Vaddio 998-9300-002 Ceiling Mounting Kit User Manual

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Vaddio 998-9300-002 Ceiling Mounting Kit User Manual


Figure 1:
Ceiling Pendant Mount Kit with 1-½” NPT Pipe Adapter Flange Vaddio Part # 998-9300-002

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 5” (12.7cm) x 5” (12.7cm) x 2” (5.08cm)

Figure 2:
Exploded View – Components of the Ceiling Pendant Mount Kit

Carefully remove all of the parts from the packaging. Unpack and identify the following parts:

  • A) One (1) Ceiling Bracket
  • B) One (1) Mounting Flange with 1-½ ” NPT Adapter (2” tall)
  • C) Four (4) Pan-Head Screws, ¼”-20 x ½


  1. Carefully unpack the box, inspect contents for damage, and verify that all components are included.
  2. Remove the (4) ¼” – 20 screws (C) and set aside.
  3. Mount the ceiling bracket (a) to the ceiling using the appropriate fasteners (not supplied) for the mounting surface. If using the ceiling bracket outdoors seal the holes in the back of the box from inside and outside using silicone chalk (with a 20-year rating).
  4. If using a conduit, attach ¾” conduit to the box. If the conduit is outdoors, the conduit and connector must be watertight. Route cabling into the box and pull enough cable length to reach into the dome housing.
  5. Replace the mounting flange (B). If using the ceiling mount outdoors, run a bead of the silicone sealant to seal the box from moisture. Install the ¼” – 20 screws (C) and tighten firmly.
  6. The mounting adapter fits a 1-½” NPT pipe (not supplied). Install the 1-½” NPT pipe between the mount and the pendant dome enclosure.
  7. Refer to the housing instruction sheet to complete the installation.

The information contained in this manual will help you install your Vaddio DomeVIEW product. If these instructions are misplaced, Vaddio keeps copies of Specifications, Installation and User Guides, and most pertinent product drawings for the Vaddio product line on the website. These documents can be downloaded from free of charge.


Hardware* Warranty
One-year limited warranty on all parts. Vaddio warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the day of purchase if Vaddio receives notice of such defects during the warranty. They will, at its option, repair or replace products that prove to be defective.

The above warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance by the customer, customers applied software or interfacing, unauthorized modifications or misuse, operation outside the normal environmental specifications for the product, use of the incorrect power supply, or improper site operation and maintenance.

Vaddio Customer service
Vaddio will test, repair, or replace the product or products without charge if the unit is under warranty. If the product is out of warranty, Vaddio will test and then repair the product or products. The cost of parts and labor charges will be estimated by a technician and confirmed by the customer before repair. All components must be returned for testing as a complete unit. Vaddio will not accept responsibility for shipment after it has left the premises.

Vaddio Technical support 
Vaddio technicians will determine and discuss with the customer the criteria for repair costs and/or replacement. Vaddio Technical Support can be contacted through one of the following resources: e-mail support at or online at

Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

Before returning a product for repair or replacement request an RMA from Vaddio’s technical support. Provide a technician with a return phone number, e-mail address, shipping address, and product serial numbers. Describe the reason for repairs or returns as well as the date of purchase. Include your assigned RMA number in all correspondence with Vaddio. Write your assigned RMA number on the outside of the box when returning the product.

Voided warranty 
The warranty does not apply if the original serial number has been removed or if the product has been disassembled or damaged through misuse, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repair.

Shipping and handling
Vaddio will not pay for inbound shipping transportation or insurance charges or accept any responsibility for laws and ordinances from inbound transit. Vaddio will pay for outbound shipping, transportation, and insurance charges for all items under warranty but will not assume responsibility for loss and/or damage by the outbound freight carrier. If the return shipment appears damaged, retain the original boxes and packing material for inspection by the carrier. Contact your carrier immediately.

Products not under warranty 
Payment arrangements are required before outbound shipment for all out-of-warranty products.

*Vaddio manufactures its hardware products from parts and components that are new or equivalent to new following industry-standard practices.


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