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TOZO S1 Smart Watch User Manual

tozo s1 smart watch


Description of Functions


Power Button:

  • There are several consequences when pressing the power button:
  • At the homepage, shut off the screen;
  • At the stopwatch, switch continue/ end;
  • At Incoming calls cancel the reminder,
  • At the other Interface, turn back to the homepage;
  • Long press for 3 sec to shut down the watch.

 Exercise Button:

  • When the screen is on, single press: Switch Sports mode/ homepage. Long press: Invalid.
  • When the screen Is off: Single press/ Long press: Awake the screen.

Awaits Interaction

  • TOZO S1 SMART WATCH Fig 1Swipe left to enter the step counter, heal rate, sleep Interface.
  • The first page displays the current and historical amount of steps.
  • The second page displays the current and historical highest/ lowest heal rate.
  • The third page displays total sleep, deep sleep, and light sleep.
  • Swipe left to view the notifications.
  • Swipe up to enter the main menu.
  • Long press the homepage to switch the pattern.
  • Swipe right to view the notifications (8 pieces tops) when bound to the app on the phone and the permission enabled. The latter notifications would cover the former ones.



A pedometer is enabled by default this page displays the current number of steps and the data would be removed every day at 24:00.

Exercise mode (running, walking, cycling, climbing)

  • Start exercise
    Select the corresponding exercise mode, click on the target so you can set the distance, time, and calorie goal (one exercise can only be set), click to start the exercise after setting; swipe the screen to switch the interface to display exercise duration, calories, steps, heal rate, etc. information.
  • End exercise
    In the exercise data Interface, tap the screen to pause or short-press the side button, it will Jump to the exercise pause interface; Click to return to the exercise Interface to continue exercising, and click to end the current exercise; after the end of the exercise, the current exercise record will be displayed, and you can slide the screen up and down to view the data;
  • Exercise data can be saved when the distance is greater than 200 meters or the exercise time is greater than 5 minutes.
  • The saved exercise data can be viewed in the exercise history.
  • After the bracelet is bound to the app, click Sync on the exercise history record interface to synchronize the exercise history data of the bracelet. You can view the detailed data on the app.
 Exercise record

TOZO S1 SMART WATCH Fig 3After the exercise is successfully saved, click the exercise record to view.


TOZO S1 SMART WATCH Fig 4Sleep monitoring time period: 22:00 in the evening to 08:00 the next day, after the bracelet generates data and exits sleep monitoring, the sleep data of the bracelet can be synchronized to the APP after binding the app.



Heart rate Put the bracelet on the (left/right) wrist correctly, enter the heart rate menu, and continuously measure the heart rate value. After the bracelet is bound to the app, the heart rate data will be synchronized to the app in real-time.

Alarm clock: After binding the APP, set It up, and the bracelet can be viewed.

Bluetooth music

Android: After connecting the bracelet In the phone settings, open the mobile music player, and you can control music play/pause and switch songs on the bracelet.
Apple: After the bracelet Is bound to the app, open the music player on the mobile phone, and you can control music playback/pause and switch songs on the bracelet.

Photograph: Paired with the app on phone, click the camera and tap the screen to take a picture.

Find mobile phone: Paired with the app on phone, tap Find the phone” and the prompt box will pop up on the phone.

Set up

  • screen brightness: Tap screen brightness to enter settings.
  • Backlight time: Click to set the backlight time, you can set 5 seconds, 1 0 seconds, 20 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds.
  • About this machine: Click to view the Bluetooth address, Bluetooth name, and watch version.


Stopwatch: Click the stopwatch to enter the timing Interface, click the start Icon to start timing, press the Icon In the lower right comer to pause, and click the Icon In the upper right comer to reset the stopwatch.
Timer: Click the timer to set the parameters and then click to start the countdown, the Icon below can pause and start and the timer completion Interface will pop up after the countdown Is completed.

QR code: Enter the QR code on the watch, and scan the code with your mobile phone to download the APP.
The weather: After connecting with the APP, you can check the daily weather conditions.

Message notification

After connecting with the APP, turn on the message push switch, and the watch will remind you when the phone has a message notification.

Pairing TOZO Watch app

APP download method
Application market search download

Android: search for TOZO Watch In Google Play App Market to download.
IOS: search for TOZO Watch In the APP Store to download.

scan code to download

  1. Watch download OR code: scan the watch OR code to download.
  2. Scan the OR code below to download.


Bind Bluetooth
  1. Not connected: The Bluetooth has been searched after the watch Is turned on. After opening the APK/APP, go to Device-Add Device, and select and click the corresponding watch device name to successfully bind the watch to the app.
  2. Watch time synchronization: The watch Is successfully bound to the app. Click to synchronize the time and time format of the watch and the mobile phone.

Find device
The watch Is successfully bound to the app. Click to find the watch on the mobile app, and the watch will light up and vibrate.

Alarm reminder
Click the alarm reminder setting to add the alarm time. When the alarm time arrives. the watch will prompt: the time is up and vibrate.

Heart rate defection
set the time interval (minutes). check the heart rate detection and save.

Unit settings
Switch between metric end Inch. you can switch the watch unit

LCD/Lights up
Turn on the screen by raising your hand, and the screen will automatically turn on when the watch Is off when the screen Is turned off.

Firmware upgrade
It can detect whether the firmware version of the watch Is the latest version. When there Is a new version, It will prompt you to update and upgrade to the latest version.

we chat campaign
After the watch Is successfully bound with the APP Bluetooth, the device page has a wee hat sports adaptation. Follow the APP Interface prompts to bind, and the watch steps can be synchronized to the WeChat rankings.

Remote photo

  1. After the watch Is bound to the app, click to take a photo In the app, the remote camera Icon will be displayed on the watch, end the phone will automatically turn on the camera. Tap the screen on the watch to control the phone to take pictures, end the photos ere stored on the phone.
  2. Tap to take a photo on the watch side, end the phone will automatically turn on the camera end take pictures normally {Note: the phone needs to be bright, end the Android side supports APP running In the background to take pictures, but the Apple side does not support) the photos are stored on the mobile side.


To bind the watch to the app, click to unbind the device on the device interface, and the paired device needs to be ignored in the phone settings on the Apple side.






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