Forever BS-660 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

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Forever BS-660 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual


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  1. Forever-BS-660-Bluetooth-Speaker-User-Manual-Image-1 ON/OFF switch
  2.  Charging LED
  3.  BT/AUX/USB/Micro SD LED
  4. Function button M
  5. Microphone
  6.  Pause/Answer call
  7. Decrease volume/Previous track
  8. Function button “+” /Increase volume/Next track
  9.  MicroSD cards slot
  10.  AUX socket
  11.  USB port
  12.  Micro USB 5 V charging port


The speaker has a built-in battery. To prevent damage of the set, please do not remove the battery by yourself.

  1. Connect the cable from the USB connector side to a power source with a maximum voltage of 5 V DC. Power source can be a computer USB port or USB travel charger.
  2.  Connect the cable to the micro USB port of the speaker. Charging is indicated by a red LED (2)


  1. Ensure that the loudspeaker is turned on and switched to Bluetooth mode
  2. Activate Bluetooth connectivity in the device via which you want to connect with the loudspeaker.
  3.  Search new devices. The loudspeaker will be visible as “BS-660” on the list.
  4.  Connect with the loudspeaker. In case of certain phones, it is required to enter code “0000”.
  5. Correct connection of the loudspeaker will be confirmed with a voice message.


  1. VOLUME ADJUSTMENT: When listening, press and hold “+” (8) to increase volume or hold “-” (7) to decrease it.
  2.  CONTROLLING MUSIC: When listening to music, press button (8) to skip to the next track or press button (7) to go back to the previous track
  3.  PAUSE/PLAY : When listening to music, press (6) to stop playing music, then press it once again to resume music
  4. ANSWERING/ENDING A CALL: To answer an incoming call, press button (6). Press it again to end a call
  5.  CHANGING MODE: To switch between Bluetooth / SD card “TF” / AUX / RADIO mode, short press button

PLAY MODE using SD card/external device

  •  Before use, make sure that the loudspeaker is turned on
  •  Insert Micro SD card/external device (pen drive), blue light signal will appear,
  •  The device will automatically start playing music

Listening to the AUX mode (audio in)
To listen to the music on the speaker, connect an external device with speaker via 3,5 mm cable and start playing music. Turning on AUX mode will start automatically after plugging the cable into the AUX jack. Taking out the cable from the AUX jack will return to the previous mode. When playing music in AUX mode it is possible to switch
between different modes using the „Mode” button.

FM radio mode
The speaker has a built-in FM tuner and antenna.

  • Press button (4) until you hear a message indicating selection of the radio mode
  • press button (6) to search available radio stations. The search will end automatically when the device finds an available station. To resume search, press (6) again


  1.  Activate two loudspeakers
  2. Press and hold Play / Pause button on one of the loudspeakers for 2 seconds until you hear audio signal.
  3.  Release the play / pause button. Connection of loudspeakers may take several seconds.
  4. Activate Bluetooth function in the device, select “BS-660” loudspeaker name from the list and pair the devices.

Press Play button twice to deactivate TWS function.
Tel Force One S.A. declares that the product is compatible with requirements and other relevant provisions of the 2014/53/UE directive. You can download the declaration on of product on website


  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Range: up to 10 meters
  • Operation time: up to 4 hours
  • Charging time: up to 4 hours
  • Battery: Li-ion 3,7 V 3000 mAh
  • Loudspeaker output power: 10 W


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