You are currently viewing Origin-Storage OSDOCK USB-3 Station User Manual

Origin-Storage OSDOCK USB-3 Station User Manual


Origin-Storage OSDOCK USB-3 Station User Manual


Installing the Driver

CAUTION: DO NOT connect the docking Station to a computer before installing the provided driver.

  •  The following strings and screenshots may vary slightly from each operating system.
  •  Windows 7 must be upgraded to SP1 or later.®

Windows OS

  1.  Please download the driver for your device: origin-drivers.
  2.  Click Run Setup.exe to execute the installer program. Wait for the program to install the drivers.
  3.  Click Finish to complete the installation.


  •  If the Auto Play does not start automatically, locate and double click on the Setup.exe file in the driver folder to launch the setup.
  • Enter the administrator password and click Yes, if a User Account Control dialog box is prompted.
  •  For some Windows Operating Systems, the driver will automatically be installed. If you need to install the driver manually, follow the instructions above.

Mac OS

  1. Please download the driver for your device: origin-drivers.
  2.  If the License agreement is prompted, click Continue to start the driver installation.
  3. Click Restart to finish installing the software.

Making the Connection

  1. Connect the Docking Station to a DVI monitor (Dual Display Docking Station to a HDMI or/and DVI monitor) and a computer. The screen may temporarily go black or flash during this process.
  2. Connect the USB peripherals, such as Ethernet, speaker and microphone to the corresponding connectors.

Multi-monitor Configuration

An extra DVI monitor can be connected through the Docking Station (HDMI and DVI monitors for Dual Display Docking Station) if one monitor is already connected to the PC directly. Once the extra monitor is connected, it can be configured to use either “Mirror mode” ,“Extended mode” or be the Primary display. Position the mouse anywhere on the Windows Desktop, right click and select Display Settings on Windows 10, Screen Resolution on Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows® 8.1, Personalize > Display Settings on Windows ® Vista or Properties > Settings on Windows® XP.


Alternatively, click utility icon in the Windows System Tray, and then select Display Link Manager or Video Setup.


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