ZAGG Smartbuds Cancelling Headphone User Manual featured

ZAGG Smartbuds Cancelling Headphone User Manual

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ZAGG Smartbuds Cancelling Headphone User Manual

ZAGG Smartbuds Hangin Tight User Manual



Move top and middle sliders to create a space ample enough to place over your head.


Place head through loop, with ear buds draping down back.


Pull ear buds up around head and insert into ears.


Adjust sliders to create custom fit.

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Grasp the ZAGG smartbuds by the jack when removing the plug from your audio device. Do not remove the plug by pulling on the cord, which could damage yourZAGG smartbuds. Avoid putting  strain on the plug and your device’s audio jack if you wind the ZAGG smartbuds cord around the device. Do not wind the cord tightly, which could damage your ZAGG smartbuds.
Be sure to test the different ear bud caps to find the best fit. Optimal audio quality will come from the best fitting caps. To create our Hangin’ Tight style, adjust top and middle sliders to create an opening large enough to fit over your head. Place head through loop, with ear buds draped towards back. Pull ear buds up and place in ears. Move sliders up or down to Smartbuds Cancelling Headphone createa secure fit and optimal comfort. ZAGG does not recommend sharing your ear buds with others for hygienic reasons.

Congratulations, and thank you for purchasing your new ZAGG smartbuds™. Get ready to fall in love with your gadget all over again, thanks to the amazing engineering and design of ZAGG smartbuds. With the patented, ground breaking design of Hangin’ Tight™, unbeatable cord strength and protection of the invisible SHIELD™, and the lush sounds of Audio Scape™, ZAGG smartbuds™ earn their name. Combining the convenience and quality of digital music with top-of-the-line equipment, the clear, balanced sound of ZAGG smartbuds allow gadget lovers to get the most out of their devices. The premium length, tangle-free cord is covered with invisible SHIELD™ material for top-notch durability. ZAGG smartbuds can be worn in a specific slider alignment
called “Hangin’ Tight,” which keeps the buds around your neck, even when not in use. ZAGG smartbuds are multifunctional; including a microphone and in-line music control to easily switch between music and phone calls on an Apple iPhone and other smartphone models. ZAGG smartbuds invite you to step into the vivid world and trademark sound of AudioScape™. The superior sound of ZAGG smartbuds™ will transport you on a true musical journey. ZAGGsmartbuds are especially designed to elevate the listening experience with AudioScape™; discover new details you’ve
never before heard in familiar tunes. The careful craftmanship and sound engineering of Audio Scape™ results in a quality balance of the highs and lows, bringing a new dimension to the audio realm. Apple and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc


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