Forever SB-130 Forfit Smart Bracelet User Manual

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Forever SB-130 Forfit Smart Bracelet User Manual



Thank you for purchasing a product by Forever. Before use, please refer to the User’s manual, and save it for future reference. Do not disassemble the device on your own – all repairs should be done by a service technician. Use only original parts and accessories provided by the manufacturer. The device should not be exposed directly to water, moisture, sunlight, fire or other heat sources. We hope that the product by Forever fulfills your expectations.


  •  heart rate monitor
  • multi sport (walk, running, climbing, bicycles)
  •  pedometer
  • distance
  • calories
  • stopwatch
  •  camera control
  •  notifications
  •  objectives
  •  alarm clock
  • blood pressure and oxygenation
  • messages memory
  •  phone tracking

Connecting the bracelet & Disconnect

Connecting the bracelet with a smartphone

  1. Activate Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  2. Open the application and create a new profile, and then log in.
  3. Enter “Profile” tab and enter your personal data, such as gender, date of birth, height and weight.
  4.  Then, enter the “Device” tab and click “Search” button. Select“SB-130” model from the list of devices
  5. Wait for connection.
  6. After connecting, date will be synchronized, and the time and date set in line with the smartphone.

Disconnecting the bracelet from a smartphone

  1. Open the application.
  2.  Select “Disconnect device” in “Device” tab, and then confirm your choice.
  3.  Enter Bluetooth settings in your smartphone and select forget this device (only for iOS system)


Information regarding data collected during a selected day, such as: steps, distance, burnt calories, sleep, heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygenation.

This tab allows you to activate measurement of one of four selected sports: walk, running, bicycle, climbing. You may also view the history of collected data by clicking an icon in the upper right corner.


  • Calls: enable or disable notifications regarding incoming calls
  • SMS notifications: enable or disable notifications regarding received SMS messages
  •  Notifications: enable or disable notifications from particular applications
  •  Alarm clock: Set the time and days on which the alarm clock will be activated
  • No activity: Set a remainder about lack of activity
  • Remote camera: Click to take a photo using a bracelet


  • My profile: set the profile photo, name, gender, date of birth, weight, height or change password
  • Steps objective: set the target number of steps you want to achieve
  • Units: select metric or imperial units of measurement
  • Google Fit: Enable or disable synchronization with Google Fit
  • Help: Information that is helpful in troubleshooting
  • Version: Application version


To charge the bracelet, take it out from the band, and then connect it to any USB port observing the directions of the connectors.

Download and install “Forever Smart” application from Google Play or App Store.

Bracelet Menu

Press the function button to switch between particular functions. Press and hold the function button to confirm the selected function.



  1. Current time, date, Bluetooth connection status, battery state (hold the function button to change the main screen) Number of steps made in a given day (set correct data in the profile to make the number of steps as precise as possible)
  2. Distance covered in a given day
  3. Number of burnt calories in a given day
  4. Training mode: press and hold the function button to proceed to selection of one of the sports, and then confirm the start.
  5. Pulse measurement
  6. Blood pressure measurement
  7. Blood oxygenation measurement
  8. Recently received notifications
  9. Settings:
    •  Stopwatch
    •  Find the phone
    • Bluetooth name
    •  Turn off
    •  Reset


  •  Display : 0.96’’ 160*80
  • Stand by time : up to 15 days
  • Water-proof : IP67
  •  Battery : 90 mAh
  • Weight : 20 g
  • Band length : 240 mm
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Compatibility : Android >/ 5.1/iOS >/8.0


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