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PYLE Wireless Microphone System user manual

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PYLE Wireless Microphone System

pyle wireless microphone system


Before operating please read this instruction manual carefully and thoroughly in order to understand the correct operating procedures and achieve the best results.


  • ALC circuit to eliminate distortion
  • Frequency compressing/expanding (commanding) circuitry to lower noise and increase the dynamic range.
  • Superior squelch and high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Near zero noise output when on standby.
  • Wide frequency response range and low distortion.
  • Convenient operation status indicators.
  • LED Displays.
  • Multiple HF and MF narrow band filters to eliminate interfering signals.
  • Low power consumption components to ensure longer battery life.
  • Special impact wave eliminating circuit for microphone switch.
  • Long transmitting distance of up to 240 ft. in ideal circumstances.


DUAL CHANNEL: This Pyle Pro black wireless microphone system features dual channels and wide audio response range with low distortion so you can enjoy wireless singing karaoke music and action to make your stage show last a lifetime. Stable Signal and Clear Sound: This professional portable wireless microphone set has 174~216MHz channel frequency range and high signal-to-noise ratio performance to capture voices well.

Ideal for Conferences, Meetings Personal Microphone Volume Control: Each dynamic or lapel microphone has its own volume control, so you can balance the sound as needed for karaoke that kids and adults love. Ideal for PA, Karaoke, DJ parties Easy Power Switch:

Both receiver and microphone have power on/off, receiver has LED signal indicator and two independent antennas. Use 1/4″ mono cable to connect your home to a mixer, amplifier or speaker What’s in the Box: Package includes a receiver and 2 wireless handheld dynamic transmitter microphones. This device feels like a school room for outdoor and indoor. personal use similar for church or home use.

Products with a power plug are designed for use in the United States. Power and voltage are different around the world and an adapter or converter may be required for these products to be used in your location. Please check compatibility before purchasing.


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Enjoy the simplicity of wireless PA setup with Pyle Pro speakers. Its wheels and retractable handle allow you to move it around with ease, while the rechargeable battery powers your audio. This Pyle Pro speaker system has Bluetooth compatibility so you can connect wirelessly to the sound of your smartphones, laptops and tablets.


  1. Plug the included audio cable into the receiver’s mixed output connector, and the other end into a mixer or power amplifier system. Fully extend the two antennas to the vertical position. Switch on the receiver. The POWER ON light will illuminate.
  2. Open the battery cover of the microphone and install the batteries inside the compartment properly. Replace the cover.
  3. Position the transmitter power switch to ON. The indicator light will illuminate. The microphone features a 3-way power switch. The middle position (standby) functions as a mute switch.
  4. The receiver’s corresponding channel light will illuminate, indicating reception.
  5. Adjust the volume knobs of the receiver and power amplifier.
  6. When the transmitter power indicator dims, it indicates low battery power. Replace the batteries.

Do wireless microphones need to talk?
A: The wireless microphone system does not produce sound by itself. They must be connected to the sound system. NOTE: Some “all-in-one” portable audio systems have built-in wireless receivers, so this connection has already been made. You will need a headset and transmitter and you are ready to start your lessons.

Do wireless microphones need to talk?
Which microphone has the best sound? A microphone with a frequency response in the range of 80 Hz to 15 kHz will be a good choice for a voice microphone. For snare and tom microphones, however, you’ll want to find something that starts low at around 50 Hz, and for bass drum microphones, you’ll want a low end that goes down to 30 Hz, with 40 Hz or less.

What is Pyle’s bluetooth code?
Make sure mobile bluetooth is working and start searching, connect to mobile phone when “PyleUSA” is displayed. Mobile connection does not require a password, but if prompted, enter “0000” to continue.



PYLE Wireless Microphone System fig 1

  1. Power Indicator
  2. Power Switch
  3. CH.A Volume Control
  4. CH.A/B LED Displays
  5. CH.B Volume Control
  6. CH.A/B AF Meters
  7. CH.C/D AF Meters
  8. CH.C Volume Control
  9. CH.C/D LED Displays
  10. CH.D Volume Control
    REAR PANEL OF RECEIVERPYLE Wireless Microphone System fig 2
  11. CH. C/D Antenna Connector
  12. Individual Audio Output
  13.  Mixed Audio Output
  14. CH.A/B Antenna Connector
  15. AC Power Input (voltage selectable)



  1. Grill
  2. Power Switch
  3. LED Power Indicator
  4. Mic Body
  5. Battery Compartment

PYLE Wireless Microphone System fig 3

  1. Unit does not turn on.
    • Make sure the power cable is connected properly. Check the fuse.
    • Check the voltage selector
  2. AF display moves, but there is no sound output.
    • Check volume level. Check audio cable.
    • Check the settings on your amplifier.
  3. The effective receiving distance decreases.
    • Change batteries.
    • Check for any devices that may be causing interference.
  4. Sound Quality Deteriorates
    • Change Batteries.
    • Check for any devices that may be causing interference.
    • Do not use two machines with the same frequency at the same time.

Do not open the unit. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer service to a qualified technician.


System Specifications
  1. Modulation mode:   VHF
  2. Signal to Noise Ratio: >60dB
  3. Maximum Sound Pressure Level:  >100dB
  4. Distortion: <0.5%
  5. Operating Range: Approx. 240 ft.
  1. RF Output Power:  100mW MAX
  2. Harmonic Suppression: 40dB
  3. Antenna: Built-in
  4. Power Supply:  1.5V(AA) x3
  5. Nominal Current Drain: Approx.15mA
  6. Battery Life: Approx. 12 hours
  1. RF Output Power:  100mW MAX
  2. Harmonic Suppression:  40dB
  3. Antenna: Built-in
  4. Power Supply: 1.5V(AA) x3
  5. Nominal Current Drain: Approx.15mA
  6. Battery Life: Approx. 12 hours


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