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Serenelife SLNKMSG90 Neck Massager Manual


Serenelife SLNKMSG90 Neck Massager Manual

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Product Introduction
This neck massage system has evolved from Chinese Meridian beliefs. Designed with the neck curve, the device adopts the benefits of low-frequency electric therapy, magnetic therapy, far infrared therapy, and vibration massage therapy to convert the highly proficient energy fields to enter the deep issue fields of the body. It is important to maintain a correct position supplying a scientific platform to receive the maximum benefits from this therapy. This massage will stimulate blood circulation and relax the regional muscles, eliminating inflammation, swelling, pains and fatigue, numbness, and headaches.

Product Specifications

  • Beautifully designed that incorporates the latest 3D intelligent fitting technology to easily adjust the electrodes according to your neck curve for more comfortable use.
  • Far infrared heating forms a highly proficient compound energy field.
  • Use 2 levels of temperature settings for Far infrared heating
  • For the computerized program, you can choose 6 therapy modes, 2 automatic and 4 manual modes according to personal needs and preferences.
  • As for electronic impulse, use 6 kinds of compound therapy modes.
  • Use the 6 different vibration massage modes according to personal need and preference.
  • Embedded health magnets will stimulate acupoints within the body, and thus balance the Yin & Yang of the body to improve micro-circulation.
  • Easily operates with a remote and a backlit LCD screen.

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Operation Methods

Operation for Charging

  • Adaptor for charging Plug the adaptor into the unit and into the power supply
  • Rechargeable supply (applicable for rechargeable type), When not using the adaptor, it could be operated with the embedded rechargeable batteries.


  1. Set the operation switch to the “ON” position.
  2. Please use a wet towel to make the neckpiece and iron barely moist. Wipe neck clean from perspiration. Then adhere the instrument to the neck.
  3. Press the power button to begin the operation. Note the buzz and light indicates starting-up. The LCD on the remote displays the status as it enters into automatic mode. (High heat, Multi-function vibration, first vibration massage, timer on for 15 minutes) Simply press this power button again to end-use. When the remote and the massager are synchronized, one buzz will be heard.


  1. Cannot be used with a PACEMAKER.
  2. Do not use near microwave ovens or other infrared emitting instruments.
  3. Pregnant women and cardiovascular patients should consult a doctor before use.
  4. Do not use it when sleeping or showering.
  5. Not for use by children or those who cannot communicate. 6. Not for use by those who have either a skin-sensitive or heat-sensitive condition.
  6. Do not adjust modes of operation while in use. Turn it off and then restart.
  7. An increased intensity of pressure or power or heat does not result in a more beneficial therapeutic effect.
  8. Do not dismantle the instrument in any way, and do not submerge it in water or use water directly on the instrument to clean it.

Cleaning & Maintaining

  1. Use a soft barely damp towel to clean.
  2. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.
  3. Do not store in direct sunlight, or in an extremely hot humid place.

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  1. At initial start-up, keep the infrared light emission window on the controller and the infrared light receiving window on the main unit directly opposite each other, as shown by the illustration above. This position is necessary for the remote controller to operate. Each valid operation of the remote will ‘beep’ when starting.
  2. Please charge it when the power is low. Just switch the “ON/CHARGE” button to “CHARGE”, and the indicator will be in green and flashing, when it stops flashing and keep in green, it means power has been fully recharged. It takes about 3-4 hours to make it fully charged.
  3. If the remote controller does not work when the main unit is charged and units are aligned at the proper position, please replace battery CR2032 in the remote.


  • Digital Neck Massager System
  • Matt & Fashionable Wrap-Around Style
  • Compact & Portable Design, Perfect for Travel
  • Soothing Acupuncture-Type Pressure Massage Therapy
  • Relieve Stress, Excess Tension Improve Blood Circulation
  • (6) Selectable Preset Massage Modes with Timer Settings
  • Simple & Hassle-Free Operation
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Remote LCD Digital Display for Wireless Control
  • Flexible Neck Collar Ensures A Comfortable Fit
  • Vibration, Impulse & Heat Intensity Adjustment
  • Universal Size for All Ages

What’s in the Box:

  • Neck Massager
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable with adapter
  • User Manual

Technical Specs:

  • Intensity Level Selectable: Vibration Modes (3), Electric Modes (16)
  • Adjustable Time Settings: 5-30 Minutes
  • Massage Impulse Width: 20-400 us
  • Electric Pulse Freq.: 1-1000Hz
  • Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V Li-iOn, 1450mAh
  • Remote Control Battery: (1) x ‘CR-2032’ Button Cell, Included
  • Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.2A convert to 6V DC 800mA
  • Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.85’’ x 5.71’’ x1.16 ’’ – inches
  • Sold as: 1



Serenelife SLNKMSG90 Neck Massager Manual

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