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Serenelife SLBSP10 Portable Speakers Manual


Serenelife SLBSP10 Portable Speakers Manual

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In order to achieve the best performance of your product, please read this instruction manual carefully before using it, and keep it for future reference.

This unit may be submitted to changes in specifications, characteristics, and/or operation without prior notice to the user, in order to continue improving and developing its technology.

Packing list

Upon opening the package, please check for the following items:

  • 1 x Speaker
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Audio cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x strap

Product Overview

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  1. DC input
  2. USB Slot
  3. AUX-IN Slot
  4. TF/MicroSD Card Slott
  5. BT Indicator/Aux-in Indicator/Battery Indicator
  6. Power ON/OFF Switch
  7. Mode Button (Switch BT, USB disk, Micro TF, FM, and Aux-in state)
  8. Previous track/ Volume Down Button
  9. Play/Pause
  10. Next track/Volume Up Button

There are two ways to charge the speaker

  1. Plug the charging cable into the speaker and connect to another USBC power source like PC/MAC, etc.
  2. Use the AC adapter to charge. Please turn off the speaker when charging.


USB, TF, AUX-IN, Blue-connect, rechargeable battery, Volume+/-, Play/Pause, Previous/Next track.

Connecting BT
connection Slide the power key to the ON position The speaker BT-connect indicator will flash in blue Search the BT device on your cellphone, and select “SERENE LIFE” in the list BT indicator will stop flashing after the speaker is linked to the cellphone.

Connect to audio from the cellphone/Pad/Computer/ Notebook/DVD/CD etc.
Plug one end of the audio cable into the speaker and the other end into a cellphone or other audio device.

FM Radio
Press the “ M ” button to enter FM, the BT indicator will flash blue slowly. Press the Play/Pause button to start channel auto-searching, the BT indicator will flash blue rapidly. Press the Play/Pause button again to pause searching, and the BT indicator will flash blue slowly. Press the “ M ” button again to exit the FM radio, the BT indicator will flash blue rapidly and BT is ready to pair. Under playing mode, short press: the “Play/pause” button to auto-search the FM Channel and store it automatically. Press the Previous or Next button to change the stored FM channel.


  • If unable to turn on the speaker Make sure the battery is full and the battery indicator light is on.
  • Unable to connect to a BT-enabled device Make sure that the device is in BT mode, and is within 10 meters from the speaker. Ensure that neither the speaker nor the device is blue-connected to any other devices.
  • No sound was heard The volume is at its lowers, please turn up the volume.
  • The button doesn’t work Please press the button longer
  • The speaker has no response Please power off and try again.


  • Power output: 5W
  • Input: DC 5V
  • Drivers: 3” Full Range +1 inch
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Transmission Distance: 10m
  • Dimension: (WxHxD):136 x 136 x 250 mm


wireless BLUETOOTH: A excessive end boombox stereo speaker that has wireless Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity at a range of 35ft. will be able to hook up with any outside device with Bluetooth compatibility such as iPhones, android, smartphones, laptops, and so on.
AUXILIARY INPUTS: aside from the wireless connection, this portable speaker additionally has 3.5mm aux input, USB, and micro SD slots that could guide MP3 or WMA files. It also has a radio machine to connect to FM or AM.

PORTED ENCLOSURE designconstructed with rugged and sturdy housing enclosure however nonetheless lightweight, so this increased field blaster may be taken everywhereconstructed with a ported enclosure layout for excellent bass response.
seen BUTTONS: complete with handy electricity on and off switch, play or pause, preceding/next buttons, and FM button control center. This player is wonderful for iPhone, homebirthday celebration use, and more.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The battery will genuinely ultimate length with its 1800mAh potential. It also boasts a digital surround sound amplifier, has 1” speaker drivers, and a three” subwoofer to gain that complete range stereo sound system reproduction.


The SereneLife Compact Bluetooth Boombox – transportable Radio Stereo system, built-in Rechargeable Battery, MP3/USB/Micro SD/FM Radio – wireless & excessive-Powered Boombox Stereo Speaker

– Bluetooth for track Streaming ability – integrated Rechargeable Battery – Digital Sound Amplifier – FM Radio with Button manipulate center – MP3 digital Audio record guide – USB Flash & Micro SD Memory Card Readers – Aux (three.5mm) input Jack – the capability to attach external devices – complete range Stereo Sound duplicate – Ported Enclosure design for astonishing Bass response – Sound machine: 3’’ Subwoofer + 1’’ Speaker driver – Rugged & long-lasting Housing Enclosure – Bluetooth Connectivity: – instantly flow tune from your gadgets – Works with all your favored Bluetooth devices.



Serenelife SLBSP10 Portable Speakers Manual

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