Tiger JFM Stainless Thermal Jar User Manual

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Tiger JFM Stainless Thermal Jar User Manual




Please read the following safeguards before you start using this product. In order to prevent personal injuries and/or damages to the product, please understand and follow all the instructions:

  • Never store the following items:
  • Dry Ice, carbonated drinks, etc.
  • These items may increase the internal pressure, which makes the lid hard to open or causes the contents to spew out of the jar.
  • Salty items such as miso soup and other kinds of soup, Highly alkaline items such as alkali ion water. These items may damage, discolor or corrode the jar.
  • Keep this product away from any heat sources such as burners and heaters.
  • High heat may deform or discolor the resins of the jar.
  • Keep this product away from the reach of children. Careless contact with this product may result in personal injuries such as burn.
  • Do not sit or place heavy objects on this product.
  • Heavy weight may damage or deform the jar.
  • Close the lid securely.
  • Loose lid may cause the contents to spill out.
  • When moving this product, hold the handles tightly and lift off the surface. Do not slide the jar.
  • Sliding may damage the jar or cause it to malfuntion.
  • Avoid knocking down or dropping this product; never subject it to severe impacts. The contents may spill out as a result of such incidents.
  • After use, empty the jar and clean the jar interior thoroughly with sponge.
  • Food residue may corrode the jar interior.
  • Do not immerse this product in water or place it under running water.
  • Moisture trapped in the inner parts of this product may cause rusting.
  • Do not leave rice in the jar for a long period of time.
  • It may corrode the jar.
  • Do not use any solvents, cleanser, bleach, wire scourer or chemically-treated cloth on this product.
  • These substances or objects may damage the jar or cause it to rust or malfunction.




  • Stackable Design
    Tiger Stainless Jar’s unique design allows you to stack one jar on top of another (same models). It lets you use your precious space very efficiently when you require using more than one jar.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
    Tiger Stainless Jar utilizes high-performance insulating materials such as rigid urethane foam in the jar structure and styrene foam in the lid. It keeps rice warm for five to six hours preserving its just-cooked freshness.
  • Absorbent Dew Collector
    Excess moisture is absorbed in the dew collector installed on the inner lid of the lid, preventing the rice inside from becoming sticky.



Before You Use for the First Time


Before you use this product for the first time or after a long period of non-use, please clean the jar following the instructions in “Care & Maintenance” section of this manual.


  • Install Dew Collector on Inner Lid.
  • Without the dew collector, excess moisture forms dews on the inner lid, which drop onto the rice every time you open the lid, making the rice stickier.
  • Put freshly-cooked rice into Jar.
  • Warming the jar interior before you place rice will keep the rice warmer for a longer period.
  • This product is designed for plain rice. If you need to store salty or vinegared food, thoroughly clean the jar after use.
  • Do not add cold rice to the warm rice in the jar or leave a rice scoop inside. It often alters the flavor of the rice inside.
  • Close Lid – Keeping rice warm and fresh.
  • This product will keep the rice inside warm and fresh for five to six hours.
  • Plan to consume the rice within that time period; otherwise the rice may lose its fresh flavor.



  • Store freshly-cooked rice before it gets cold.
  • The secret is to store freshly-cooked rice and as much rice as possible.
    Close the lid tightly.
  • Loose lid may cause the rice inside to dry, discolor and/or smell unpleasantly.
  • Make sure to close the lid tightly every time.
  • In order to preserve the heat inside, keep the lid on and closed tightly all the time except when serving the rice, which should be done quickly.
  • Do not add cold rice to the warm rice inside.
  • Do not leave a rice scoop inside.
  • These actions may result in unpleasant smell, dryness, discoloration of the rice and/or corroding of the jar interior.



  • Use mild dishwashing detergent only.
  • Always keep all the components of this product clean including the inner lid, dew collector, dew collector holder and jar interior.
  • Insufficient cleaning may result in corrosion and/or odor.

Jar Body Lid

  • Wipe with tightly-wrung cloth.
  • Dew Collector Holder Wash with soft sponge and wipe off moisture with dry cloth
  • Use warm water. Hot water may deform the holder..

Jar Interior

  • Wipe with tightly wrung cloth.
  • When cleaning, do not place other objects such as dishes and utensils in the jar.
  • If rust forms on the surface, remove it with sponge scourer or powder cleanser. (Clean thoroughly and dry completely after every use to avoid rusting.)

Dew Collector

  • Hand-wash lightly. Rinse well if detergent is used.
  • Dew collector is an expendable part. It will wear in time as you continue to use this product. Please contact your dealer for replacement. (Worn or soiled dew collector may cause odor.)



Rice Capacity
Jar Size
Insulation Efficiencyl
(Liters – Approx.)
Over 76°C
Over 78°C

  • Rice Capacity: Amount of rice that can be stored in the jar for keeping warm.
  • Insulation Efficiency: Water temperature measured in the following manner:
  • Room Temperature: 20°C+2°C
  • Fill the container with boiling water.
  • When the water temperature reaches at 95°C$1°C, close the lid that is provided with the product.
  • Measure the water temperature after six hour.



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