Forever GSM-167335 Mobile Cutting Plotter User Guide

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Forever GSM-167335 Mobile Cutting Plotter User Guide


Accessories and machine parameters

 Kit contents

  1. One cutting machine
  2.  One knife holder set (including mounted blade inside)
  3. One power supply
  4. One power cable
  5.  One machine shortened manual

Others included: 1 sticking pad; 1 cutting pad; 2 squeegees for sticking; 20 cleaning cloths; several test sheets.

 Machine parameters

  1. The maximum width of the film sheet: 290 mm
  2.  Maximum depth of film sheet: 500 mm
  3.  Cutting precision: ± 0.1 mm
  4.  Repeated cutting precision: ± 0.1 mm
  5. Cutting speed (4 steps) 300-500 mm / S
  6.  Cutting force (5 degrees) 30-90 (Appropriate pressure 150-450g)
  7.  Data transmission mode: built in application; WIFI transmission
  8.  Input voltage: 100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz 0,5 A
  9.  Output voltage power supply: 24V , 2.7 A (64.8 W)
  10. Working temperature: ﹣5 ° ~ ﹢ 45 °
  11. Machine weight: 9 kg
  12.  Machine dimensions: 600 * 170 * 180 mm

Machine Product Schematic

Machine’s schematic diagram and description functions of each part

Front of machine & Back of machine & Side of machine & Machine power supply 





  1. LCD display (built in application, setting function)
  2.  Card slot (card slot in right, material plugged into position)
  3.  Platen roller (pressing film cutting material front and rear movement)
  4. Knife holder (mounting blade, used for cutting materials)
  5. Trolley (the left and right cutting of the machine and the loading of the upper and lower blades).
  6. Lever of pressure rollers (used to release the ability to insert or eject a sheet of film)
  7. Roller pressure springs (they are used to adjust the film sheet stability pressure)
  8. Location of “Machine Serial Number” and “Bluetooth Name
  9. On-off button (short press to turn on, blue light will be on; about 3 sec press to turn off)
  10.  Power connector (interface to connect to the machine’s power adapter)
  11. Power adapter (Power input AC 110-220V Power frequency voltage output 24V= 2,7A)
  12. Power cord for the power adapter

Basic operation of the machine

Knife holder assembly and adjustment


  • Before the first use, the correct fixing of the handle consists in its free fall onto the mounting in the head after unscrewing the fixing screw.
  • To keep the handle stable, tighten the screw firmly with your fingers.
  • The knife holder has a total of 10 settings (in the order of 123456789AB).
  • The larger the number on the handle, the longer the protruding tip of the knife, which allows for a deeper cut in the material.
  • The default blade position is factory set for standard transparency film, other setting items should be changed to correct the blade position according to different materials.

Material placement

Forever-GSM-167335-Mobile-Cutting-Plotter-User-Guide-Image-6Lower the roller levers to place the sheet in the machine correctly. Then place the sheet in the machine so that it is aligned to the right edge and in contact with the sheet slot. At the depth of the device, the sheet should be exactly behind the line placed on the machine. Sometimes it may happen that when cutting the film for a large telephone model, the sheet will slip out from under the pressing rollers, the solution is to place it deeper in the machine.

Software operation

  •  The LOGO interface will be displayed when the machine is turned on.

Forever-GSM-167335-Mobile-Cutting-Plotter-User-Guide-Image-7Add A. During the first start-up, enter the serial number of the machine, which is located on the back of the device and begins with “FV………”

  • WIFI connection and entering the serial number


Add B. During the first run, we have the option of choosing the language of the device software. To start using the machine, you need to connect to the WIFI network and enter the serial number of the machine, which is located on the back of the machine and begins with “FV……..”. Then click login. After completing these steps, the device will start the first update and download the latest data

Software use

  • Settings: In the first setting point, we can change the speed and cutting force, plus additional settings, e.g. turning off the lamp in the machine. An additional option is the possibility of a test cut to check the correct setting of the cutting depth. Important: the cutting speed parameter should be set as low as possible because the lower the speed, the more accurate the cut. The second point is connecting to a WIFI network where we can change the access point. The third setting point is the place where, in order to be able to cut the foil, we must enter the code from the foil package, which is on the back of the package.


  • The fourth point is to change the language setting of the software. The fifth point is a place where we can check the statistics of cut foils and what models we cut foils for.


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