Serenelife SLADTPK Kids Toy Scooter User Manual fig 1

Serenelife SLADTPK Kids Toy Scooter User Manual


Serenelife SLADTPK Kids Toy Scooter User Manual

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This user manual contains important information about safety, performance, and maintenance. Please read this instruction manual carefully before first use and keep it safe in case you need to refer to it again. We hope you enjoy using your new SLEEK Foldable Kick Scooter!


Risk of accident and injury! Using this product carelessly or incorrectly may lead to serious or even fatal accidents and injuries. Please observe the following instructions to prevent injuries and accidents.

Serenelife SLADTPK Kids Toy Scooter User Manual fig 1

  • Always check your scooter before using it and ensure that all catches, levers, nuts, and screws are tightened properly. Also, make sure that the wheels are properly attached and show no signs of wear, and that the steering shaft is securely fixed at the desired height. Before each use, check that the direction is set properly. Have regular maintenance carried out by a specialist dealer.
  • Always wear an approved helmet when using the scooter and tighten the chin strap. Always wear wrist protection, elbow pads, knee pads, and closed shoes with rubber soles.
  • Avoid steep descents as the built-in brake will not provide reliable protection in this case. This brake is not intended for rapid descents!
  • The brake pad/disc brake, mechanism to reduce speed will get hot from continuous use, do not touch it after braking to avoid risks of burns. Avoid using the brake in a prolonged and continuous manner.
  • Pay particular attention to your fingers when using the folding system. Be careful not to put fingers into the gag between mechanisms to avoid pitching or entrapment during the folding and unfolding of the scooter.
  • Children are only permitted to use the scooter under adult supervision.
  • Do not exceed speeds of 10km/h (6.2mph).
  • Avoid roads, routes, and other areas where motor traffic is present.
  • Always follow the highway code.
  • Only ever use the scooter individually.
  • Using the scooter at dusk, at night or when visibility is reduced is very dangerous and increases the risks of accident and injury. Never use the scooter at dusk or at night.
  • Do not use the scooter on damp, oily, sandy, muddy, icy, rough, or uneven surfaces.
  • Do not perform tricks-adapt your use to your personal capability.
  • Always use your feet to step on the brake during riding the scooter.
  • Always wear shoes during riding the scooter to avoid injuries.


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  • Clean the scooter with a soft, damp cloth after each use. Clean the wheels regularly with a damp cloth, oil them at regular intervals, and replace them as required depending on their level of wear.
  • Do not make modifications to the scooter that have not been recommended beforehand.
  • Check all screws at least every 3 weeks and tighten them. Always use thread-locking fluid.
  • Spray all moving parts of the folding mechanism with penetrating oil at least every 3 weeks and wipe them afterward.
  • Check the headset (steering shaft bearing) at the end around every 4 weeks and adjust it if necessary.
  • Self-locking nuts and other self-locking fixings may lose their effectiveness. Check and secure all fasteners before every ride. Replace worn or broken parts immediately.


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The scooter contains small parts that can be swallowed. Do not let children play with the packaging or small parts. Children may become entangled and suffocate when playing with these or may swallow small parts and choke on them. Only adults are permitted to assemble this scooter.

Incorrect assembly or use of the scooter may lead to it becoming damaged.

  • Only use the scooter when the handlebar shaft is completely inserted. To do so, please follow the assembly instructions for the corresponding model.
  • Never place all your weight on the handlebars as the shaft may bend and you may no longer be able to adjust the height.
  • Obey all local traffic and scooter riding laws and regulations.
  • Adults must assist children in the initial adjustment procedures to unfold the scooter, adjust the handlebar and steering to height, and finally fold the scooter.

This product can expose you to a chemical or group of chemicals, which may include “Carbon black” which is known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, go to

REFERENCE LINK—Adjustable-Scooter-for-Adults,-Alloy-Deck-with-High-Impact-Wheels-(Pink)


Serenelife SLADTPK Kids Toy Scooter User Manual

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