • Temperature Mode: Hot, Warm, Cool
  • Voltage: 120V~ 60Hz
  • Rated power: 1400 W
  • Body weight: 380 g
  • Cord Length: 1.8 m/5.9 ft
  • Body size: 210*136*59mm

Product Feature

Multi-combination Modes
Three temperature options and two air speed options satisfy personalized usage requirements,nourish your hair and let you create characteristic hairstyles.

High Speed Anion
The high speed air flow transports nanometer anions from hair roots to hair ends to reduce static and hair tangle. It helps protect hair and create a smoother look

Precise Intelligent Temperature Control Technology
The intelligent temperature control technology monitors the temperature of the air outlet and transmits data to the
microprocessor to ensure constant temperature and to prevent loss of moisture and nutrients, which may cause dryness and splitting of hair. It makes your hair strong and reduces breakage of hair due to overheating.

Low Electromagnetic Radiation
By changing the structure of the motor, the electromagnetic radiation at the air outlet becomes nearly zero, thus children and pregnant women can use the hair dryer securely.

Intelligent Self-cleaning Mode
Through the intelligent control by the chip, the motor is driven reversely to create reverse air in order to blow away the dust from the dust screen for easy cleaning.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Intelligent Self-cleaning
Insert the plug into the socket. Remove the protective cover. Start the hair dryer and long press the air speed key for 3s. The hair dryer will automatically start the intelligent cleaning mode and run in the mode for 10s.


Manual Cleaning
Disconnect the plug. Open the protective cover. Use a clean lint-free cloth, a soft brush, a toothbrush, etc. to clean substances adhering to the surfaces of the inlet screen and the stainless steel screen.


Never use water to clean the stainless steel screen, otherwise, faults may be caused. After manual cleaning, power on the hair dryer again and start the intelligent self-cleaning mode for a better effect.


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