GROWNSY Baby Formula Dispenser Baby Instant Warmer User Manual


GROWNSY Baby Formula Dispenser Baby Instant Warmer User Manual



No more waiting to warm up bottles!Simply pour the warm water from GROWNSY instant warmer into your bottle, scoop the formula and shake. Replaces Traditional Baby Bottle Warmers.

Knob Control
35-96°C(95-204.8°F)Temperature control,built in Semiconductor sensing probe & External NTC temperature control probe. Set the temperature you need.

Boil Function
Just choose Boil Function the instant warmer will work as electric kettle be ready to use for tea, oatmeal, coffee, pasta and much more.

Night Light
Choose Night Light Function and lights will on that makes night operation more relieved and safe



The kettle should only be used with the instant warmer base

GROWNSY-Baby-Formula-Dispenser-Baby-Instant-Warmer-User-Manual-Image-3Do not add water above the maximum water level to prevent scaldingGROWNSY-Baby-Formula-Dispenser-Baby-Instant-Warmer-User-Manual-Image-4Never touch the instant warmer when heating water to prevent scaldingGROWNSY-Baby-Formula-Dispenser-Baby-Instant-Warmer-User-Manual-Image-5

The lid should not be used to lift the kettle to prevent the body from falling or being scaldingGROWNSY-Baby-Formula-Dispenser-Baby-Instant-Warmer-User-Manual-Image-6Keep Children away from this product

 Product nameInstant Warmer 
Rated voltage120V
Rated power600W
PackingOne set
Executive standardFCC and FDA
Recommended Room Temperature15℃~30℃
Recommended humidity50%~80%




“ON/OFF ” Button: Turn ON/Turn OFF;
“Boil” Button: Boil Water as Electrical Kettle;
“Night Light” Button: Turn on or off the night light on both sides of the Knob;
“Keep Warm” Button: Keep warm all day and night until water dry out;
“Knob”: Adjust the temperature you need .


Touch the ON/OFF button, light will be on and the display shows the current temperature and the set temperature
(default temperature is 45°C/113 °F).

Keep Warm:
Touch the “Keep Warm”button, light will be on and the appliance will keep water warm at certain teparature. Adjust the temperature by turning knob. Adjustable range is 35-96°C (95-204.8°F). If the screen is too bright for you, press for 3 seconds to enter the off-screen mode. Only the indicator light of the“Keep Warm”button is on in this mode.

Night light:
Turn on or off the night light on both sides of the Knob.

Touch the “boil ”button, light will be on and the instant warmer will boil water, After the water is boiled, light goes off and the product automatically enters the “Keep Warm” mode. You can set the keep warm temperature by turning knob. During the working process, if you press the “ON/OFF” button, it will stop working. For above functions, if you press the “ON/OFF” button during the working process, it will stop working and enter the standby mode.


  1.  Please unplug the power and wait for it to cool down before cleaning.
  2.  Never immerse this product and just wipe it with a rag.


GROWNSY Baby Formula Dispenser Baby Instant Warmer User Manual


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