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Serenelife SLEYMSG40 Eye Massager Manual


Serenelife SLEYMSG40 Eye Massager Manual

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Product Introduction

Since the Product is designed with relaxing music, you will get relaxed upon massage. The SLEYMSG40PK is featured in a glasses shape and is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery; it is integrated and collapsible, with a fashionable appearance; it is comfortable to wear and easy to carry and can be used whenever and wherever possible.


Pneumatic massage:
Massage temples, fish waste holes, assemble bamboo acupuncture points, and other acupuncture points in the ocular region through contraction and relaxation of strong air pressure.

Vibrating massage:
Simulate hammering, shiatsu, and other traditional massage manipulations to massage various important parts of the eyes.

Hot compress:
With rapid temperature rise and constant temperature design, it can accelerate blood circulation in the ocular region. Massage temples and other acupuncture points in the ocular region on a circulating basis through pneumatic, heating, and vibrating functions.

One-key operating: Simple; 

  • LCD display and white backlight;
  • Designed with a removable and washable cloth, which can avoid dirt and sweat stain attachment and makes it more convenient to use.


  1. One integrated mainframe (including eyeshade)
  2. One USB cable
  3. One carrying case
  4. One User Manual
  5.  One removable and Washable cloth

Product Picture

Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 1

  1. Tightness Adjusting Buckle
  2. Elastic Band
  3. ON-OFF/mode key
  4. Music Key
  5. USB Charging Interface
  6. LCD Screen

Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 2

Operating Method

Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Short press the”Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 3 ” key to start the machine and check the electric quantity display. Low battery in case of ”blank space” and flick off the battery level indicator; at this time, connect the computer and massager with a USB cable to charge the inbuilt battery. The massager had better be used after fully charged.

Using upon wearing glasses
Attach removable and washable cloth onto the inside of the main frame eyeshade according to the diagram and pay attention to the positions of three Velcro tapes to fix the cloth; then align glasses and eyes and wear glasses; adjust the elastic band to a comfortable position.

Operating Function
  1. Press the” Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 3” key to start the work procedure, and the LCD screen will be on and the default state Mode 1 will be entered; Below are the settings:
    • Enable pneumatic function
    • Enable the hot compress function
    • Enable music function
    • The remaining time display is 15 min.
    • LCD screen displays “air” and “heat”.
  2. Press the”Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 3” key normally to switch over among five massage modes; enter another mode for each press. The default setting is Mode 1. The five modes are as follows:
    • Mode 1: Pneumatic + heating
    • Mode 2: Full function
    • Mode 3: Pneumatic + vibrating
    • Mode 4: Pneumatic
    • Mode 5: Heating

Supporting Music Download

Music download:
Respectively connect two ends of USB cable to main frame and computer. Copy MP3 music into the machine; the Product only supports MP3 music. (Attached diagram)

Serenelife SLEYMSG40PK Eye Massager Manual fig 4

Note: The mainframe will stop working when entering USB connecting state.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. For cleaning, wipe the product with a slightly wet soft cloth or towel. Do not use volatile liquids such as Benzene, thinner, or gasoline for cleaning.
  2. Do not place the unit in areas of high temperature, high humidity, or in direct sunlight. Store the unit where there is no moisture.
  3. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high-temperature or damp places.

Maintenance Using Washable Cloth

  1. Wipe sweat and other stains off using a slightly wet washable cloth after using;
  2. The cloth can be washed. Please pay attention to the items below prior to cleaning:
    • The cloth can be washed only by hand; do not wash with the machine; only use warm water. Do not scrub it violently while cleaning
    • b. Do not wring for drying
    • c. Do not use decolorizer
    • d. No dehydration or drying
    • e. Do not iron.


  1. Please read the manual carefully and operate accordingly
  2. Please clean the eyeshade of the Product prior to using it.
  3. Children and others without expression ability are forbidden to use the Product.
  4. Those who have sensitive skin or are insensitive to heat are forbidden to use the Product.
  5. Pregnant women, patients suffering from heart disease, Dysart territory, malignant tumors, cranial vascular disease, and other acute diseases, and those being treated by doctors are forbidden to use Product
  6. Stop using the Product immediately if you feel uncomfortable or your skin is abnormal during use and consult a doctor.
  7. This product is not a substitute for a healthcare professional’s advice and treatment. In case of doubt or if necessary, please consult your healthcare professional.
  8. Take off contact lenses/eyeglasses before use.
  9. Do not use the Product in a high-temperature, inflammable or damp place or place with electromagnetic radiation.
  10. Do not dismount the Product without permission; Ensure the Product free of crashing and water. Do not wash or immerse in water.


  • Sleek & Fashionable Goggle Visor Style
  • Compact & Portable Folding Design, Perfect for Travel
  • Soothing, Gentle Air Pressure Vibration with Heating Massage Therapy
  • Relax with Calming Stress & Tension Relief
  • Massage temple and other Acupoints Around the Eyes
  • Relieves Dry Eyes, Dark Circles, Eyestrains & Discomfort
  • (5) Selectable Preset Massage Modes
  • Simple & Hassle-Free Operation
  • Built-in Speakers with MP3 Player
  • Transfer Your Songs via USB Cable
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Saving: Automatic Power-Off Function
  • Universal Size for All Ages: Adjustable Elastic Band

What’s in the Box:

  • Digital Eye Massager
  • USB Charging/Connection Cable
  • Washable Facial Comfort Cloth
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual

Technical Specs:

  • Built-in Memory: 128MB
  • Selectable Built-in Music: (6) Pre-Loaded Tracks
  • Digital Audio File Compatibility: MP3
  • Construction Material: Engineered ABS
  • Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V Li-ion, 1450mAh
  • Power Supply: 5V DC 1A (USB Power Supply)
  • Power Output: 5W
  • Total Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.19’’ x 2.95’’ x 1.54’’ -inches


Serenelife SLEYMSG40 Eye Massager Manual

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