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SE Electronics V7 V3 Stage Mics User Manual


SE Electronics V7 V3 Stage Mics User Manual

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Thank you

We would like to thank you cordially for choosing this sE microphone! This manual contains some important instructions for setting up and operating your new equipment. Please take a few minutes to read the instructions below carefully. We hope you will enjoy working with it as much as we enjoyed designing and building it for you.

Brief Description

The V7 and V3 are dynamic hand-held microphones ideal for vocal applications on the stage. Thanks to their well-balanced, neutral sound, they also allow the capture of nearly any source from electric guitar cabinets to brass instruments, drums to choir, and more – both in the studio and on the stage. The robust all-metal construction, stainless spring steel mesh grille and gold-plated XLR contacts ensure durability and reliability with no corrosion for many years. Proven Neodymium magnets, tight production tolerances and high workmanship ensure excellent sensitivity, high-end sound quality and superb consistency. The red internal windscreen efficiently reduces unwanted wind noise and plosive pops. (And just in case you prefer a black windscreen, we have also included one as a standard accessory for you.)

V7 only:
Thanks to its innovative, specialized aluminum voice coil, the V7 delivers a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures your voice in the most natural way you’ve ever heard on stage – and makes your sound engineer’s job easier than ever. With its super-cardioid pattern, the sophisticated capsule design also helps isolate your voice or instrument from other sound sources on the stage – efficiently reducing stage bleed from other instruments and ensuring high gain before feedback. The capsule’s unique, patented suspension also helps eliminate handling noise, footfall noise and any rumble.

What’s in the box

Your packaging should contain the follow items. If anything is missing, please contact your sE Electronics dealer and let them know.

  • V7 / V3 microphone
  • microphone stand clip
  • thread adapter
  • black internal windscreen
  • pouch

Tips for practical use

Point the microphone directly towards the sound source as much as possible to get a dry, direct sound and high gain before feedback. The closer the distance from the microphone to the source, the more bass you’ll get (“proximity effect”). Use this to your advantage when you want it, and be aware of it when you don’t. The fewer microphones you are using on the stage the better. Use just one microphone per source to minimize to risk feedback. Make sure the microphone is positioned behind the PA speakers to reduce the risk of feedback. If several microphones are necessary (e.g. choir miking) apply the 3:1 rule: The distance between the microphones should be at least three times the distance of each microphone to its source.

Safety and maintenance

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Risk of damage
Please make sure that the piece of equipment to which your microphone will be connected fulfils the safety regulations enforced in your country and is fitted with a ground lead.

Cleaning the microphone
After every use, clean the microphone with a dry, soft cloth tissue and store it in a solid case or a zipper pouch.

Technical Specifications

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In case you are experiencing any problems or have any questions regarding your SE product, please contact your dealer first for the fastest and more direct service. If an authorized service is required, it will be arranged by that dealer:
If you still have difficulties with support or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:
Lastly, remember to register your new gear to extend your warranty to a full three years:


Feel free to contact us:
sE Electronics International, Inc.
PO Box 1049
6 Beach Road
CA 94920
Our international distributors and sales representatives:

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This product conforms to the standards listed in the Declaration of Conformity. Please contact us if you want to order a free copy of the Declaration of Conformity Technical data subject to change without notice.



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