Viatom PB-20 Personal ECG Tracker Quick Guide


Viatom PB-20 Personal ECG Tracker Quick Guide



Accuracy and precision measurement: supports wireless and wired measurement. Using the wireless mode, you can place your finger on the sensor and wait 30 seconds for the result. Cable mode will help you get more accurate data and get more data (5 minutes), you can get accurate results even if you hold your hand. Intelligent Data Management: Easily store data for two separate users, suitable for home use. Wirelessly sync your cardiac data with your iPhone/iPad/Android phone and devices via Bluetooth and share your data with one click to APP. PC software allows you to view/manage your data easily and you can save, share or print reports as PDFs.

Standalone ECG Monitor: Pulsebit EX can work independently without a smartphone or computer, and the internal memory can store up to 3000 seconds of data, you can Voluntarily play background files directly on the device without a smartphone or PC; anyone. Portable Heart Monitor: Small enough to fit in your pocket and take with you. Check your heart anytime, anywhere to make sure you are safe and well. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions. Friendly Support: Don’t worry about 12 months warranty, lifetime support, and quick response within 12 hours.

Viatom PB-20 Disclaimer

This equipment is not a medical device and should not be used Or any medical purposes or any medical conditions. This product is intended only for general wellness use.

This product is NOT for people with a pacemaker.

Main Unit; Quick Guide; Charging / Data Cable;
ECG Cable; Reusable ECG Electrodes;
Carry Case; Neck Strap

About the Main Unit


Desktop Software



Use the desktop software to download your Pulsebit EX data onto Windows or Mac.Download this software from our support Menu: Support->PC Software.


Connect the device to a standard USB charging adapter with the provided charging cable.
Powering On/Off
Press and hold the home button for 1 second to power on, and 3 seconds to power off.


It will turn off automatically if it is not measuring or operating.
 Initial Settings
When the device is powered on for the first time, please set the current date and time.

 Exploring More Features

 Choosing Different ECG Types
Before taking measurements, you can choose different ECG types (Leads). Any results will be marked with the
corresponding type.


Using the ECG cable for Heart Checks
Touch <HeartCheck> to start taking measurements; touch the icon at the bottom to switch to External mode.


Insert the ECG cable into the Micro D port, and adhere the reusable electrodes onto your body as shown below.


About Reusable Electrodes
Please cover the white protective paperback and seal the electrode pads in the plastic bag after each use.
We recommend replacing the electrodes after 50 uses. Electrode performance will decrease after excessive use.
You can purchase more electrodes on Amazon or our website


  • Dual-user mode management

  • Cable / Cable free ECG monitor

  • 30s / 60s / 5min ECG recording

  • Arrhythmia detection

  • Lead I, Lead II, and Chest Lead

  • Free App & PC software

Understanding the Results

Heart RateThe number of times your heart beats per minute is calculated from the ECG.

The reference range for adults is 50-100 beats per minute in a relaxed state and higher when stimulated. Control your maximum heart rate during fitness or exercise to avoid overstressing

the heart.


usual and regular pattern.

Irregular heartbeat – the recorded ECG shows an erratic pattern. It may be caused by overstressing the heart or other conditions.

Poor signalLow signal amplitude or noise. Changing to Mode II may help.

to analyze

ECG recording is incomplete.

User Mode: Settings->User Mode-> Touch to choose One-User/Two-User modes When you switch to Dual User mode, the homepage will show User A and User B icons. Choose a user to start taking measurements, and the results will be marked A or B. In single-user mode, the results are not marked.ECG Length: Settings->ECG Length, for 30s/60s/5 minutes

only measurements through cables are supported in 5-minute mode.

Settings-> Touch the brightness meter to adjust the brightness

Settings->Touch the Voice switch to turn the heartbeat voice on and off.Other settings: Date& Time, Erase Data, Factory Reset, About.


ProblemPossible CauseSolution
The device does not turn on.1. The battery may be low.

2. The device might be



1. Charge the battery and try again.

2. Please contact your


local distributor.

Low battery


indicator is blinking

The battery is low.Charge the battery


and try again.

The ECG waveform


amplitude is small

The Lead you have


chosen is not suitable.

Swap with another


Lead and try again.

ECG waveform drifts or disappears and “Check1. The pressure exerted on the electrode is not stable or too great.1. Hold the device so that it is stable.

2. Try to keep

Can I take an EKG at home?
ECG Monitor for Home Use The personal EKG monitor is similar to the EKG used by doctors. People can monitor their heart condition at home using this device. However, a person should not use a personal ECG monitor in place of medical advice.

How does Pulsebit work?
Pulsebit integrates with HealthKit to collect users’ heart rate and activity data to provide more comprehensive mental health metrics. If you choose to sign up, we offer a reset option. – Payment will be credited to iTunes Account after purchase confirmation.

What are the disadvantages of EKG monitors?
However, the ECG has limitations: The ECG only displays the heart rate and heart rate for the few seconds required to record a line. If the arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) occurs regularly, the ECG will not detect it and should be monitored for transplant.

If the EKG is normal, is my heart healthy?
ECG results may be normal in cardiac patients if they do not have a heart rhythm problem. In this case, your doctor may recommend other tests, including Physical examination (heart sounds)


Size88×56×13 mm
Weight64 g (main unit)
Display2.4” touch screen, color, backlight
Battery typeRechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Battery run time>500 checks
Charge time2 -3 hours
Heart rate range30 to 250 bpm
Storage30s x 100 pieces
UserOne or Two
ECG length30s, 60s, 5 minutes



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