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Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Machine Manual


Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Machine Manual

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  • Please read all instructions carefully before using this product.
  • Retain this manual for future reference.
  • The specifications of this product may vary slightly from the illustrations and are subject to change without notice.


Note the following precautions before assembling and operating the machine.

  1. Read this User’s Manual and follow the instruction carefully before using the Rowing Machine. Make sure that it is properly assembled and tightened before use.
  2. We recommend having two people for assembling this machine.
  3. To lubricate all moving parts annually is recommended.
  4. Do not wear loose clothing to avoid entangling in any moving parts.
  5. Set up and operate the rowing machine on a solid-level surface.
  6. Always wear shoes when using the machine.
  7. Please keep children and pets away from the machine while it is in use. Do not allow children to play or use the machine. This machine is designed for adults, not children.
  8. Please maintain your balance while using the machine.
  9. Stop exercise immediately in case of nausea, shortness of breath, fainting, headache, pain, tightness in your chest, or any discomfort.
  10. Do not place fingers or any other objects into the moving parts.
  11. Prior to any exercise, consult with your physician first to establish the exercise frequency, time, and intensity appropriate for your particular age and condition.
  12. Do not grasp the seat to move the Rowing Machine. The seat will move and it
    may hurt your hand and fingers.
  13. The rowing machine should be used by only one person at a time.
  14. The maximum user’s weight is 100 kg.


Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 1


1Main frame123Adjustable bolt M6*362
2Front bottom tube124U-shape washer2
3Guide rail125Spacer  φ9*φ12*35.83
4Rear support frame126Spacer   φ13*φ8.2*36
5Right support frame127Bearing12
6Left support frame128Saddle1
7U baffle plate229PU wheel6


Square neck bolt


231Square tube plug1
10Bolt M12*155*16432Front end cap2
11Hex bolt M10*105133Rear end cap2
12Hex bolt M8*125*L15334Fabric belt1


Hex socket pan head screw


1035Foam grip2


Cross recessed pan head

tapping screws ST4.2*18

15Cap nut M8237Paddle2
16Nylon nut M6238Plug1
17Nylon nut M8339Round magnet with bracket1
18Nylon nut M10140Round tube plug2
19Spring washer D81041Sensor wire1
20Flat washer D8*φ16*1.51642Extension wire1
21Flat washer D10*φ32*2143Ball cap2
22Flat washer D10*φ20*1.52



Lock Rear support frame (4) on Guide rail (3) with Hex socket pan head screw (13), Spring washer (19), and Flat washer (20).

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 2

Take off the cushion (36) and insert the Saddle (28) on the Guide rail (3). Then fasten the cushion (36) back to the Guide rail (3) with Hex socket pan head screw (13).

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 3

Assemble the Front bottom tube (2) to the Mainframe (1) with a Square neck bolt (9). Flat washer (20), Spring washer (19), and Cap nut (15).

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 4


  1. Connect Sensor wire (41) and Extension wire (42) well.
  2. Secure Guide rail (3) on Mainframe (1) with Hex bolt (11), Flat washer (22), Nylon nut (18), then put on Cap nut (43).
  3. Lock Guide rail (3) on Mainframe (1) with Bolt (30) and Flat washer (21).


Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 5

Assemble Paddle (37) on Mainframe (1) with Bolt (10).

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 6


The Rowing machine could be folded if you do not use it. (Please watch out your hands to avoid injury when folding)

  1. Unscrew Bolt (30), then take off Bolt (30) and Flat washer (21). Lift up Guide rail (3) in the arrow direction, as Figure 1 shows.
  2. Align the hole of the Guide rail (3) and the Mainframe (1), then lock them together with Bolt (30) and Flat washer (21), as Figure 2 shows.

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 7


  • TIME ————————————————————– 00:00 – 99:59 MIN: SEC
  • COUNT ———————————————————– 0 – 9999 TIMES
  • CALORIES —————————————————— 0.0 – 999.9 KCAL
  • STRIDES/MIN(RPM) —————————————- 0 – 999 TIMES/MIN
  • TOT.CNT ——————————————————— 0 – 9999 TIMES
  • DIST ————————————————————— 0.00 – 999.9 MI/H

MODE/SELECT: To select the function you want. Hold the key for 4 seconds to have all function values reset (total reset).

The monitor will be automatically shut off if there is no signal coming in for 4 minutes. The monitor will be auto-powered when starting the exercise or pressing the key.


  • <1>.TIME Displays the time of the current movement
  • <2>.COUNT Displays the current number of movements
  • <3>.CALORIES Displays the calories expended during the current exercise
  • <4>.STRIDES/MIN Display the steps per minute while exercising.
  • <5>. TOTAL CNT Display the steps you have exercised.
  • <6>. DIST Displays the current distance traveled

If there is a possibility to see an improper display on the monitor. Please replace the batteries to have a good result. This monitor uses two “AAA” batteries, replace the batteries at the same time.

A successful exercise program consists of a warm-up, aerobic exercise, and a cool-down. Do the entire program at least two and preferably three times a week, resting for a day between workouts. After several months, you can increase your workouts to four or five times per week.

The purpose of warming up is to prepare your body for exercise and to minimize injuries. Warm up for two to five minutes before strength training or aerobic exercising. Perform activities that raise your heart rate and warm the working muscles. Activities may include brisk walking, jogging, jumping jacks, jumping rope, and running in place.


Stretching while your muscles are warm after a proper warm-up and again after your strength or aerobic training session is very important. Muscles stretch more easily at these times because of their elevated temperature, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. Stretches should be held for 15 to 30 seconds. DO NOT BOUNCE.

Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Rowing Machine Manual fig 8

Remember always to check with your physician before starting any exercise program.

The purpose of cooling down is to return the body to its normal or near-normal, resting state at the end of each exercise session. A proper cool-down slowly lowers your heart rate and allows blood to return to the heart.


  • Smart Fitness Rowing Machine
  • Compact Gym Exercise Rower Style
  • For Sports Training, Cardio Fitness, Weight Loss Fat Burning
  • Measures Time, Distance, Strides, and Calories Burned
  • Digital LCD Display Computer Panel
  • Adjustable Resistance Rower Level Setting
  • Portable Folding Stand-Up Design for Easy Storage
  • Quiet, Smooth-Gliding Contour Row Seat
  • Comfortable Handlebar Grip and Pedal-Style Footrests
  • Rugged Construction with Reinforced Handlebar Pull Cable
  • Safety-Certified Reliable & Lab Tested
  • Auto Power-Off Battery Saving Function
  • Perfect for Indoor Home & Office Gym
  • Some Assembly Required

Technical Specs:

  • Rowing Resistance Type: Magnetic
  • Adjustable Time Setting: Up to 99 Minutes
  • Maximum Rowing Distance Measurement: 999.9 Miles
  • Selectable Resistance / Row Intensity: (8) Levels
  • Construction Material: Steel Metal Alloy, Engineered ABS
  • User Weight Capacity: Up to 220 lbs.
  • Battery Operated Computer, Requires (2) x ‘AAA’ Batteries, Included
  • Slide Rail Length, Rowing Distance: 30.7’’ –inches
  • Folded / Collapsed Rower Size (L x W x H): 39.3” x 17.7” x 53.1” -inches
  • Total Assembled Rower Size (L x W x H): 77.2’’ x 16.1’’ x 29.9’’ -inches



Serenelife SLRWMC18 Fitness Machine Manual

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