Majority Belford FM Portable Radio User Manual


Majority Belford FM Portable Radio User Manual


Parts Description


  1. Radio Frequency Scale
  2. Tuning Control
  3. Off/AM/FM Switch
  4. Volume Control
  5. Earphone Jack
  6. Charging Port
  7. Telescopic Antenna
  8. TUNE Light
  9. ON/CHARGE Light
  10. Hand Strap
  11. Speaker Grill
  12. EVA Non-Slip Feet


Select the FM or AM function to power on, select OFF function to power off. Tune to your desired radio station with the Tuning Control. Use control slowly to achieve best range of station reception being picked up. Optimum station signal is achieved when the TUNE light turns green. To enhance the reception and signal strength for FM stations, extend the Telescopic Antenna fully. The AM antenna is positioned inside the radio, to enhance the reception for
an AM station reposition the radio until an optimal signal strength is achieved. Charge the device using supplied micro-USB cable, connected to power source. The “red light” is on during charging, and the “green light” is on after full charge achieved. Full charge is achieved within 5 hours. When the battery is low and runs to zero, the device will shut down. If you do not use the unit for a long time, charge it at least once a month to protect the battery and extend its life. Earphone jack will accept standard 3.5mm audio connection.

NOTE: Once the earphone is inserted, the speaker will be muted automatically. To use the support clip, pull the clip outwards to extended position. Push clip back to close


  • MODEL : Majority Belford

RANGE ( UK ) :

  • AM: 522-1620 KHZ
  • FM: 88-108 MHZ

RANGE ( US ) :

  • AM: 520-1710 KHZ
  • FM: 88-108 MHZ
  • SPEAKER: Φ66 mm, 4Ω,
  • EARPHONE JACK: Φ>3.5mm
  • The cycle life of the battery: ≥300 times
  • Integrated rechargeable battery: 2200mA (3.7V)
  • Batteries SIZE : 100(H) x 190(W)x 52(T)mm
  • WEIGHT: 379 g (with battery ) USB charging cable DV 5V with Micro socket


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