Vaddio TRIO MIC I/O Interface User Manual

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Vaddio TRIO MIC I/O Interface User Manual



The Vaddio™ TRIO Mic I/O interface enables the TRIO Acoustic Echo Canceling Microphones to be used with any
professional DSP audio mixer. Connect the TRIO Ceiling or Table Mics to the TRIO Mic I/O interface and instantly make any mixer capable of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for use in conferencing applications. Like many Vaddio products, a simple Cat-5/5e/6 UT P cable connection and no clumsy software configuration makes the TRIO
microphones as simple to install as traditional boundary or ceiling microphones. The TRIO Mic I/O connects up to four TRIO Microphones over Cat-5 cables. The Cat-5 cable carries power to the microphone and returns the processed audio from the TRIO mics. The TRIO Mic I/O has four (4) individual line level balanced outputs, each representing the echo canceled audio channel from the individual TRIO mics. An Acoustical Echo Cancellation (AEC) Reference input channel is included on the rear panel for connection to the far-end audio signal coming into t he conference room. The AEC Reference channel is needed for the TRIO mic to keep the far-end audio from going into the room mics and echoing back to the far-end.

The TRIO Echo Canceling Microphones

The TRIO Microphones with Smart Mic technology add digital signal processing and echo cancellation to any professional audio mixer. TRIO mics are available in two versions:

The TRIO Table Mic Array

  •  Attractive echo cancelling table microphone
  • Three (3) mic elements providing a 360º degree pickup pattern
  • Connects to the TRIO Mic I/O with a single Cat-5 cable that carries audio and power.

The TRIO Ceiling Mic Array

  •  Small 2.5” (63.5 mm) Mic Array blends into the room
  • 360º coverage pattern created with three (3) mic elements
  •  Includes a plenum safe interface box, tile support brace and an adjustable 36” long cable to the microphone array head.
  • The TRIO Ceiling Mics (mic and cable) available in black and white. Pair the TRIO Mics with the TRIO Mic I/O interface to produce four (4) standard, balanced line level output channels and simply connect the signals to the room audio mixer. Connecting a single echo canceling reference channel from the room mixer to the TRIO Mic I/O completes the interface with any audio mixer.

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