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Safety Instruction

This user manual contains important information for safe operation and optimal megaphone  performance. Please carefully read and follow safety notes and instructions. Save this manual for future reference. Make sure that it is available to all persons using this device.


This megaphone is intended to be used only as described in this user manual. Any other use or use under other operating conditions is considered to be improper and may result in personal injury or device damage. Please use the megaphone as described and under supervision if used by children or minors.

  • Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc.
  • Never let children unattended use electrical devices.
  • Use proper polarity is observed when inserting batteries.
  • Incorrectly inserted batteries may cause damage and risk of fire.
  • Leaking batteries can cause permanent damage to the device.
  • Remove batteries if the megaphone will not be used for long periods of time.


Wireless Streaming: The built-in Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream music wirelessly, allowing you to create audio files from all modern devices. Easy to set up and connect via soft touch digital control panel Loud and clear communication: Use the radio microphone to clear your voice or press a button to activate the siren extension for emergency use The is compact and portable. : Thanks for following.

The ergonomic, lightweight grip chassis lets you take your voice changer with you wherever you go. PROFESSIONAL AND DURABLE: Durable enough to qualify for repeated use by the US Armed Forces. It’s an amp you can trust without sacrificing compatibility, performance or quality. High-power PA speaker projection with a range of 1,200 yards




Operating Instructions

Use the sliding switch to choose between the (3) PA Modes: Speak, Siren, USB/SD/BT/AUX


While in ‘Speak Mode’, speak through the microphone mouthpiece while holding the ‘PressͲ toͲ Talk’ button on the detachable handheld differential mic. The user also has the ability to use the ‘PA Talk Trigger Switch’ on the megaphone’s handheld pistol grip.


Slide the switch over to ‘Siren’ and an automatic, continuous alarm siren plays. Switch to another mode to discontinue the alarm siren play.


Slide the switch over to ‘USB/SD/BT/AUX’ to project externally connected devices or digital media files, via inserted USB Flash or SD Memory Card, through the megaphone. Adjust volume control located on the right hand side of the removable differential microphone.

Battery Insertion

Unfold the fastener clip from the lid to reveal the battery compartment.
Please see correct battery direction placement on the top side of the opening battery compartment lid. Insert batteries, close the cover and secure with fastener clip.

  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly observing correct polarity.

Bluetooth Connection

Switch the megaphone ‘ USB/SD/AUX/BT’ Mode. The megaphone’s LED indicator will then blink signaling it is ready to be paired, via Bluetooth, with your device.

The megaphone will appear as ‘HC Bluetooth’ in your Bluetooth device list. Connect to the megaphone and you will be able to instantly stream media through the megaphone’s speaker. Control your media with the previous, next, play/pause buttons.

How do you use a Pyle amplifier?
Insert the battery, close the cover and hold the clip until it closes. Note: Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly and pay attention to the correct polarity. Change the “USB/SD/AUX/BT” mode on the amplifier. The speaker’s LED will flash to indicate it is ready to pair with your device via Bluetooth.

How do I activate my bluetooth speaker?
Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Touch and hold Bluetooth. In the device list, tap the connected but not connected device. When your phone and bluetooth device are connected, “Connected”.

Why is the noise so loud?
Noise amplifies sound by increasing the noise impedance found by the vocal cords compared to the airborne impedance of the vocal cords, thereby radiating more sound energy. It can also be used to direct sound waves in the direction the horn points.

How do I enable my Pyle microphone?
Plug the Receiver into a wall outlet. Turn on the receiver using the on/off button on the front of the unit. Each of the two microphones has a switch that turns each microphone on and off and mutes it separately.

USB/SD AUX Connection

Switch the megaphone ‘ USB/SD/AUX/BT’ Mode. The megaphone’s LED indicator will then blink signaling it is ready for you to connect an AUX (3.5mm) cable, USB Flash Drive or SD Memory Card.

Connect your desired media and you will be able to instantly stream audio through the megaphone’s speaker. Control your media with the previous, next, play/pause buttons.

Overview of Pyle Pro PMP42BT
Pyle-Pro’s PYPMP42BT Bluetooth Speaker delivers 40 watts of power for clear communication indoors and outdoors. The amplifier has a wireless connection to stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or any bluetooth device. Additional accessories include USB, SD card reader and 1/8″ (3.5 mm) jack.

For ease of use and ease of use, the amplifier has an ergonomic pistol grip and a separate microphone with 1200 Code range and has a 16 hour battery life. Compatible with most Bluetooth devices including iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, Windows computers and more voice control pack 16 hours battery life (6 “D” battery, not included)

Best Features

  • High-Powered Digital Megaphone
  • Compact & Portable PA Speaker
  • Wired Handheld Microphone for Voice Projection
  • Integrated Siren Alarm Button
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming
  • MP3 Digital Audio File Playback
  • SD Card & USB Flash Memory Readers
  • Aux-Input (3.5mm) Jack
  • Connect & Stream Audio from External Devices
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Ergonomic, Light-Weight Pistol Grip Chassis
  • Perfect for Crowd Control & Public Gatherings
  • Used by U.S. Armed Forces
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use

PMP52BT Features:

  • BuiltͲ in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming
  • Works with Virtually Any Bluetooth Device
  • (iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, etc.)
  • 1,200 Yard Range
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Used by U.S. Armed Forces
  • Maximum Power Output: 50 Watt
  • SD Card & USB Flash Memory Readers
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip and LightͲ Weight Chassis
  • Batteries Required: 8 x “C” Batteries, Not Included
  • Battery Life: Up to 16 Hours
  • 6 Audio Functions Including Talk, Siren & USB/SD Modes
  • AuxͲ Input (3.5mm) Jack to Connect External Devices
  • Dimensions: Diameter 9.44” x Length 13.77”


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