Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p IP Camera Manual product img

Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p Camera Manual


Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p Camera Manual

Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p IP Camera Manual product img

Product Structure Diagram

Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p IP Camera Manual fig 1

Don’t forget to register your camera with us online to get a free 1-year manufacturer’s warranty! Just go to

`SereneViewer’ APP Installation
A. Scan the ‘SereneViewer’ APP QR code or search to download the app.

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 3

Setup an Account Username

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 4

Note: This user name will be used to access all of your cameras from the app or Create an account password – Click “Sign Up” Note: This will be used to log in to all of the cameras on your account and can be separate from the camera password

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 5

Add Camera to APP

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 6

Connect to Your Network

Choose method 1 or 2 for setup

Method 1: Wired Setup

  • Connect the power, Ethernet cable as above.
  • Wait 50 seconds for(Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 9) indicator on the camera to flash green
  • After scanning the QR code – select the “Ethernet Connection” option

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 7

Method 2: Wi-Fi Connection – Make sure you are in the same room as your wireless router and plug the camera into power.

QR Code Method: – Wait 1-2 min for the camera to boot up, scan QR Coden, and watch for the WiFi indicator on the front of the camera to flash red and green alternating. Click the Wi-Fi connection icon, and operate it under the APP instructions.

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 8

Web Access:
After setting up your camera on the mobile phone – you can use your account username and password to access the cameras from any device with an internet browser Log on to the website:

Should you happen to forget a camera’s individual password you can reset it by performing a hardware reset. Just use a pin to press and hold the reset switch for 12 – 15 seconds. The camera will reboot and run through pan and tilt. If you forget your account password you will need to register a new account and pair the cameras again. Accounts are never associated with an email address for password recovery.

Mobile App Layout

The main screen is your device list. You will see a thumbnail preview for all cameras added to your account. Use this menu to

  • Switch between different cameras
  • Add new devices
  • Access and change the app’s global settings

Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p IP Camera Manual fig 2

Camera View Page
This page gives you access to all camera-specific actions and settings

  • Hold the phone vertically or horizontally to switch between full-screen mode
  • Swipe left and right on the video to reposition the camera
  • Spread two fingers apart to zoom in.

Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p IP Camera Manual fig 3

Camera Recordings

Enter the interface of “information and video viewing” and can see the alarm information and video of the storage device (Micro SD or cloud box), users can quickly search the information and video by choosing the time or category.

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 10

Device Settings

This screen allows you to check and set camera-specific settings. If you see the red dot icon – a firmware update is available. Install available firmware updates to ensure the camera features are working as intended.

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 11

Recording Your Camera

You can choose 3 options for storing recordings for your camera.

Local storage
This is the most simple method – just point and shoot. This only works while The phone app is open and running and will take up memory on your phone.

SD storage
Install an SD card and open up a world of possibilities! Choose between scheduled recording, motion detection triggered recording or just let it run! The oldest videos will be overwritten to make room for the newest. You can download and save the videos from the mobile or website.

CloudBox storage
Sometimes SD storage just doesn’t cut it. With a limit of 32g and the fact that the videos are stored directly in the camera – many people prefer the peace of mind the CloudBox can bring. Purchase the cloud box and back up 2TB of video storage from any device on a single network and check the videos from the same login. Find the CloudBox for sale on Amazon now! Search “SereneLife CloudBox”

Motion Detection and Notification Settings Explained

You can set notification settings separately for any camera in your account. To access the notification settings, select your camera, go to the settings tab – then scroll down to “motion detection”

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 12

Slide the slider to enable motion detection You can then choose what actions you would like to occur when your camera detections motion. The I/O alarm will send a signal to any equipment you have attached to the camera I/O output ports. Snap Shot will record a still image to the SD card in your camera. The recorder will record video to the SD card while the camera detects motion. You can also turn push notifications on and off by selecting “turn alert on” or “turn alert off”.

If you are sending your camera is alerting you needlessly or failing to alert you if someone is moving, you can adjust the sensitivity for motion detection for the camera. Go to “settings” > “Motion Sensitivity” and adjust the sliders for day and night separately.

How to Improve Playback Performance Choppy Video?
Try the following to ease up the demands for data on your camera…

Decrease the Video Stream Quality

You can drop the resolution setting for the camera to make it easier on your home network’s bandwidth.

