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Vaddio 535-2000-241 Thin Profile Wall Mount User Guide


Vaddio 535-2000-241 Thin Profile Wall Mount User Guide



Carefully remove the product from the packaging and identif y the foll owing parts:

  •  One (1) Thin Profile Mount for Cisco Precision 60 Camera (camera not included)
  • One (1) ¼”-20 x 3/8” Black Pan Head Mounting Screw
  •  Four (4) #8 x 1.2 5 ” Sheet Metal Screws
  •  Four (4) Self-Drilling Wall Anchors
  •  Manual


The Thin Profile Wall Mount for the Cisco Precision 60 Camera can be mounted to a 2 -gang wall electrical wall box or be mounted directly to a drywall surface with the supplied wall anchors or other spiral type wall anchors of the integrator’s choice. The slotted mounting holes are 90º opposed from top to bottom to ensure that the camera can be adjusted and mounted level. When locating the camera, consider viewing angles, lighting conditions, possible line of site obstructions and check for in-wall obstructions where the camera is to be mounted. Always pick a mounting location to optimize the performance of the camera. Dimensional drawings (DWG and PDF) are available at


This Thin Profile Wall Mount was designed, built and tested for use indoors and to support the weigh t, size and shape of the Cisco Precision 60 camera only. Using this wall mount for any other purpose could create a potentially unsafe operating condition, really.


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