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Serenelife SLPRWAS23 Pressure Washer Manual


Serenelife SLPRWAS23 Pressure Washer Manual

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Appliance is leaking

Slight leakage from the appliance pump is normal. lf the leakage increases contact the authorized customer service.

In order to prevent accidents or injuries, keep in mind the weight of the appliance, and pull out the telescopic rod (max length 410mm) when selecting a storage location for it.

Storing the appliance

  1. Park the machine on an even surface.
  2. Press the disconnect on the trigger gun and remove the high-pressure hose from the trigger gun.
  3. Push the casing of the coupling for the high-pressure hose toward the rear and disconnect the high-pressure hose from the appliance.
  4. Insert the trigger gun into the holder.
  5. Stow away the mains cable, the high-pressure hose, and accessories on the appliance.

Prior to extended storage periods, as during the winter, also observe the instructions in the care section.

General Information

This high-pressure washer is designed for domestic use only:

  1. To clean cars, motorbikes, caravans, and bicycles.
  2. To clean patios, fences, garden walls, pathways, driveways, and house facades, particularly useful for cleaning the blocked driveway.
  3. Remove algae and moss from roofs, brickwork, and guttering.
  4. Clean garden tools and machinery, furniture, and barbecues.
  5. To clean the hygienic animal pens and their surrounding area. With accessories, replacement parts, and detergents approved by the factory. Observe the instructions provided with these detergents. The packing material can be recycled. Please do not place the packaging into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but arrange for the proper recycling. Old appliances contain valuable materials that can be recycled. Please arrange for the proper recycling of old appliances. Please dispose of your old appliances using appropriate collection systems. Read symbols in the operating instructions

Immediate danger can cause severe injury or even death. Warning: a possibly hazardous situation that could lead to severe injury or even death. Caution: a possibly hazardous situation that could lead to mild injury to persons or damage to property. The high-pressure washer may not be directed at persons, animals, live electrical equipment, or the appliance itself. Protect the appliance against frost.

Working with detergent

Use detergent when cleaning. Remove the lid from the detergent bottle and press the detergent bottle into the detergent (pic D). Notes: The device is under low pressure when using detergent and pulling out the spray lance. Release the lever on the trigger gun, lock the lever on the trigger gun, and insert the spray lance into the trigger gun when interrupting operation.

Finish Operation

  1. Turn off the tap.
  2. Press the lever on the trigger gun to release any remaining pressure and water in the system.
  3. Pull out the main plug.
  4. Store the water hose and high-pressure hose.

Maintenance and Care

Turn off the appliance and remove the mains plug prior to any care and maintenance work. Prior to longer periods of storage, pull out the filter in the detergent bottle and clean it under running water. Pull out the filter in the water connection and clean under running water (pic I). Use the needle to clean the residue (pic L).

Water Supply
Impurities in the water can damage the high-pressure pump and accessories. All high-pressure washers (except hot water systems) use cold water. The suitable water temperature is 41°F to 140°F.

Water supply from mains
Observe water supply regulations For connection values, use a bre-reinforced water hose (not included) with a standard coupling, normally the length is 5m, connect the water hose to the appliance and water supply.

  1. Open the water tap
  2. Unlock the lever on the trigger gun
  3. Pull on the lever of the trigger gun
  4. Turn on the appliance (pic F ON: open OFF: close)

Dry runs lasting longer than two minutes lead to damage to the high-pressure pump. If the appliance does not build up pressure within two minutes, switch it off and proceed as instructed in the Chapter “Troubleshooting”. The trigger gun is subjected to recoil force when the water washer is discharged. Make sure that you have a firm footing and are also holding the trigger gun and spray lance only. The spray lance has two main settings stream and fan for easy cleaning (pic H).

Safety instruction

  1. Never touch the mains plug and the socket with wet hands.
  2. The appliance must not be used if the power cord or important parts of the appliance, e.g. high-pressure hoses, trigger guns or safety devices are damaged. Please arrange for it to be replaced immediately by an authorised repair agent or a skilled electrician.
  3. The appliance may not be used in areas where a risk of explosion is present.
  4. The high-pressure washer must not be directed at other persons or directed by the user at him/herself to clean clothing or footwear.
  5. if the appliance is used in hazardous areas (e.g. filling stations) all of the safety provisions and operating instructions detailed in this manual must be observed.
  6. Never use the appliance to clean objects containing hazardous substances.
  7. Vehicle tyres or tyre valves are susceptible to damage from the high-pressure washer and may burst. The first indication of this is a discolouration of the tyre. Damaged vehicle tyres/tyre valves are highly dangerous. Ensure that a distance of at least 30 cm is observed when cleaning with the washer.
  8. Risk of explosion. Do not spray flammable liquids. Never draw in fluids containing solvents or undiluted acids. This includes petrol, paint thinner and heating oil. The spray mist thus generated is highly flammable, explosive and poisonous. Do not use acetone, undiluted acids or solvents as they are damaging to the materials from which the appliance is made.
  1. Do not use the machine if the persons nearby do not wear a safety protection device.
  2. Wear protective clothing and safety goggles to protect against splashback containing water or dirt.
  3. Create stability for the appliance prior to all work on or with the appliance to prevent accidents or damage. The stability of the appliance is warranted when it is placed on an even surface.
  4. For safety reasons, we recommend that you operate the appliance only via an earth-leakage circuit breaker (max. 30mA).
  5. Make sure that the power cord or extension cables are not damaged by running over, pinching, dragging or similar. Protect the power cable from heat, oil, and sharp edges.
  6. Never leave the appliance unattended when it is in operation.



Serenelife SLPRWAS23 Pressure Washer Manual

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