Tecknet EGH01928GA01 Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset User Manual


Tecknet EGH01928GA01 Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset User Manual


Products Overview


Product Description

  • Channel  7.1 Channels Power(Max)  55mW
  • Mic Pattern Omnidirectional Speaker Diameter φ50mm
  • Colour Grey Charging Port USB
  • Frequency Range 20Hz-20,000Hz Cable Length 2.2m
  • Speaker Impedance 32Ω±5 Windows95/98/2000 /ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Sensitivity -42±3dB Applicable System


  • Plug the USB cable of the gaming headset into the PC or tablet.
  • The gaming headset will turn on when the light is on green
  • Enjoy the games or music normally
  • Headphones do not need to be driven, support hot plug


  • When the gaming headset is connected to a PC or tablet (LED turns green), you can start talking to other people in the game.
  • You can adjust the position of the microphone to achieve the best performance

Volume Adjustment 

  • Adjust the sound of the headset by scrolling the volume adjustment dial.


NOTE Do not adjust the volume to the maximum to protect the your hearing

Software Download:

  • Login to: www.tecknetonline.com/support/Gaming/EGH01928.zip
  • Download the software to your PC or tablet
  • Double click “TECKNETAudioControlSetup”, install the software.
  • Restart you PC or tablet after the installation is finished, then the software can be used.


  • EQ Mode-Sound balance adjuster
  • EQ On: Open or close the EQ mode
  • 3D On: Open or close the 3D Sound effect
  • Reset:Reset settings
  • Effects Mode- Preset scene mode
  • 4 scene modes :Theater, Bathroom, Living Room, Corridor


  • Mic Mode – Adjusts the volume of microphone
  • Virtual 7.1 Mode– 7.1 Virtual setting
  • Virtual 7.1:Open 7.1 Virtual setting
  • CCW: Anticlockwise rotation
  • CW: Clockwise rotation
  • Reset:Reset settings

You can manually adjust the position of all channels:C/L/Ls/Lb/Rb/Rs/R/Sub



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