Vaddio IR Remote Commander User Instructions

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Vaddio IR Remote Commander User Instructions


Enhanced IR Remote Controller

The Vaddio IR Remote Commander was designed to work with the Vaddio camera packages based on the Vaddio HD-18, Sony® EVI-D70, EVI-D100 and BRC-300 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras. The IR Remote is compatible with the following list of Vaddio camera systems:

  • Vaddio Clear VIEW HD-18 Systems (Camera, Wall VIEW and CCU Versions)
  •  Wall VIEW™ 70 PTZ, Wall VIEW 100 PTZ, Wall VIEW 300 PTZ
  • Ceiling VIEW™ 70 PTZ and Ceiling VIEW 70 PTZ Hide Away
  •  Vaddio EZ Camera™ series Model 100 PTZ and Model 70 PTZ systems
  •  Vaddio 100 PTZ and 70 PT Z Integrator’s camera kits

The Vaddio IR Remote Commander is also a 100% compatible replacement IR remote for the Sony PTZ Cameras



Do not attempt to take the products in this system apart. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

  • Do not spill liquids on the products and keep these devices away from food and liquid
  •  For smears or smudges, wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive chemicals.


Do not store or operate the IR Remote under the following conditions for any circumstance:

  • Temperatures above 40°C (104°F) or temperatures below 0°C (32°F)
  •  High humidity, dusty, condensing or wet environments
  •  In inclement weather or under severe vibration


Hardware* Warranty 
One year limited warranty on all parts. Vaddio warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the day of purchase if Vaddio receives notice of such defects during the warranty. They will, at its option, repair or replace products that prove to be defective. See Warranty and RMA Policy documentation.

The above warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from: improper or inadequate maintenance by the customer, customers applied software or interfacing, unauthorized modifications or misuse, operation outside the normal environmental specifications for the product, use of the incorrect power supply, or improper site operation and maintenance.

Vaddio Customer service
Vaddio will test, repair, or replace the product or products without charge if the unit is under warranty. If the product is out of warranty, Vaddio will test then repair the product or products. The cost of parts and labor charge will be estimated by a technician and confirmed by the customer prior t o repair. All components must be returned for testing as a complete unit. Vaddio will not accept responsibility for shipment after it has left the premises.

Vaddio Technical support
Vaddio technicians will determine and discuss with the customer the criteria for repair costs and/or replacement. Vaddio Technical Support can be cont acted through one of the following resources: e-mail support at or online at


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