Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker System manual


Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker System  manualBose-F1-Flexible-Array-Loudspeaker-System-image-7

Product Description

The Bose® F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker is the first powered portable loudspeaker that lets you control
its vertical coverage pattern. Simply push or pull the array into position to create “Straight,” “C,” “J” or “Reverse J”
coverage patterns. And once set, the system automatically changes the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for
each coverage pattern.

Features and Benefits

  • The flexible, eight-loudspeaker array of the F1 Model 812 allows you to select one of four coverage patterns to direct sound to where the audience is located resulting in better overall clarity throughout the venue.
  • The vertical orientation of the eight-driver loudspeaker array helps deliver wide, consistent sound coverage,
    providing better clarity and tonal balance for speech, music, and instruments.
  •  F1 Subwoofer provides a unique built-in speaker stand for the F1 Model 812, eliminating the need for a conventional pole mount.
  • Attractive design creates a unique system with a rugged but professional look.
  • The bi-amplified design includes powerful, lightweight amplifiers that provide consistent output over long durations with extended dynamic range and lower operating temperatures
Carton Contents


Note: The F1 Model 812 comes with threaded M8 inserts for rigging or attaching accessory brackets.
CAUTION: Only professional installers with the knowledge of proper hardware and safe mounting techniques should attempt to install any loudspeaker overhead.


Using the Flexible Array

You can shape the coverage pattern by moving the position of the top and bottom array. The array position is held in
place by magnets that trigger internal sensors that adjust EQ according to array shape.


Setting Up the System

The built-in loudspeaker stand is stored in the rear of the subwoofer. Setting up the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker with
the F1 Subwoofer is easy:

  •  Remove the built-in speaker stand from the back of the F1 Subwoofer and insert it into the stand slots.
  • Bose-F1-Flexible-Array-Loudspeaker-System-image-4Lift the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker and place it on the stand.


Using the F1 Model 812 on a Tripod Stand

The bottom of the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker includes pole cup for mounting the loudspeaker on a tripod speaker
stand. The pole cup fits a standard 35 mm post.
WARNING: Do not use the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker with a tripod stand that is unstable. The loudspeaker is only
designed for use on a 35 mm pole, and the tripod stand must be capable of supporting a loudspeaker with a minimum weight of 44.5 lb (20.2 Kg) lbs and an overall size of 26.1″ H x 13.1″ W x 14.6″ D (665 mm H x 334 mm W x 373 mm D) inches (mm). Using a tripod stand that is not designed to support the size and mass of the F1 Model 812
Loudspeaker may lead to an unstable and hazardous condition that could result in injury.


Care and Maintenance

Caring for Your Product


  •  Clean the product enclosures using only a soft, dry cloth.
  •  You do not used any solvents, chemicals, or cleaning solutions containing alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.
  • Do not use any sprays near the product or allow liquids to spill into any openings.
  • If necessary, you may carefully vacuum the grille of the loudspeaker array.

Getting Service

For additional help in solving problems, contact the Bose Professional Sound Division at (877) 335-2673 or visit our
support area online at


If you experience problems while using this product, try the following solutions. The recommended troubleshooting
tools include a spare AC power cord and extra XLR and 1/4” phone plug cables.

ProblemWhat to do
Loudspeaker is plugged in, power switch is on, but power LED is off.• Confirm the power cord is fully engaged into both the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker and the AC outlet.

• Make sure you have power at the AC outlet. Try operating a lamp or other equipment from the same AC outlet.

• Try a different power cord.

Power LED is on (green),but no sound. Assure volume control is turned up on your instrument.

• Make certain  your instrument or audio source is plugged into the appropriate input connector.

• If the F1 Model 812 Loudspeaker is receiving input from the F1 Subwoofer, make sure the subwoofer is turned on.

Instrument or audio source sounds distorted.• Lower the volume of the connected audio source.

• If you are connected to an external mixing console, make sure input gain to the mixing console input channel is not clipping.

• Reduce the output of the mixing console.

LED Indicators
TypeLocationColorBehaviorIndicationRequired Action
Front LED (Power)Front GrilleBlueSteady stateLoudspeaker is onNone
BluePulsingLimiter is active, amplifier protection engagedReduce volume or source input level
SIGNAL/CLIPINPUT 1/2Green (nominal)Flicker/Steady stateInput signal presentAdjust to desired level
RedFlicker/Steady stateInput signal too highReduce volume or source input level
POWER/FAULTRear panelBlueSteady stateLoudspeaker is onNone
RedSteady stateAmplifier thermal shutdown activeTurn loudspeaker off
LIMITRear panelAmberPulsing/Steady stateLimiter is active, amplifier protection engagedReduce volume or source input level





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