Vaddio 999-42300-000 Touch Panel Device Controller User Manual

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Vaddio 999-42300-000 Touch Panel Device Controller User Manual



The Vaddio Device Controller is designed to easily access and control Vaddio devices through their web- based user interfaces. It is compatible with any Vaddio device that has a modern web interface.


Be sure you receive the following items:

  • Vaddio Device Controller
  • Tabletop mount with feet and mounting hardware



In this connection diagram, the Vaddio Device Controller touch-panel is connected to the same PoE+ switch that powers an EasyIP Decoder and EasyIP 10 camera. The touch-panel will locate the camera and decoder when it scans the subnet.


  • Connect the Cat-5e cable to the touch-panel’s network/PoE port.


  • Secure the mount to the touch-panel using the four screws.
  • Optional: Place the self-adhesive feet on the mount.


  • Connect the cable to a data and power source, such as the PoE+ switch that powers the devices to be controlled.

Setting Up the Touch-Panel

You will need to set up the touch-panel. Select Configuration, then enter and save a PIN for the tablet. You will need to enter the PIN whenever you return to the Configuration page.


Locating a Device to Control

  • If you don’t know the IP address of the device you need to control, select Scan. The touch-panel searches the subnet where it’s connected, and displays the Vaddio devices it finds.


  • If you know the IP address of the device you need to control, enter it in the Vaddio Device IP box and select Save.


Opening the Selected Device’s Web Interface

When you have selected the device to control, select Exit (upper right corner of the screen) to go to the selected device’s web interface. You will need to log in to the device if guest access is not enabled.


The first time you access a device at a specific IP address, the screen may remain blank for 20 seconds or more.

Returning to the Configuration Page

When you need to make changes such as selecting a different device to control, use the Configuration icon at the upper right corner of the web interface display.


Other Things to Know About

Occasionally, the Vaddio Device Controller may behave in a way you didn’t expect:

  • The screen remains blank when you go to a device’s web interface: It may take 20 seconds or more for a device’s web interface to open. As we issue firmware updates for our other products, this will become rarer.
  • On power-up, the Vaddio Device Controller may display a mostly-blank screen that says it’s scanning for a device. This happens if there is no device at the IP address that the touch-panel is trying to reach.


  • To fix this: Select the Configuration icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After you enter the PIN, the Configuration page opens. Select a device to manage.


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