Just open up the setting here and adjust until you get the desired performance level.

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 13

Plug your camera into a wired data connection Do some tests before throwing in the towel for using the camera wirelessly But the facts remain – wires are still quicker…

How to evaluate your home wireless network

Evaluate your wireless network Are Cameras having trouble with wireless? You may want to consider upgrading your wireless network. Let’s do a basic evaluation of your home wireless network. First, I would recommend comparing your network speed with your wireless speed.

  1. Run a speed test from a laptop or desktop connected to your router with a wired connection.
  2. Compare this value to your wireless network apps like “Speed Test” to see if you have enough available data in the area you would like to set the camera.
  3. Test your network range -What is your download speed in the same room as your wireless router? -What is the download speed in the location you are trying to install the camera? -Is there a significant drop?

What to upgrade?

  1. If your wired connection is too slow to reach the bandwidth requirements of the camera you may need to consider upgrading your internet service.
  2. If you have a significant drop in data when testing a wireless connection in the same room as your router, you may want to consider upgrading to a router that can provide higher data transmission speeds
  3. If you see a significant drop in data when testing in the area you want to install your camera you can either look for an upgraded router that will offer additional range or you can expand your router range with a signal booster.

How to check and install Firmware updates
Firmware updates ensure our new features will work 100% for your camera. It is a good idea to install them when you see they are available. It is recommended that you install updates while on a wired connection to your router. This will ensure a loss of bandwidth is not an issue during updates.

To check and install FIrmware updates

Serenelife IPCAMHD30 Wireless IP Camera Manual fig 14


Can’t connect to WiFi
Connect the ethernet cable and check the connection is working – Go to “camera settings” > “network” Check the WiFi status is enabled and “List” displays your home network – doublecheck the password. – In the Ethernet tab – disable the Ethernet connection to force the camera to look for available WiFi networks.

Still, having trouble?

  • Try deleting the camera entry from your account
  • Hardware rest the camera
  • Add the camera as a new device

SD Card is not recognized by the camera

  • Check the card is class 10 – 32g or less
  • Insert the card while the camera is powered down then power it up
  • Try reformatting the card using your computer using “FAT32”
  • Test multiple SD cards

The app is crashing – a feature is not working

  • Check for app updates
  • Check for camera Firmware updates
  • Contact support with the app version, mobile device model, and OS version so we can update the app and fix the issue.


  • Full HD 1080p Video Camera Display Output
  • Ability to Snap Pictures and Record Video
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Network Connectivity
  • Connect with Your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer, etc.
  • Monitor the Location Remotely and Control Via the “SereneViewer” App
  • Built-In Microphone and Speaker for 2-Way Communication
  • Audio Record Schedule Timer: Video Recording While Away
  • Can be Hard-Wired & Mounted, LAN (Ethernet Cable)
  • Mountable for Safety/ Security Surveillance
  • Micro SD Memory Card Reader
  • Night Vision LED Illumination Lights
  • Motion Detector Recording Mode
  • Real-Time App Push Notification Alerts
  • P2P Technology: Plug and Play Setup
  • Image Adjustments Configuration Option
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • LED Indicator Status Lights
  • Perfect at Home or in the Office
  • Works for PC and Mac

The “SereneViewer” App:

  • Free to Download & Easy-to-Use
  • Gives you Remote Access to Live or Recorded Video
  • Works with All of Today’s Latest Smartphones & Tablets
  • Camera Management: Control, View & Add Additional Cameras
  • Scheduled Recording: Set the Timer for Automatic Start Times
  • Configurable Picture Adjustment Settings

Technical Specs:

  • Imaging Sensor: 1/4” Color CMOS
  • Video Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080 Pixels @ 30 FPS)
  • Video File Format MJPEG, H.264
  • Night Vision Distance 32” + ft. (0.01 LUX)
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Network: IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • Ethernet Network: 10/100Mbps, RJ-45 Interface
  • P2P Technology Plug and Play
  • Dynamic Code Rate Filtering Jitter Buffer
  • Maximum Micro SD Card Support Size: 64GB
  • Lighting Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Audio Compression: AAC (Advance Audio Coding)
  • Power Supply: DC 5V, 2 A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.3” x 3.3” x 4.7”
  • Sold as 1



Serenelife IPCAMHD82EU 1080p Camera Manual

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