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TOZO W6 Wireless Charger User Manual

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TOZO W6 Wireless Charger User Manual

TOZO W6 Wireless Charger

Product Details

  • Input voltage compatible: (with QC/AFC-PD protocol) 5V/2A-9V/1.67 A-12V/1.67 A
  • Output Power: (Mobile phone automatic adaptation 5W-7.5W-10W-15W
  • Output Electric Current 1A-1.67A
  • Output Voltage 5-9V
  • 7.5W Maximum Efficiency 76%
  • Charging Distance 5mm
  • Charging Method Magnetic alignment Electromagnetic Induction
  • Working Frequency 110-205KHZ
  • Product Weight 65G


  1. Please use a qualified PD protocol or QC protocol power charger, otherwise, It may cause unstable charging or abnormal flicker;
  2. Supports all! Phone 12 series phones;
  3. Do not use a mobile phone protective case with a metal back or a mobile phone protective case with a thickness greater than 4mm;
  4. The receiving coil of a mobile phone that supports wireless charging is generally located at the center of the mobile phone. Please place the center of the mobile phone at the center of the charging board for a better charging experience;
  5. Do not put metal debris or magnetic cards on the charging
    board, which may cause metal heating, magnetic card damage, charger damage or other abnormalities;
  6. During use, if the receiving coil or the transmitting board Is overheated and the charging terminates, please remove the charging device, wait for It to cool down, then retry charging again.

Safety Notice

  1. Do not pull the power cord hard to avoid power cord from breaking or falling off.
  2. Do not disassemble W10 or throw it into fire or water as it
    may cause shon circuit and electric leakage. Do not use W10 in high temperature, humidity, or corrosive environment otherwise it will damage the circuit and lead to leakage.

Thank you for purchasing our company’s W10 wireless charger. To ensure you get reliable after-sales service, please read the following warranty instructions carefully.

Warranty Scope

If this product fails to work normally during usual use, you can enjoy our after-sales service commitment after being confirmed by our company.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

  1. The accessories are not guaranteed;
  2. Failure due to improper operation by the user;
  3. Failure caused by accidental disasters, man-made damage, self-demolition, removal of seals, and repairs not authorized by the company’s repair center.

The mobile equipment damage caused by the user’s improper operation can bring danger.

After the warranty period of the product is expired, you can still enjoy the maintenance service, but the maintenance fee and material cost will be charged.

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Thank you for purchasing the TOZO authentic product.
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