Fitpolo IDW15 Smart Sports Watch User Manual


Fitpolo IDW15 Smart Sports Watch User Manual



  • Screen display area
  • Function button
  • Pressure relief hole
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Front side
  • Back side


Getting started

  1. Open the package and check its content.
  2. Charge the watch to activate and turn it on before first use. To charge, simply connect the magnetic charging cable to the charging contacts located on the back of the watch.
  3. Search for “very fit” on the App Store, Google Play or scan the QR code to download and install the app.
  4. Log in to the app and set your personal information, as well as your step and weight goals.
  5. On the “Device” interface, tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner, your phone starts searching. From the device list found, choose your smart watch name to pair with. You may also link the device directly by scanning the device’s QR code using the scan function.



  1.  The watch will automatically record your data.
  2. You can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen and stress level on the watch, or turn on automatic measurement of heart rate, blood oxygen, stress level and sleep on the app to track these data the whole day. You can manually or make the watch automatically monitor your health status continuously.


  1.  Start “very fit”,enable the Bluetooth feature, and grant the GPS positioning permission;
  2. Light up the bracelet screen and bring it close to your phone;
  3.  Click the “+” icon on the App, and select the smart watch model in the search results to bind;
  4. Confirm the binding request on the smart watch;
  5.  Fill in your information and set your step goal on the App to complete the binding.

Basic Operations


  1. Wear the watch correctly: ensure that your watch is at least one finger above your wrist bone and that the sensor on the back touches your skin.
  2. Screen operation: IDW15 has a full touch screen, which supports operations including short tap, swipe left/right and swipe up/down.
  3. Button operation: IDW15 has a physical button; which supports “short press” and “long press” operations.
    • Short press: to return tohomepage/pause exercise.
    • Long press: for 2 seconds to turn on the watch when it is off; to turn on Alexa when the watch is on.

Function Description

Watch face
The watch comes with 3 watch faces by default. You can switch between them manually on the watch or on the very fit app’s watch face settings. You can also customize the watch face on the app. More watch faces are available for download from the “Watch Face Market”.


  •  Up to 20 exercise types can be displayed by default: Outdoor run , Indoor run , Outdoor walk , Indoor walk , Hiking , Outdoor cycle , Indoor cycle , Cricket , Pool swim , Open water swim , Yoga , Rower, Dance , Rower , Elliptical, Workout , HIIT, Functional strength training, Core training , Pilates , Cool down , Dance. On the very fit app, you can add or delete the exercise types or change their order displayed on the watch. There are a total of 100 exercise types to choose from on the app.


  • IDW15 supports intelligent exercise recognition. It can recognize whether the user is running/walking. It supports automatically pausing an exercise or reminding when an exercise ends. This feature can be turned on/off on the app.
  • IDW15’s summary of exercise contains various exercise data, which can be checked on the very fit app.
  • You can view your recent exercise records on the watch, including detailed data about your exercise; you can also view the exercise records on the APP.


Application list
When the watch face interface is displayed, short press the physical button to access the application list, which is displayed respectively from top to bottom: Activity,Phone,Alexa,Workout,Workout Records,Heart Rate,SpO2, Stress, Sleep, Breathe, Clock(Alarm ,Stopwatch ,Timer),Weather, Cycle Tracking, Music ,Camera Control ,Find phone,Settings.


Very Fit App-Alexa


  1. App can click the amazon Alexa area to enter the login tutorial interface.
  2. Jump to the Amazon dedicated Alexa account login interface for account binding authorization.
  3. Fitpolo-IDW15-Smart-Sports-Watch-User-Manual-Image-7After binding authorization, you can view part of the operation introduction and set different national languages;
  4. Click the log out button to log out of Alexa, you can log in again at any time.



  1. The watch is Alexa built-in. On Listening interface, if you ask a question or say a voice command, it turns to Thinking interface and returns an answer or executes the command. Currently via Alexa you can turn on the stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown, event reminder services on the watch.
  2. A corresponding prompt is displayed in case the request is timed out, the voice is not recognized, the account is not logged in, the network connection is unstable, or the Bluetooth is not connected.



  1. You can add up to 10 frequent contacts to your watch through the app, then call these contacts on your watch.
  2. You can view recent call history on your watch and call the numbers displayed in the call history.
  3. You can make calls through the watch’s dialer

Heart Rate


  1. You can manually measure the heart rate on the watch. In the APP settings, you can turn on/off the intelligent around-the-clock monitoring of the heart rate, or view the heart data.
  2. Each time heart rate is measured, keep your arm and wrist still and wait patiently until the measurement finishes.



  1. You can manually measure stress on the watch. In addition, the watch supports automatic around-the-clock stress monitoring. In the APP settings, you can turn on/off this function, or view the stress data.
  2. Each time stress is measured, keep your arm and wrist still and wait patiently until the measurement finishes.



You can view the most recent sleep record and sleep status at each stage.

 Reminder module


Control center

Control center gives you an easy way to turn on functions such as Do Not Disturb, raise to Wake, set the screen brightness, find my phone, turn your watch into a flashlight,etc.



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