GAMDIAS Ares V2 Essential Gaming Keyboard Mouse User Guide


GAMDIAS Ares V2 Essential Gaming Keyboard Mouse User Guide



Thank you for choosing the GAMDIAS ™ ARES Essential membrane gaming keyboard. The GAMDIAS ™ ARES
Essential has a phenomenal design, toughest structure with 4 keyboard layers, and nice tactile feel. Splendid three color backlit with four brightness levels and circulating pulsating mode creates a customized battle game scenario.
Special grooves on the bottom for managing USB wire of mouse or headset easily. Anti-ghosting with 19-key roll over
as well as consecutive attack mode dominates in any battle fields. It is a god-like weapon!

Package Contents

  • GAMDIAS ™ ARES Essential Membrane Gaming Keyboard (GKB6000)
  •  GAMDIAS ™ OUREA Optical Gaming Mouse (GMS5500)
  • Multi-language Quick Installation Guide
  •  GAMDIAS ™ Sticker

System Requirements

  • Windows ® XP/ Vista/ 7 /8
  •  PC with USB port
  •  Internet connection (for HERA software installation)

Hardware and Software Installation

  1. Plug the GAMDIAS ™ ARES Essential into your PCs via USB Port.
  2. The “found new hardware” notice will appear, please following instruction to complete hardware installation.
  3. Log onto the GAMDIAS ™ website (http://www. to download the latest version of the HERA application software.
  4. Start installing the GAMDIAS ™ HERA software by following the the on-screen instructions.

ARES Essential Keyboard Layout


  • A. 11 Multimedia Hotkeys:
    Open Media Player, Volume Down, Volume Up, Mute, Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, E-Mail, Web, Calculator.
  • B. Extra F6 ~ F11 Configuration:Additional F6~F11 keys located under the typing area provide quick trigger. With HERA software, users can define Macros or Timers on these additional keys to perform customized skills during the game play.
  • C. Gaming Mode:Press the Gaming hotkey once to disable the Windows key, press it again to enable the Windows key.
  • D. All-Keys Lock Mode:Press the All-Keys Lock hotkey to disable key functions, press it again to enable key functions.
  • E. Consecutive Attack Mode:
    Press once to enable the Consecutive Attack Mode; press again will disable the function. 
  • F. WASD and Arrow Keys Exchange Function:Press once to enable the Exchange function; press again will disable the function.(*Please refer to the WASD layout on a standard English keyboard for corresponding key positions on different language-version keyboards.)
  • G. Keyboard Backlight Color
  • Switch:3 selectable colors: Green/ Red/ Yellow/ Off.
  • H.Keyboard Backlight/ Brightness Adjustment:[Fn+PgUp] to increase backlight brightness; [Fn+PgDn] to reduce backlight brightness. 4 selectable brightness levels: O󰘯 / 30% / 70% / 100%.


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