HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers FEATURED

HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers User Manual


HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers

HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers

Packing list

HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers FIG 1

Product structure

Main area

HAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers FIG 2

  1. LED Monitor
  2. FM mode
  3. Bluetooth mode
  4. TF card mode
  5. AUX mode
  6. Alarm①
  7. Alarm②
  8. Power/Play/Pause
  9. Mode switch
  10. VOL-/previous song
  11. VOL+/next song
  12. Temperature sensor
  13. Brightness/ Tem. Degree display switch
    Extra areaHAVIT M3 Bluetooth Speakers FIG 3
  14. Setup button
  15. Left section
  16. Right section
  17. AUX input
  18. Charging indicator
  19. micro-USB charging port
  20. TF-card slot

Basic function

Power on/off

  1. Power on: press and hold power button to switch on.
  2. Power off: press and hold power button to switch off No output signal, it will turn off automatically  after 15 minutes.
    • in case all functions will be shut down.
    • in case the alarm clock will be last, press the power  button to activate other function.

Bluetooth pairing

  1. The Bluetooth signal will flash after turning on this device. Select HAVIT M3 from the Bluetooth list for pairing.
  2. The M3 speaker will connect the last pairing device automatically after turning on.


  • Play/pause : Press the play/pause button
  • Previous song : Press & hold -《/ button
  • Next song : Press & hold +/》button
  • Volume – : Press -《/ button
  • Volume +: Press +/》button


  • Answer: Press the play/pause button
  • Hang up: Press the play/pause button
  • Reject: Press & hold the play/pause button
  • Redial: Double press the play/pause button

Note: Only in Bluetooth mode.

Mode switching

  1. Default in Bluetooth mode;
  2. Insert TF card or AUX connection state, the default is TF card mode or AUX mode. Short press mode switching button to switch mode;
  3. Double press the mode-switching button to TWS  mode, you can pairing the other M3 for stereo playing;
  4. Press mode-switching button into FM mode. M3 will  search radio signals automatically, press the play/pause button to switch radio and confirm.

Alarm Clock

Time Settings
Press and hold the setup button to enter the time setting mode. Press the < or > button to adjust and short press the setup button to switch between hours and minutes. hold settings button to confirm.

Alarm Settings

There are two separate alarm clocks available. Press  the setup button to select the corresponding alarm that will be activated. At this time, the activated alarm indicator will light on.  Setup button to enter the alarm setting mode.

Press the < or > button to adjust and short press the setup button to switch between hours and minutes.

Note: Press the Setup button to disable the corresponding alarm until the display goes out.

Brightness adjustment
There are3 levels brightness could be select. Long press the brightness button to adjust it.
Note: The default brightness is 100%.

Temperature display
Press the Brightness button to display the  temperature.


  1. This product has a built-in non-removable Li-battery. Charging via micro-USB input.
  2. The charging rate are 5V /1A. Do not use a charger of more than 5V /1A.
  3. The indicator lights when M3 is charging. Red light are off when it is fully charged.


  • A. Please choose the charger certified by the regular manufacturer.
  • B. The battery performance may decrease as repeating charging and using the speaker. It is a normal status for all rechargeable batteries.


  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Input voltage:DC5V/1A
  • Maximum power: 3W
  • Battery: 3.7V/ 2200mAh
  • Charging time: about 6 hours
  • Audio input: AUX, Bluetooth, Micro SD, FM Radio
  • Support: TWS, voice chat
  • Product size:ø145*68.5*54.4MM
  • Netweight:305g
  1. Please follow the instruction to operate
  2. PLS charge the product with input power below 5V/1A,4 order to protect the battery;
  3. Please do not use this product in the near water. Do not immerse this product in any liquid or splash any  liquid on this product.
  4. Please store or use the product in a normal  temperature environment.
  5. PLS keep the product from heat source, such as radiators, hot air regulators, stoves, or other heat generating instruments. As it is not anti high temperature.
  6. Don’t jam the ports of the product, such as charger port, LED port and microphone etc..
  7. In order to protect your hearing and extend the speaker service life, it is not recommended to adjust  the volume to the maximum level for a long time.

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