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SUNNY Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical User Manual

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SUNNY Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical User Manual

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We thank you for choosing our product. To ensure your safety and health, please use this equipment correctly. It is important to read this entire manual before assembling and using the equipment. Safe and effective use can only be achieved if the equipment is assembled, maintained, and used properly. It is your responsibility to ensure that all users of the equipment are informed of all warnings and precautions.

  1. Before starting any exercise program, you should consult your physician to determine if you have any medical or physical conditions that could put your health and safety at risk or prevent you from using the equipment properly. Your physician’s advice is essential if you are taking medication that affects your heart rate, blood pressure, or cholesterol level.
  2. Be aware of your body’s signals. Incorrect or excessive exercise can damage your health. Stop exercising if you experience any of the following symptoms: pain, tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness, or feelings of nausea. If you do experience any of these conditions, you should consult your physician before continuing with your exercise program.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the equipment. The equipment is designed for adult use only.
  4. Use the equipment on a solid, flat level surface with a protective cover for your floor or carpet. To ensure safety, the equipment should have at least 2 feet (60 CM) of free space all around it.
  5. Ensure that all nuts and bolts are securely tightened before using the equipment. The safety of the equipment can only be maintained if it is regularly examined for damage and/or wear and tear.
  6. Always use the equipment as indicated.
  7. Wear suitable clothing while using the equipment. Avoid wearing loose clothing that may become entangled in the equipment.
  • Digital Monitor: Track time, speed, calories and distance with the base of the digital monitor. Or select the scan function to scroll through all changes while working.
  • Belt Drive Magnetic Resistance: This elliptical bike has a magnetic resistance belt drive, giving you low maintenance, smooth and quiet operation.
  • 8 Activity Levels: Use the tension button to choose from 8 magnetic activity levels to intensify your workout as you build muscle.
  • COMPACT SIZE: The low profile elliptical bike fits under most desks and around your favorite chair, giving you the freedom to detach in many different places.


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  • SPEED———————————————–0.0~999.9 ML/H (Mile/Hour)
  • TIME ————————————————0:00~99:59 MIN
  • DISTANCE——————————————0.0~9999 ML (Mile)
  • CALORIES——————————————0.0~9999 KCAL

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  • Model Name SF-E3872
  • Type Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Color Classic
  • Product Dimensions 19″D x 11″W x 24″H
  • Material Metal
  • Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
  • Recommended Maximum Weight 100Kg 4 Holes Size 4 Height 4″
  • Product Weight 25 pounds


Press the red key repeatedly to select the desired value (Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Scan). Hold the key for 4 seconds to have all function values reset (total reset).


  1. Please use 1pc of BUTTON CELL LR44 1.5V battery as a power supply. If there is an abnormal display on the meter, please replace the battery.
  2. The meter will automatically start calculating when exercise begins.
  3. The meter will automatically shut off if there is no movement for 4 to 5 minutes.


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  1. Remove the Meter (No. 10) from Main Frame (No. 1).
  2. Remove the plastic cap from the back of Meter (No. 10).
  3. Insert the battery using your fingers.
  4. Put the plastic cap onto the battery seat.
  5. Insert the link wire of Inductor (No. 49) into the hole on the back of Meter (No. 10).
  6. Attach the Meter (No. 10) onto Main Frame (No. 1).


  • What are the health benefits of an elliptical trainer?
    A: An elliptical trainer can help increase your activity level during the day, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting. These machines can help you burn calories, build muscle and reduce stress.
  • How many calories can I burn using the elliptical?
    Youdo burn some calories while riding the elliptical, but that’s a small number. On average, users burn 150 calories per hour, which is a serious burn, Alexander said. Compare that to the 350+ calories you burn in an hour on the regular elliptical.
  • What are the health benefits of an elliptical trainer?
    A:An elliptical trainer can help increase your activity level during the day, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting. These machines can help you burn calories, build muscle, and reduce stress.
  • Can you stand up while riding the elliptical?
     Most Undertale elliptical bikes can be used seated, while some can be used standing up. If your elliptical can be used standing up, you will need a standing desk if you plan to use it while exercising. Standing desks can also be used for support and balance.
  • How many calories does the elliptical trainer burn per minute? 
  • According toHarvard Medical School, during a 30minute session on the elliptical you burn about 2.16 calories per ilogram of body weight. For example, a 160pound person burns about 345 calories in 30 minutes on the elliptical.



SUNNY Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical User Manual

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